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Points Reloaded Quick Buy Codes

Jun 8, 2018
Points Reloaded Quick Buy Codes
  • Instead of navigating through the Bounty Menu, you can instead type !buy [item code] or /buy [item code]. Valid item codes are as follows:

    Ranged Weapons
    • AK47 Rifle: ak, ak47
    • M16 Rifle: rifle, m16
    • Desert Rifle: desert, scar, burst
    • M60 Rifle: m60
    • SG552 Rifle: sg, sg552, sg553

    • Auto Shotgun: auto, autosg, autoshotgun
    • Spas Shotgun: spas, spassg, spas12
    • Pump Shotgun: pump, pumpsg, pumpshotgun
    • Chrome Shotgun: chrome, chromesg

    • SMG: smg
    • MP5 SMG: mp5
    • Silenced SMG: ssmg, silenced

    • Hunting Rifle: hunt, hunting
    • Military Sniper: mil, mili, milsniper
    • AWP Sniper: awp
    • Scout Sniper: scout

    • Pistol: pistol
    • Magnum Pistol: magnum, deagle

    Melee Weapons
    • Baseball Bat: bbat, base, baseball
    • Chainsaw: chain, chainsaw
    • Cricket Bat: cbat, cricket
    • Crowbar: crow, crowbar
    • Electric Guitar: guitar
    • Fire Axe: axe, fireaxe
    • Frying Pan: pan
    • Golf Club: golf, club, golfclub
    • Katana: kat, katana
    • Machete: mac, mach, machete
    • Tonfa: night, nightstick, tonfa

    Throwables & Ammo
    • Molotov: molo, molly, molotov
    • Pipe Bomb: pipe, pipebomb
    • Vomit Jar: vomit, bile, vomitjar

    • Standard Ammo: ammo, ammunition
    • Explosive Ammo: eammo, expammo
    • Explosive Ammo Pack: eammop, eammopack, expammopack
    • Incendiary Ammo: iammo, incammo
    • Incendiary Ammo Pack: iammop, iammopack, incammopack

    Health Items
    • First Aid Kit: med, medkit, fak, firstaid
    • Defibrillator: defib, defibrillator
    • Pain Pills: pills, painpills
    • Adrenaline: adr, adren, adrenaline

    • Grenade Launcher: gl, launcher
    • Gascan: gas, gascan
    • Gnome: gnome
    • Ammo Pile: ammopile (requires Ammo Dispenser buff)