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Dormant Tank Guide (Version 1.0.4)

Nov 28, 2017
Dormant Tank Guide (Version 1.0.4)
  • Welcome to the Dormant Tank Guide. Made by timkit

    HINT: To make finding the information you want easier. In the page you want to find information on something, just copy whatever text you wish to find. Be it any certain headings, the name of any particular buff that interested you and so on.

    Then hold down the CTRL+F keys while your on the wiki page, a little box that can by typed into will appear at the top right of the page. Then paste your text into the little box and search away! Have fun reading.

    This guide was written to give players the knowledge they needed on the Dormant Tanks. It is useful to have this information around for those who are new to 1v1 tank fighting or just looking for general tips on taking on a specific Dormant Tank listed within this guide. When there are any new 1v1 tanks or the ability to battle the randomly spawning tanks 1v1 ourselves, then this guide will be updated to reflect the changes with the most up to date and accurately correct information. The buffs included also include the buffs only obtainable from Versus

    Contents <top>

    Thanks for reading this guide, with the understanding you now have gained from learning about the Dormant tanks, you have the knowledge to prepare for them. This includes the recommended buff lists and any buffs which are good/effective, bad/useless against the Dormant Tanks. If you have any questions, please do post in the forum thread which contains the link to this guide or steam message me if it is anything to do with this guide.

    Remember, the only way to learn more about the Dormant Tanks is to experience battling them yourself in mgftw. Then you can use that experience to give yourself an idea of how you want to go about taking them on just incase you do not end up defeating one of the Dormant Tanks the first time around.