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Discussion in 'Guides' started by Medvegeci, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Medvegeci

    Medvegeci Junior Member

    Since I haven't seen any kind of post about bindings I tought i'd make one.
    In case you haven't done this yet, add -console at the launch settings on Steam. When the game opens up the console should be visible. First thing you wanna do is write [bind F8 toggleconsole]. Do not use the [ and ] marking. The following binds are my own personal preference, you can set yours however you want.
    Here is some usefull bindings to make your life easier.

    bind F1 "say /buy; menuselect 1; menuselect 2; menuselect 2; say /laseron" Buys an AK47 with a laser on it, Thx Jamd®

    bind F2 "say /buy; menuselect 2; menuselect 9; menuselect 2" Buys a Katana

    bind F3 "say /buy; menuselect 1; menuselect 5; menuselect 2" Buys an AWP

    bind F4 "say /buy; menuselect 3; menuselect 1; menuselect 1" Buys a Molotov

    bind F5 "say /buy; menuselect 3; menuselect 1; menuselect 2" Buys a Pipenade

    bind F6 "say /buy; menuselect 4; menuselect 3" Buys a First Aid

    bind F7 "say /buy; menuselect 4; menuselect 2" Buys a Defib

    bind 0 "say /laseron" Puts a laser on your weapon.

    bind k "say /tankhp" the tank's current health will show, Thanks timkit [â„¢Ûž]

    You can always go to an empty server and try to setup your own bindings. Hope I helped. Enjoy the game :)

    Also, Shoutout to Raz for helping me out with the commands.
  2. Before you read what I have to say, I stumbled upon a OLD bindings guide (worth 4 years old) on the forums: https://mgftw.com/forum/marvelous-g...gins/tutorials/3220-fast-buy-binding-tutorial

    Nice post you got there, Don't mind if I add on to that list :) However I suggest you take note.
    NOTE: Spamming a key that contains a command can get you banned for "hard flooding", avoid the excessive use of binds at a time and you should be good :)
    some of the binds I list here are also some of the ones that I also use myself.​

    Bind k "say /tankhp" the tank's current health will show when using this bind.

    Bind F11 "say thetime" NOTE: "thetime" is an actual command that tells you the current server time, for all of those people that didn't know. Don't think that it works all the time though

    Bind F10 "say /buy; menuselect 1; menuselect 1" If used in VS, you can have one of the players at random spawn as a Normal Tank as long as you have the respective bounty.

    Bind i "say /buy; menuselect 3" If used in VS, your SI will gain an upgrade depending on the menuselect number that you use.

    Bind p "say /donor" If you are a donor, you can use this command to access the donor menu and do what you need to do from there.

    You could also use binds if you wanted to say something without typing. For example, when I use this bind when the team gets all survivors alive in a finale
    bind l "say ALL HAIL 24k EXP"
  3. Jamd®

    Jamd® Guest

    try this :)
    bind F1 "say /buy; menuselect 1; menuselect 2; menuselect 2; say /laseron" ak with laser
  4. Medvegeci

    Medvegeci Junior Member

    Thanks for the tips i'll add those :)
  5. Medvegeci

    Medvegeci Junior Member

    Thank you!
  6. Kaji

    Kaji Junior Member

    Very helpful for others indeed; even I forget the bind commands when ppl ask around. Just curious, how do you go about when there's a map vote? Do you end up buying an AK or katana everything time?
  7. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    well if you override your F1 bind its gonna do the specific thing you bound it to. So if you bound it to buying a gun pressing F1 will buy a gun and it may not send a "yes" vote to the server
  8. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    I bind F1 to buy a rifle so I went into my keyboard settings in-game and changed vote yes to key "-" and vote no to "=". This way, no confusion. When a vote occurs, you will see "hit - for yes, = for no" in the dialog box.

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