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Seperate Buff List for the Scenario Server

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by XeroX, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member


    currently you can selet a list of buffs for Coop and Versus. While I do know that the Scenario server shares Coop list I think it would be better to be able to set a specific list for the Scenario's. As some buffs do not work with Survival but do work for example in Coop just fine.

    I also know that you can create a seperate list for Scenarios but I would still suggest to have a seperate menu entry just for the Scenario server.

    So its basically an active list for Coop, one list for Versus and a third one for the Scenario server.
  2. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    The main reason we don't have this as an option is that typically people use different buff lists for each different scenario, and thus there isn't really a good 'central' buff list for scenarios as a whole.

    An alternative method that people have come up with is when a scenario is being hosted, to use the !bl command to quickly change to the buff list they desire. The !bl command also supports a name being passed into it, so say your Coop buff list is callled 'Coop' and you make a new buff list for scenario named 'Scenario', when you join a scenario being hosted, you can type into chat '!bl scenario' and it'll change to that buff list, and '!bl coop' to change back to your Coop one when you're done. You can also use this for specific scenario lists if desired (e.g. '!bl prison' if you've created a buff list solely for the prison scenario)
  3. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Ah didn't know you can pass a name to it. I would assume you don't have to pass in the fullname to select it if its unique enough correct ?
  4. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah it'll equip the first partial match it finds, if you want an exact match you can put the name in quotations.
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