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Still waiting for store credit coupon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Skytis, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Skytis

    Skytis Junior Member

    (Not exactly sure where this belongs so I posted it in general)
    So after seeing the announcement about the christmas lottery I was considering to return to mgftw L4D2.
    Then I remembered why I quit: I'm still waiting for my store credit: I did a translation nearly 3 years ago and still haven't received my credit for it. Is this a joke? Or is the Staff just that terrible?

    Yes I am mad,
  2. erik

    erik Senior Member


    I don't know who promised you this, but I'm confident it can be resolved. I never understood your type of mindset, to be honest. People who provide a service to someone, or enter a spoken or typed or handshake agreement, then overreact as if someone owes you a piece of their souls if something gets forgotten... that's just nuts.

    We're not paid to do this. We're not public servants, we're not on-call, awaiting a middle-of-the-night call to wake up and come solve emergency-level critical care zombie issues. We do this on our own free time, unpaid, and store monies, mind you... the fund the servers that Marvel has gone out-of-pocket to pay for more often than I will ever admit to. If you knew how much of the time you spent gaming on MG was paid for, for you... you'd never stop thanking him.

    I understand you're angry at whoever didn't follow-through. I'm frankly embarrassed by the fact it was forgotten.

    We will resolve this, but not if you can't be civilized. When you can form a lucid, succinct, and professional response, please tell me who you provided the translation to, who promised you the credit, what the amount was, and any other pertinent details, and I'll handle it myself.

    I see people acting aggressive all the time and I think "I'd never say something so messed to another person, especially one I needed something from."

    Again, I'm sorry this happened, just give me some details.
  3. Skytis

    Skytis Junior Member

    I have sent my translations to Cocaine back then and then he did the post that I linked. The amount I "should" get would be probably 20$ as this is my first translation, but I did it together with Cocaine.
    The rewards for the translation were offered by joerve.
    I asked joerve (who was Store Manager or something at that time) when I would receive my credit and he said I would get it when HC comes back and the translations are implemented.
    That's the last thing I heard about it.
  4. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member


    Yes I remember that was a long time ago. Joerve started a translation project but it never made it into the mod and I know some people put time and effort into it. We're sorry for that and I rather would've seen the translations made it into the mod myself but sometimes things change and don't go the way as planned.

    No need to be mad though, you've made a valid point. If you still want that $20 let me know and I'll sent you a gift certificate. Anyone else who's in the same boat, feel free to reply as well.

    This could have been resolved a long time ago if you came to us earlier but you're right after the project was dead we should have compensated the people that helped by our own initiative. That's probably a mistake from our side.
  5. Cocaine

    Cocaine Head Administrator

    Sad its dead, maybe one day.....thx to marv for the decision to "pay" the people.....

    And no, i dont need the certificate.... ;)

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