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Vault of memories' Quest-line (QG)

Sep 23, 2021
Vault of memories' Quest-line (QG)
  • Vault of memories' Quest-line (QG V2.1.11)

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    16. ~Vault of Memories~

    List of Quests:
    1. 1. <Daily> Heartbroken (Lv. 180)

      Quest Prerequisites:
      1. None
      2. If this quest was completed yesterday, it can be retaken again. Daily Repeatable Quest

      Hey my old friend! Good job at keeping the infected away from populated areas. You have really proven to be a valuable member of the post apocalyptycal society. Yes, that's a thing now.

      Look, I will go straight to the point. We need your help with something important. Well, do you remember Emily? The chick that asked you to collect something from his dead husband?

      Well, she is actually under my command and is a really valuable soldier. She may sound delicate, but oh boy, you better see her mad. Anyway, she was given permission to do a mission on her own. She was supposed to take care of a horde of zombies threatening a shelter.

      Nothing too dangerous and a really easy task for me, for you and even for her. The thing is, friend, everyone at the shelter died. And is not because a tank appeared or anything. Nobody showed up.

      Yeah, pretty much or she just didn't go help or simply died on her way. So, first I immediately thought she was dead. I mean, how could she abandon an entire shelter. But then a report came in. She actually went somewhere else.

      Lost? No, she didn't get lost. The location is way too suspicious because its the old neighbourhood where she used to live. We don't have patrols around that area and I'm sure there is a lot of infected there.

      She is not immune and took enough FR-Pills to last for 2 days. She went 3 days ago. I want to think she is resistant enough to last longer. But I don't know. Friend, please go find her. If you know, she is one of them, you have permission to shoot.

      Before the Scenario automatically starts:
      (Hint Text)
      Find Emily whereabouts

      [PR - MISSION] We couldn't find Emily in this area, but we have another problem right now.
      [PR - MISSION] A horde of infected are on their way to swarm us. We can't leave until they are all dead.
      [PR - MISSION] Prepare yourselves! This might not be easy...

      When the Scenario starts:
      [PR - MISSION] They are here! We can't escape with infected on us or we could lure them to a shelter!
      [PR - MISSION] Defeat the incoming enemies before we can leave!

      When Cupid Tank spawns:
      [PR - MISSION] What? What is that thing!
      [PR] The Cupid Tank has appeared!

      When Cupid Tank is Defeated and before Hearbroken Tank spawns:
      [PR - MISSION] That should do it!
      [PR - MISSION] Something is off...
      [PR - MISSION] Something is definitely off...
      [PR - MISSION] Something is coming!
      [PR] The Heartbroken Tank has appeared!

      Emily: It was at Lynn's where you asked me that question
      Emily: "Why did you sit with me that day?"
      Emily: "Why I wonder huh, come on, pick a card and let's go"
      Emily: The card he picked was awful to be honest. I should have picked it up myself
      Emily: Why an I remembering that on a moment like this
      Emily: I miss him...
      Emily: I just wanted to be with him
      Emily: How could I leave him suffering alone
      Emily: I'm sorry I couldn't avenge you
      Emily: I'm sorry I went to work the day it happened
      Emily: I'm sorry for being so focused on my responsibilities
      Emily: I'm sorry I didn't turn my bike around and go with you
      Emily: I'm sorry I was afraid of you when I saw you
      Emily: ...
      Emily: All I have left are the memories
      Emily: Then why are they fading away?
      Emily: Why am I fading away?
      Emily: I love you.
      [PR] [Scenario cleared - Returning to hideout in 120s!]
      [PR - MISSION] We have to report the death of Emily. It won't be easy...

      When the Heartbroken Tank is defeated: Now
      [PR] [Scenario cleared - Returning to hideout in 120s!]
      [PR - MISSION] We have to report the death of Emily. It won't be easy...

      Quest Tasks:
      1. (Must be done on the Scenario server)
        (Requires a Love Ticket)
        Complete the "Heartbroken" Scenario

        <Quest cannot be cancelled>

      Quest Rewards:
      • Exp: 1,250,000 Exp
      • Cash: $22,500 Cash
      • FR-Pills: 125 FR-Pills
      • x1 Cupid's Token
      • Becomes a Daily Repeatable Quest

      That is awful to hear. No surprise there that she put out an epic fight. I wonder what was she thinking before going to her home town. Anyway thanks friend. We have now more knowledge about
      tank mutations thanks to you.

      Emily left a couple tokens at her desk before leaving. I guess they might come in handy for you.
    2. 2. <Daily> Missing Squad (Lv. 180)

      Quest Prerequisites:
      1. None
      2. If this quest was completed yesterday, it can be retaken again. Daily Repeatable Quest

      Hey again! I'm sorry to be bothering you on your daily contribution to restore order, but I have a favor to ask. I sent a squad to protect a mansion that serves as a meeting spot for our allies.

      It wasn't anything important really, we have been doing this for weeks now. We used to gather there with other clans to come up with solutions for bigger threats that you probably aren't interested in. The thing is, they've stopped communicating with us.

      I mean, they are all probably dead right? I know. I wouldn't bother putting you at risk if it was pointless, but there is a pretty important detail in all this. One of my men, Martin, was the squad leader at the time and was in charge of giving us periodical reports.

      In his final report, he stated that one of the members of the group started to behave aggressively towards the rest of the squad and that he was showing symptoms of severe paranoia. 'Probably an infected', you may be thinking, right?

      The whole squad is immune to the disease. You hear me right immune. This is honestly a really terrifying thought. Is the disease mutating so fast that it managed to pass through our immunity? Or is there something else behind this?

      You have been through pretty crazy stuff, haven't you? I know all about it. So please, this is the perfect task for you! Grab your best and most skilled friends and investigate what happened at this damn house.

      Please be quick about this. We MUST know if our immunity is broken.

      Before the next Missing Squad mission: OLD (The Hint Text does not show now)
      (Hint Text)
      Something happened here. Wait for instructions from Will
      [Next mission in: 00:30:00]

      Leading up to the start of the Scenario:
      [RADIO] Will: We lost contact with the group a few days ago
      [RADIO] Will: They were supposed to guard the house that's in front of you right now
      [RADIO] Will: The leader mentioned some abnormal behaviour of a member of the group
      [RADIO] Will: Search around the house and see if you can find something useful to know what really happened
      [PR - MISSION] Investigate the area to learn about what happened
      [PR - MISSION] We saw some people going your way. We recognized some of the squad!
      [RADIO] Will: It appears they aren't thinking rationally anymore. Shoot anyone outside of your group!
      [PR - MISSION] The noise has caught the attention of the infected!

      When Sickening Tank is about to spawn:
      [PR - MISSION] Something is coming!
      [PR] The Sickening Tank has appeared!

      During the Sickening Tank encounter: OLD
      [PR - MISSION] This tank is influencing the minds of other survivors!
      [PR - MISSION] Watch out for enemy humans!

      When Sickening Tank is defeated:
      [PR] [Scenario cleared - Returning to hideout in 120s!]

      Quest Tasks:
      1. (Must be done on the Scenario server)
        (Requires a Toxic Ticket)
        Complete the "Missing Squad" Scenario

        <Quest cannot be cancelled>

      Quest Rewards:
      • Exp: 1,500,000 Exp
      • Cash: $25,000 Cash
      • FR-Pills: 150 FR-Pills
      • Becomes a Daily Repeatable Quest

      I'm really glad you are alive. I was starting to think you were a lost cause. So, the tank was actually inflicting several diseases upon them, right? Causing them to suffer paranoia? Hmm...

      Well, it's not exactly like it was controlling their minds, right? I don't think it was just paranoia my friend. I think the infected are starting to control the minds of humans, or at least, influence it through fear and paranoia.

      To be honest, we already had a similar encounter in the past. A witch was releasing a lot of spores and one of our members got hurt. He started to behave aggressively so we had to tie him up. Before giving up on him and executing him for being infected, we tried normal antibiotics on him.

      To our surprise, he stopped showing the symptoms. We tried antibiotics on infected with no success before so this is probably another type of disease that the infected have developed.

      Anyway, just take a couple of antibiotics and you will be fine. Thanks for the information on the tank too. We will surely come up with some strategies should we ever encounter it again.