Recommended Hunter Dd Role Buff Set (IBaR)

Sep 26, 2018
Recommended Hunter Dd Role Buff Set (IBaR)
  • Recommended Hunter Damage dealer Role Buff Set (IBaR V2.0.2)

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    Damage Dealer Role

    This buff set is situated towards being able to gain bounty quickly through damaging and incapacitating survivors.

    Bounty Hunter <top>

    1. (INF) Rushing Massacre
    2. (INF)) Assassination Boost
    3. (INF) Accumulated Rage
    4. (INF Bounty Saving
    5. (INF) Nightly Killer
    6. (HUNT) Binded

    • None.

    Benefits of this buff set
    • Rushing Massacre: +0 - 100% increased damage towards survivors based on their distance from last survivor in the back. <Bots don't count as survivors in the back> <Does not affect tanks>
    • Assassination Boost: When you kill enemy survivor, +200% increased damage dealt until you die. Effect won't work with tanks, bots, low level survivors and does not accumulate. You must be alive at all times, returning to ghost mode ends increased damage effect.
    • Accumulated Rage: While alive, +3% additional damage added every second. Additional damage accumulated resets after you attack a survivor. <Maximum bonus damage: 300%>
    • Bounty Saving: For every 4 bounty, +1% additional damage. <Maximum Bonus: 30%>
    • Nightly Killer: When on night time maps, +30% increased damage dealt.
    • Binded: On a successful pounce, make the pinned survivor unable to crawl for 1 - 20 seconds depending on pounce travel distance. <2000 unit pounce distance gets max time>

    Tips for effectively using this buff set
    • If you want to incapacitate survivors quickly without waiting to pounce, be sure to pounce on them when they have 200 HP or less. Also be sure to try not to miss.