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Bryan's Quest-line (QG)

Sep 23, 2021
Bryan's Quest-line (QG)
  • Bryan's Quest-line (QG V2.1.11)

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    6. Bryan

    List of Quests:
    1. 1. The Beginner 1 (Lv. 20)

      Quest Prerequisites:
      1. None

      Is anybody out there? How the fuck do I use this radio! OH! Hey you! Can you hear me? My name is Bryan, I'm 19 years old and yes this is stupid. Hey I need your help! I'm too young for this shit, I was used to kill zombies on video games, but this is some extreme SHIT. Ok, calm down Bryan, calm down.

      What the hell is going on?! I can't fucking believe this shit! The zombie apocalypse is fucking real? Oh fuck! Damn, I need my zombie survival guide to survive this shit or else I'm so fucked. I left it on a mall. Can you bring it to some kind of boxes? Those fucking boxes people left around. Please hurry or I'll shit my fucking pants!

      Quest Tasks:
      1. Get Bryan's Survival Guide

      Quest Rewards:
      • Exp: 9,300 Exp
      • Cash: $1,000 Cash
      • Unlocks Quest: 2. The Beginner 2 (Lv. 23)

      Alright, thank you! I'll go for it, read it and everything will be just fine. Oh, at least you are on a team, I'm all alone! Please don't you dare to die out there, I might need your help!
    2. 2. The Beginner 2 (Lv. 23)

      Quest Prerequisites:
      1. 1. The Beginner 1 (Lv. 20)

      Hey! It's me, Bryan again. Well... I did read the guide and I must say that it DOESN'T SAY ANYTHING FUCKING USEFUL! It actually fucking tells you how to cook rice. Why the fuck would I want to eat rice when there's like 900,000 fucking thousand zombies out there! FUCK! I can hear those fucks cry and fight each other. You gotta help me! Hunt down some of them before they all notice I'm here!

      Oh yeah, about my location, well, last thing I remember is a brick factory and some wrecked trucks. Just kill these fucks please!

      Quest Tasks:
      1. Kill 150 infected on the specified location on The Sacrifice Campaign (second map)

      Quest Rewards:
      • Exp: 15,100 Exp
      • Cash: $1,230 Cash
      • Unlocks Quest: 3. The Beginner 3 (Lv. 28)

      Fucking awesome! I can now focus and read this little piece of shit and think without all those annoying sounds around. Be careful out there!
    3. 3. The Beginner 3 (Lv. 28)

      Quest Prerequisites:
      1. 2. The Beginner 2 (Lv. 23)

      Hey, sorry to bother you but, could you please bring me some rice? I'm really starving now and I guess the guide main phrase is right: 'This guide is never wrong'... What a paradox, if you can call it like that... Anyway, leave the rice on a supply box and I'll go for it as soon as infected go after you.

      Quest Tasks:
      1. Collect 5 Boxes of rice for Bryan
      2. Collect 3 Bottles of water

      Quest Rewards:
      • Exp: 7,850 Exp
      • Cash: $1,290 Cash
      • Unlocks Quest: Missing Sister 1 (Lv. 34)

      Thanks again. Make sure the infected follow you so I can go out for my rice. he he...
    4. 4. Missing Sister 1 (Lv. 34)

      Quest Prerequisites:
      1. 3. The Beginner 3 (Lv. 28)

      What's up! Hey. I'm starting to get worried about my sister. We got separated when a tank appeared near the queue line for CEDA inspection. I'm sure she is just fine but, I can't communicate with her through the radio. I lost my cell phone somewhere near the CEDA queue lines.

      Quest Tasks:
      1. Find Bryan's cellphone

      Quest Rewards:
      • Exp: 24,326 Exp
      • Cash: $3,000 Cash
      • Unlocks Quest: 5. Missing Sister 2 (Lv. 36)

      Wow you really found it? Thaaanks! Hope you ain't scamming me... It was white right? Oh what the hell. Be careful!
    5. 5. Missing Sister 2 (Lv. 36)

      Quest Prerequisites:
      1. 4. Missing Sister 1 (Lv. 34)

      Hello again! I have really good news. I managed to communicate with my sister after all! Damn I love this guide... I'd love to join her on the safe room she's currently at but I don't think I'll make it past a few blocks from here. I have an idea, can you please come back and clear a few more zombies for me?

      Quest Tasks:
      1. Kill 250 infected from the specified location
        Location is at The Sacrifice Campaign, second map

      Quest Rewards:
      • Exp: 9,850 Exp
      • Cash: $1,670 Cash
      • Unlocks Quest: 6. Resupplying (Lv. 40)

      Thanks, I'll meet my sister then. Wish me luck, and of course, good luck to you...
    6. 6. Resupplying (Lv. 40)

      Quest Prerequisites:
      1. 5. Missing Sister 2 (Lv. 36)

      Hey again! It's Bryan. Thanks to your help I'm finally with my sister. She and her husband managed to escape the Tank attack I mentioned early just as I did. We found this really good safe room full of weapon and ammunition. Unfortunately, our mother didn't have the same luck.

      I could stay all day here crying for our loss but what would that change? I mean, she probably just died so quickly and didn't suffer... Right? Anyway, we are really low on supplies at the moment and we'd love if you could bring us some. Can you do it?

      Quest Tasks:
      1. Collect 15 Bottles of water
      2. Collect 1 Box of food

      Quest Rewards:
      • Exp: 12,150 Exp
      • Cash: $2,100 Cash
      • Unlocks Theodora's Questline: 1. Inseparable 1 (Lv. 40) (Theodora)

      *Horrible cough* Eh Ehhm. Sorry about that. Thanks a lot for the supplies! You are our official zombie horror novel hero. *Cough* I'm not feeling very well at the moment so from now on, my sister Theodora will talk to you through the radio.

      I'll see you around.