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Can't enter in "Points reloaded custom COOP"

Discussion in '[L4D2] Points Reloaded' started by ZsTyLeZ, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. ZsTyLeZ

    ZsTyLeZ New Member

    Hello guys.I can't connet to Custom COOP.Everytime i try to enter it says

    "Host_Error: CMapLoadHelper::Init, unable to open maps/C1_mario1_1.bsp"

    It happends with every map.
  2. fnord

    fnord Game Server Moderator Staff Member

    Have you downloaded the maps and extracted them to your addon folder? If so, can you check if the map shows up under the "Add ons" in L4D?
  3. ZsTyLeZ

    ZsTyLeZ New Member

    Do i have to search and download every single map it cycles trough the server.And the best way is to wait for the server to pop in steam group and then its easy to download the exact map.
  4. raz

    raz Head Administrator Staff Member

  5. ZsTyLeZ

    ZsTyLeZ New Member

    Thanks alot.