I will be good boy...

Discussion in '[L4D2] Hidden Infected' started by SunL4D2, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. SunL4D2

    SunL4D2 Junior Member

  2. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    What do you make of this?


    Using names like "fucktherules" and trolling with other people's nicknames is quite bad.. Especially on that gamemode.

    You were looking for troubles back then.. Can you tell us why you deserve another chance now?
  3. SunL4D2

    SunL4D2 Junior Member

    Stefeman, it was almoust 2 years. Many things changed in my life since then and I am no longer behave like that. I think it's called maturing. Just trust me, please. :)

    It's not like You can't ban me again anytime anyway. But this won't be needed, I promise.
  4. Stefeman

    Stefeman Head Administrator Staff Member

    Fair enough, everyone deserves a second chance.

    Most of your bans were automated console bans for low karma anyway. Stay clean.
  5. SunL4D2

    SunL4D2 Junior Member

    Stefeman, enormous thanks! I am not sure whether it's good time to get back though. :( This is new server IP right ? This server stuck on c11_m1_greenhouse map and empty 24/7. It's very strange.
  6. SunL4D2 you have to wait for the next player on the server, then it will start. or you have to wait until one player are joined.
  7. SunL4D2

    SunL4D2 Junior Member

    Klinky [ΞØP], but it's always empty :( I am not sure how me being on server alone will help somehow...

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