List of General Infected Buffs (IBaR)

Sep 26, 2018
List of General Infected Buffs (IBaR)
  • List of General Infected Buffs (IBaR V2.0.2)

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    Currently, there are 23 General Infected Buffs.

    General Infected Buffs <top>

    1. Vampire
    • You heal yourself for 10x the amount of physical damage dealt to survivors.
      <Incompatible with Regeneration Skill>
    • Level Requirement: 35

    2. Infected Yell (Not for sale)
    • Low chance of launching survivors away on death.
    • Level Requirement: Not for sale

    3. Biological Hologram
    • Low Chance to leave a Hologram of a special infected pinning a survivor on the floor on death.
    • Level Requirement: 0

    4. Electricity Wave Protection
    • You won't instantly die when within range of an electricity knife, but will be left with 10% HP instead.
    • Level Requirement: 130

    5. Rushing Massacre
    • +0 - 100% increased damage towards survivors based on their distance from last survivor in the back.
      <Bots don't count as survivors in the back>
      <Does not affect tanks>
    • Level Requirement: 100

    6. Knife Deflection
    • Pressing <ZOOM> Key puts you on counter stance for 0.4 seconds. if survivor uses knife during duration, deflect and stab for 150HP damage.
      <Usable only when a survivor is trapped by you>
      <Usable once per life>
    • Level Requirement: 155

    7. Assassination Boost
    • When you kill enemy survivor, +200% increased damage dealt until you die. Effect won't work with tanks, bots, low level survivors and does not accumulate. You must be alive at all times, returning to ghost mode ends increased damage effect.
    • Level Requirement: 107


    8. Common Farming
    • For each common infected killed, you heal 8% of your Maximum HP back.
    • Level Requirement: 105

    9. Accumulated Rage
    • While alive, +3% additional damage added every second. Additional damage accumulated resets after you attack a survivor.
      <Maximum bonus damage: 300%>
    • Level Requirement: 80

    10. Saferoom Mayhem
    • While inside saferooms, +150% increased damage dealt to survivors.
    • Level Requirement: 120

    11. No Rescue for You
    • +5 seconds added on to maximum rescue time. Accumulates with other players.
      <Works only with timer based finales>
    • Level Requirement: 100

    12. Bounty Saving
    • For every 4 bounty, +1% additional damage.
      <Maximum Bonus: 30%>
    • Level Requirement: 101

    13. Damage Return
    • Low chance to return 20% of the damage taken from survivors. Increased chance if current HP = or less than 10% of Maximum HP.
    • Level Requirement: 75

    14. Inner Toxins
    • On hitting any survivor, plant toxins. When you die, toxins explode dealing 15% of total damage dealt with your claws to survivors while you were alive.
      <Does not work with tanks>
      <Max Damage: 70HP>
    • Level Requirement: 135


    15. Nightly Killer
    • When on night time maps, +30% increased damage dealt.
    • Level Requirement: 70

    16. Mark of Permanent Death
    • Each claw hit on a survivor leaves a mark on him. After 160 marks have accumulated on that survivor, their next death is permanent.
      <Marks last through the entire round>
    • Level Requirement: 100

    17. Sweep Bile
    • -80% decreased biled duration as infected after being hit with vomit jar.
    • Level Requirement: 87

    18. Moustachio Bomb
    • 10% of the total damage dealt to any survivor under moustachio bless is applied once the effect ends.
    • Level Requirement: 200

    19. Witch Resistance
    • +1000 additional Maximum HP for witches spawned. Witches have +90% reduced damage taken for 10 seconds after being startled.
    • Level Requirement: 160

    20. |E| Desperation
    • +2HP + 1HP for every 10% missing HP increase in claw damage.
      <Does not apply to tanks>

    21. Final Showdown
    • +15% increased bounty gained on finale maps.
    • Level Requirement: 130


    22. |E| Rawr... Love
    • On each 3rd hit, +5 additional damage dealt to survivors (except with spit and smoke). Not hitting any survivors within 3 seconds resets the hit count.

    23. |E| Fear
    • If you have pinned a survivor for at least 6 seconds, that survivor suffers from fear after being released. pinned time - 5 seconds, maximum 5 seconds.