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Christmas 2021 Event

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mute, Dec 18, 2021.

  1. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    The Christmas 2021 event is now live!

    It will follow a similar playstyle to last year's event, but with a new method to obtain event currency.
    The ways to gain Christmas Vouchers are:

    - Event stages: There will be 10 event stages this time, completing them will give a large number of Christmas Vouchers and some other temporary exclusive consumables with it.
    - The Santa Tank: The Santa Tank returns from last year with all the same bells and whistles. A notice will be given in #world_events channel in our Discord server where the Tank will spawn 5 minutes later, granted 4 extra player slots with it. Remember that even if you don't defeat it you still will gain some vouchers. Low level players will receive a boost to some upgrades to help them out.
    - Daily Quests: Every daily quest completed will give 3 Christmas Vouchers.
    - COOP Voucher Box Hunting: COOP maps have a chance to spawn a Voucher Box, everyone who was on the server prior to it's discovery can interact with it to collect a voucher and some small cash from it.
    - The Gift Gnome: Periodically on COOP maps at Advanced/Expert difficulty, a Gift Gnome will spawn. If it is carried to the end saferoom, all eligible players will receive several vouchers once the map concludes. The Gnome is heavy so the holder will have reduced mobility. Do note that only players Level 201 or higher can hold the gnome. If the team is feeling bold, having up to 3 map mutations will increase rewards.

    This event brings with it a few new buffs and enhancements, as well as the event market which also has a few new items in it. With this event comes a small changelog so be sure to check that out too.

    Use the in-game command !event to redeem your vouchers and check on your event stage progress.

    The event will run from 18th December, ending on 3rd January.
  2. ratchet

    ratchet Head Administrator Staff Member

    The event has now concluded, as a result you can no longer earn Christmas Vouchers or fight the Santa Tank. However, any vouchers, gift boxes or candy you have left will still be usable until January 17th. Hope everyone enjoyed the event this year and thank you for participating.
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