Halloween 2018 Event

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  1. Mute

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    Refunded the candy.
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    nice, thanks mute :D
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    Need a Refund I Misclick Flaming Sword. Here's My ID ID:STEAM_0:1:72656964
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  5. Derflinger

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    Thanks Mute.
  6. Mute

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    To close things out, here are some statistics for the event:
    • A total of 191,223 candy was obtained during the entire event
      • 47,988 Caramel, 47,887 Fruity, 47,698 Sour, 47,650 Mint
    • 16,921 candy bags were obtained
      • 14,893 Small bags, 1,120 Medium bags, 908 Large bags
    • The most bought overall was |+| Armor Piercing Bullets with 104 purchases
      • |+| Ranged Perfectionist was second with 94, |+| Vigor third with 91
      • The most bought buff was Halloween Spirit with 78, followed by Dying Berserk with 73
    • 180 people bought at least 1 item or buff during the span of the event
    • The player who obtained the most candy during the event earned a total of 4,208 candy and 546 bags
      • This player also bought the most items, at 45
    • The Bounty Hunter scenario was attempted 157 times, with 62 victories and 95 losses, resulting in a 39.49% win rate
      • A total of 19,536 deaths were recorded in all attempts, resulting in an average 124.4 deaths per scenario
      • The highest death count tracked in one scenario was 322
      • The average scenario duration was approximately 30 minutes 17 seconds
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  7. timkit

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    Nice statistics there Mute, I like it, thanks for the event as well. I'd look forward to the next one whenever it happens.

    At least it can show some interesting things such as the amount of candy obtained, and the scenario statistics in terms of win/losses.

    Might be nice to see statistics across all other scenarios sometime, maybe say for the end of this year? :)

    Just a thought.
  8. Pacman

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    nice event..btw hu the lucky player that obtained the most candy , 4,208,,that too much ..haha
  9. Horama

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    he just play H24 i dont see any kind of proudness

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