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FAQs2 (BaBS)

Feb 21, 2018
FAQs2 (BaBS)
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Page 2
    (BaBS V1.9.4)

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    The next top 5 most frequently asked questions are:

    Q6: Why can't I damage fire immune tanks with melee weapons when I have the Flaming Sword Buff equipped along with the Deep Cuts Buff that ignores tank melee resistance?

    Flaming Sword Buff
    Deep Cuts Buff

    You can't damage fire immune tanks with your melee weapons because the melee weapons that are affected by Flaming Sword Buff will deal a mixture of fire and melee damage, fire damage which the tank will block, rendering the melee hit useless, even if that melee weapon is one of the melee weapons affected by the Deep Cuts buff. In order to be able to damage these type of tanks you must either not use the flaming sword in your currently equipped buff set or instead use a melee weapon that is only affected by the Deep Cuts Buff, such as the Axe or the Knife.

    Q7: Why do I only get the buff effect of the Tank Party Crusher Buff when there are 2 or more tanks alive?

    When there are 2 or more tanks alive, the buff effect of the Tank Party Crasher Buff will start working. Giving you +20% additional damage dealt to your buff bonus in attack bonuses against tanks. While both of these tanks are alive, you will retain the bonus. However if 1 tank out of the two then dies, the buff effect will stop working because you no longer fulfill the requirements of the buff. How this buff works is that for each additional tank alive after the first tank, you will be given the +20% additional damage bonus. When there are 3 tanks, that bonus now becomes +40%, when there are 4 tanks, that bonus now becomes +60% and so on.

    Q8: Are the defense ignoring effects in the Weak Point Spotter and Berserk Buffs ones that work 100%?

    Yes, they are the ones that work 100%. Because the defense bonuses in upgrades, buffs and decreased damage must be set to 0. if the effectiveness of ignoring defense was not 100%, then you would be seeing reduced numbers above 0 (given less than 100% effectiveness) if the infected had any defense bonuses in upgrades, buffs and decreased damage.

    TAKE NOTE: This question might get changed or removed when V1.8 releases. This is due to what mute says about ignoring defenses.
    "basically berserk will ignore most defenses yes, tier 2s have 45% base defense, tier 3s+ have 50% defense. compared to without berserk you would be doing double damage (~1.8x for tier 2s). in the 1.8 update i have cleaned up the tank info pages to specify if tanks have extra defense (which berserk does ignore) and damage reduction (which berserk doesnt ignore).

    there aren't that many cases of damage reduction, the ones that come to mind are: hunter/exec passive, glutton/s.glutton with people inside belly, infernal/s.inf fire shield, tanks with armor and the aforementioned HB with fury

    ranged expert does ignore defenses in the same way as berserk, but any bonuses that give flat damage (such as the Tank Reaper skills) are halved"

    Q9: Will buffs work in Scenario?

    Unless the buff displays in its description that it <has no effect in survival gamemode> then yes the buff will work. The only buff that cannot work in survival gamemode so far is the Adrenaline Run Buff.

    Q10: What does aggro mean in Tank duelist and other various Buffs?

    When you have in the description that "increases tank aggro to you by +50% / +300%" It respectively means that the amount of tank aggro you receive from tanks is increased, compared to when you don't have the buff equipped. It makes tanks much more likely to consider you their current aggro target.