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Theodora's Quest-line (QG)

Sep 23, 2021
Theodora's Quest-line (QG)
  • Theodora's Quest-line (QG V2.1.11)

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    8. Theodora

    List of Quests:
    1. 1. Inseparable 1 (Lv. 40)

      Quest Prerequisites:
      1. Bryan's Questline Completed: 6. Resupplying (Lv. 40) (Bryan)

      Hello! My name is Theodora and I'm Bryan's sister. I really have to thank you for helping us out and I also appreciate the supplies. THere is a small problem right now. My brother has above 38*C fever. I tried giving him water and tried every single method I could remember to lower the fever but nothing seems to be working!

      He's sweating a lot and he cannot recognize me or Steven anymore. I don't know if he's infected, but he's my little brother and I won't leave him alone. Steven said that he understands me and only if he starts acting like one of those things we will use lethal force against him. I honestly don't think he's infected but Steven says we cannot take any risks.

      Steven is my husband in case you are wondering. Anyway, I just need a few things to help Bryan with his fever. Can you please bring me something for the fever? We got some cash to pay you if that worries you.

      Quest Tasks:
      1. Collect 2 Towels
      2. Collect 5 Antibiotics

      Quest Rewards:
      • Exp: 17,850 Exp
      • Cash: $4,500 Cash
      • Unlocks Quest: 2. Inseparable 2 (Lv. 45)

      Thank you very much! Please keep in contact with us and do not let those bastards kill you!
    2. 2. Inseparable 2 (Lv. 45)

      Quest Prerequisites:
      1. 1. Inseparable 1 (Lv. 40)

      Hey again! The items you brang to us helped Bryan a lot. His fever is almost gone and he is able to recognize us again. Unfortunately last night while he was sleeping, he started to yell really loud due to a nightmare he was having. We got silenced pistols and modified silenced sub machine guns so I can fight these things back without getting overwhelmed.

      There is still one problem though... I'm running low on ammo and these weapons need one special kind of bullet that is hard to find. Please get me some rounds before it's too late!

      Quest Tasks:
      1. Collect 5 Rounds of Special Ammo

      Quest Rewards:
      • Exp: 20,000 Exp
      • Cash: $1,550 Cash
      • Unlocks Quest: 3. Inseparable 3 (Lv. 50)

      Thank you very much! I was almost out of ammo and now we can survive a few days with these weapons. I'll let you know if we need some help!
    3. 3. Inseparable 3 (Lv. 50)

      Quest Prerequisites:
      1. 2. Inseparable 2 (Lv. 45)

      Hey! It's me Theodora. Thanks to you my brother got better and we survived that infected wave that almost costed our lives. Bryan wasn't infected, it was just a normal flu I believe. Steven and I decided to move to the 'New Hope' refuge that alive survivors are setting up. They say it has huge walls to block 'Tank' attacks and a few real military vehicles to bypass any emergency.

      Plus, with the help of a few alive scientists we will be able to find a cure if we are lucky enough. I know what you might be thinking. Why don't we move to the west coast or to any coast and find a boat to move to Europe or Mexico or whatever.

      Unfortunately, I believe that any chances of stopping this infection have been totally lost. We've heard some weak signals from latin countries like Brazil where the infection has already been witnessed. It was also transmitted to european and asian countries through a contaminated airplane and a few boats.

      Even if you got to New Orleans and other areas the infection will reach you and consume you. I'm afraid this might be the end of Humanity if we don't all work together. That's why we are heading to this fortress as it is the best option we have at the moment.

      I hate the idea of losing contact with you after all you did for us so please make sure you respond if you hear our calls. I also wanted to do you a favor. I'm not sure if Bryan mentioned this before but I own a small gunshop and shooting field and I have plenty of knowledge about guns.

      Things is, with the necessary tools, I could enhance all of your weapon accuracy by reducing their weight, decreasing their recoil, eliminating the kick or by doing some old tricks. Collect the neccessary tools and I'll make this favor for you.

      Quest Tasks:
      1. Collect Recoil Reducer Tool (Red)
      2. Collect Weapon Weight Reducer Tool (Green)
      3. Collect Dispersion Reducer Tool (Blue)

      Quest Rewards:
      • Exp: 75,000 Exp
      • Cash: $5,600 Cash
      • x1 |Buff| |Q| Piercing Bullets

      I'll leave you the reward on a Supply Box with your name in it. Remember the combination to access it. It is 8374. I'll contact you when we reach the 'New Hope' fortress. Good luck out there!