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Balanced Class Role Ideas

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by Vakarlan, Aug 13, 2019.



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  1. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    Recently some pepeg in my discord decided to play melee vs every single scenario tank, but somehow worked out better than expected, that gave me some ideas.


    Unlocked on becoming BladeMaster

    • Melee Expertise: All of your melee weapons ignore melee resistance and prevents them from breaking, and suffers no damage penalty.
    • Headhunter: The BladeMaster excel in killing larger deadlier targets, deals 20% more damage to special/uber infected and 10% more damage to tanks. (Multiplicative)
    • Battle Frenzy: You cannot be slowed to lesser than 33.3% of your total movement speed, melee fatigue can now regenerate at a 50% rate while swinging melee weapons.
    • Path of the warrior: Unable to use any type of range weaponry and throwables, however gains 15% extra defense vs all infected, gains 20% knock back recovery speed.

      **Melee weapons are categorized into 2 category, sharp and blunt**
      Sharp weapons are Axe, Katana, Crow Bar, Machete
      Blunt weapons are Baseball bat, Cricket bat, Frying Pan, Guitar, Nightstick and Golf club
      **All damage shown below are before any type of damage multiplier**
      **Does not work with chainsaw**
    Unlocked on BladeMaster Level 1:

    • Blade Storm: Swings your melee weapon in a 360 arc dealing 1000 true damage to all infected in an 150 units. Sharp weapons have 10% + 5% per special/uber infected hit to instant kill all targets, does not work on tanks. Blunt weapons applies stun on hit to all infected caught within the radius, stun last 3 seconds on special/uber and 1 second on tanks. Cool down 60 seconds. (Command: sm_bladestorm)
    • Phantom Strike: Marks an infected (max 1000 units), instantly teleport right next to it and the next melee attack does additional 300 hit points worth of damage. Sharp weapons inflict bleeding to the target for extra 5 seconds, dealing 100 true damage per second. Blunt weapons can sent the infected flying (like a boomer bitch slap), instantly killing them. 100% on special, 50% on uber does not work on tanks. Cool down 10 seconds. (Command: sm_Strike)
    Unlocked on BladeMaster Level 2:

    • Parry and Riposte: Gains 30% chance to passively parry infected attacks, taking only 70% of the incoming damage. However, if you swing at the same time that the attack hits you, this will cause the attack to deal no damage to you and retaliate back at the attack dealing 500 additional hit points of worth damage on your next melee attack to the infected. You can only riposte once every 5 seconds.
    • Mortal Strike: 5% on melee attack to completely ignore infected defense and immunities, procing this critical hit also reduces fatigue by 5%.
    Unlocked on BladeMaster Level 3:

    • TailWind: Activates an ability that increases your total movement speed by 20%, movement speed penalties will be reduced to 1/3, last 10 seconds. Dealing a Mortal Strike will increase its duration by 1 second. Cool down 30 seconds. (Command: sm_wind)
    • BladeFlurry: Activates an ability that increases your melee weapon swing speed by 20% for 12 seconds, unable to gain fatigue during this duration. Every 4th hit will increase its duration by 1.5 seconds, ability starts its cooldown after instantly after usage. Cool down 20 seconds. (Command: sm_bladeflurry)
      **Upon unlocking level 3 in BladeMaster, you can no longer use the buff "Hyperactive"**
    Unlocked on BladeMaster Level 4:

    • Fatality: By pressing the USE key twice on a special/uber infected within 50 units will perform a gruesome fatality on it. Instantly killing the infected and dealing 2x its total hit points in true damage to all infected within 250 radius. Cool down 12 seconds
    • Heart of Battle: As long as a tank is present, you gain adrenaline. Resets fatigue after killing 10 common infected or 3 special or 1 uber infected, decrease all weapon fatigue generation by 50%. Every 10 seconds, you block 2 instances of tank punch stuns.
    • Face of death: Special/uber infected in your field of vision cannot pin you. Upon getting pinned by infected, you will fight back,swinging your melee weapon and attempt to break free. However, you suffer 30% swing speed penalty and 40% damage penalty.
    Unlocked on BladeMaster Level 5:

    • Culling strike: After dealing (Tier x 12000) in total damage to a tank, you attack will instantly kill the tank at 7.77% of its total hit points. Instantly sends tanks into Dying phase if threshold is met.
    • Vampire Blade: Gains 6.66% of damage dealt as hit points. Leeches off any instance of melee damage, works on multi target.
    More to come? Maybe?
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  2. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    More pepeg stuff


    Unlocked on becoming Buffer
    • Radiance: All positive buff/status effects on allies will last 20% longer.
    • Holy Mark: Marks 3 players, they gain 10% fire rate, 12% reload speed and 8% movement speed. (1 endurance charge per mark target) Once all 3 marks are used, you have to wait for 60 seconds to mark another 3 flesh targets.
    • Faithful: Every ally gains flat 5% damage boost, marked targets have 100% effectiveness (10% damage boost)
    • Special Tactics: You can no longer give med-kit nor heal/give pills/adrenaline to allies, instead applying a buff on an ally grants you 1 endurance charge. Every endurance charge grants you 1% effectiveness in your buffs up to 50% total.
    Unlocked on Buffer Level 1:
    • Healing aid: Shoving a med-kit on an ally grants that player 10 hit point regenerate per 0.5 seconds till death. Marked allies will not lose this effect upon death. Med-kit is consumed upon shove.
    • Stimpack: Shoving an adrenaline on an ally grants that player adrenaline with 50% cc reduction for 20 seconds. Marked allies have 100% increased duration. Adrenaline is consumed upon shove.
    Unlocked on Buffer Level 2:
    • Aegis Pack: Increase total marked ally targets to 4. You deal 70% less damage to all infected, but your shoving damage is doubled. However, for every bounty that your marked allies earn/receive, you have 80% chance of getting that same bounty too (1 for 1, 2 for 2, 3 for 3 etc). Marked allies damage rewards on tanks will count as your own too.
    • Circle of power: Passively buff every ally within 200 units of you to have 33% defense penetration. Marked allies does not have the range limit.
    Unlocked on Buffer Level 3:
    • Inspiration: Every ally within 300 units of you have 15% ammo save. Marked ally has additional 15% fire rate.
    • Nano Charge: Shoving a defibrillator on an ally will overcharge the player for 10 seconds. While under this effect, players cannot take more than 40% of their total hit-points from 1 source of damage and their weapon will not consume ammo. Marked allies have double duration. Defib is consumed upon shove.
    Unlocked on Buffer Level 4:
    • Area buffer: While shoving med-kit, adrenaline and defibrillator for buffs, if 2 players are within 50 units of each other, both of them will get the buff. Granting 3 endurance charges instead whenever this occurs.
    • Vanguards: Every marked ally within 400 units of you, reduces your damage taken by 20%.
    Unlocked on Buffer Level 5:
    • Immortal Call: Every 10 minutes, you unleash a strong buff that will prevent all allies within the map from taking lethal damage, permanent deaths by Tank abilities/fall from height for 1 second. Every 10 endurance charges lengthen the duration by 1 second. While unleashed at max charges, players will also not die from Tank LETHAL abilities. Once used, Immortal Call cannot be used by another player for 2 minutes. (Command: sm_immortalcall)

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  3. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    i like blademaster melee is one of my speciality since long years
  4. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Blade Master as a Class is a pretty cool idea.

    There are only a few buff sets that actually have melee weapons as the main weapon of choice when it comes to the infected. So this could be nice for a future update
  5. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    Actually pretending, Advanced class idea


    **Require level 5 on Support and Controller to unlock**

    Unlocking to become Paladin
    • Divine favor: Immune to CC/tank punch stun effects while defib/heal/res Allie . Allie gain 20% damage reduction from all sources after being saved by you.
    • Aegis: A shield appears on your left hand permanently (doesn't hinder any actions). Shield grants you 15% more hit points, 15% less damage taken from all sources. Shoving now knocks back all units in a 360 deg, units directly in-front of has a 15% chance to being stunned for 1.5 seconds. (1 Min cooldown on tanks)
    • IronHeart: All infected are 20% likely to target you, 15% chance to blocking a pin, goes up to a max of 30% as your hit points drop.
    • Inspire: Whenever you perform a helping action towards an ally/ avoiding a pin, you gain 1 inspiration charge. Every charge increases your action speed by 0.5% and reduces damage taken by 0.25%, up to 50 charges. Charges are also uses to perform certain abilities
    Unlocking to become Paladin level 1:
    • Provoke: Taunt all infected that are within 200 units to focus on you for 40 seconds. Gains 50% damage reduction however you are unable to shoot during this duration (Melee/shove still works). Every 500 damage taken (before reduction) extend the duration by 2 seconds. During this time you are also immune to CC. 2 Minutes cooldown (Command: sm_provoke)
    • Rally: Allies near you ignores 20% defense of any target that are taunted by you. Taunted targets also takes 10% more damage from your allies (not including you).
    Unlocking to become Paladin level 2:
    • Fortitude: Increase your maximum hit points by 75% and defense by 20%. Activate to fortify your teammates for 10 seconds, 0.5 extra seconds per current inspiration charge. During this during allies and you take 50% less fall damage, 10% less damage from all sources and are immune to infected pins. (Command: sm_fortify)
    • Repel: When you shove a special infected, they will not attempt to pin any survivors, instead they will focus on using claw damage for 5 seconds. They will also attack 20% slower. Shoving damage increased by 200%.
    Unlocking to become Paladin level 3:
    • Inner Fire: Increases healing done by 10% + 0.5% per inspiration charge.
    1. First aid saving is now global when you have at least 40 inspiration charges,
    2. Extended hand has 10% cdr + 0.5% per inspiration charge.
    3. Increased Electricity has 50% increased area of effect +1% per inspiration charge.
    Passively regenerate 20 hit points per second, 1 addition hit point per second / inspiration charge, regeneration effectiveness will increase up to 100% as hit point drops.
    • Purge: Converts 25% of your damage into true damage, infected within 1000 range will be slowed by 15% in all aspects and receive 20 true damage/sec, every second that they are within the area, they will take 1% extra damage up to 10%.
    Unlocking to become Paladin level 4:
    • Steed Charge: Summons a holy steed to ride for 10 seconds, completely immune to CC while riding gains 50% movement speed and is unhindered by common infected (passively knock back CIs). Can be targeted a downed/pinned ally within vision, immediately charging towards towards the target stunning everything along the way while gaining 500% movement speed. Ally will be rescued and gains 5 seconds of safety clear. Unable to attack while riding. Cooldown 1 minute (Command: sm_steed)
    • Holy Crusade: When you take damage, 33% of the damage is dealt instantly while the rise are dealt over a 3 second period. You now also gains inspiration charges while taking damage and stunning units. (1000 damage taken = 1 charge, 5 targets stunned = 1 charge)
    Unlocking to become Paladin level 5:
    • Resurrect: Instantly brings a fallen ally back to life, they will be revived with full health also with 5s of Motivate, Guardian Angel and Courage. 3 minute cooldown. (Sm_resurrect)
    • The living Saint: While at max inspiration charges, consume all charges to summon a holy angel to the battle field that follows you for 100 seconds, if you die within the duration it will stay where your corpse is. Passively regenerates the hit points of all survivors by 20 per/sec. Cleansing debuffs every 10 seconds. The angel cannot be killed nor targeted and deals 250 true damage per 2 seconds to all units within 1000 range. The angel has 3 abilities that she will cast on her own

    1. Smite: Instantly stuns all units within 300 range of her for 1 second, doesn't affect tanks. 5 seconds cooldown.
    2. Purify: Drop a healing field on ground (same effect as health dispenser) 50 seconds cooldown.
    3. Wrath: Upon expiring, the Angel will explode dealing 3000 true damage all infected on the field.
    While Angel is active, you cannot gain inspiration charges. You can only summon her once. Other paladins will have to wait 3 minutes after the first Angel Summon death to re-summon another one.
    (Command: sm_aniki)

    10/10 Balanced
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  6. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    For you, you dirty weebs


    **Require all class roles level 5 and 8 years playtime in MGFTW to unlock**

    Unlocking to become Weaboo

    • Body-pillow: For some reason this pillow seems to "harden" after years of use, probably because the weeb never get to wash it, nevertheless it is effective in battle. Grants weeb 10 hit points per level.
    • Perfect Fantasy: The weeb is so disconnected with the real world, he believes that he is living in an anime. Increase action speed and defense by 0.1% per level.
    • Bag of mangas: Pretty sure he stole this. The weeb can read mangas while in combat, when doing so he is immune to CC and regenerates 5% of lost HP per second. However, he cannot move and takes 20% extra damage during this. Last for 10 seconds. Cooldown 3 minutes. (Sm_manga)
    • Cos-player: The weeb can put on 5 different cosplay and somehow gets their attributes and power. Cosplay gains new skills per level, up to level 5. (Sm_**name**)
    Become Ichigo Kurosaki, the Shinigami (Melee agile dps focused character, unable to use ranged weapons, can only use Katana) (Sm_ichigo)

    **While in this form, you move 20% faster, melee swing 10% faster, has 30% stun recovery**

    1. Level one unlocks: Getsuga Tenshō
      Swings your katana forward and unleash a wave of energy towards the infected. Dealing 800 true damage. 20 seconds cooldown (Sm_tensho)
    2. Level two unlocks: Shunpo
      Blink to a location 300 units away.
      10 seconds cooldown (Sm_Shunpo)
    3. Level three unlocks: Bankai
      Only took him 3 days OMEGALUL. While in this form you gain these following benefits
      >Reduce the cooldown of Getsuga Tensho and Shunpo by 50%
      >Melee swing speed increase by 50% and gains no fatigue
      >Getsuga Tensho now becomes BLACK and covers a way better radius/range. Damage is increased by 100%
      120 second duration, cooldown 5 minutes (Sm_bankai)
    4. Level four unlocks :Hollow Mask
      One of the most broken shit ever. Summons a hollow mask and grants you even more bonuses
      >CC immunity
      >Every 5th strike ignores target's defense
      >While you melee swing, teleports to the nearest infected target within 200 units. Prioritize tanks.
      30 seconds duration, cooldown 5 minutes (Sm_mask)
    5. Level five unlocks : Vasto Lorde
      Grants: 3000 flat hit points, 100% increased damage, CC immunity, 50% defense. Unable to use any other skills during this transformation that is not granted by this form.
      **New skills**
      >Cero, deals 10,000 true damage in a straight line
      30 seconds cooldown (Sm_cero)
      >Spiritual Pressure, common infected that comes within 500 units instantly dies. Specials get lit on fire and takes 200 true damage per second. Tanks moves and attacks 20% slower.
      >Hollow regeneration, regens 50 hit points per second. 50% of damage taken is delayed and remaining damage is dealt over 5 seconds.
      60 seconds duration (One time use) (Sm_vasto)
    Become Saitama, The one Punch man (melee focus, tank, unable to use any weapon including melee, first only) (Sm_saitama)

    **While in this form, you blocks one negative debuff every 10 seconds and gaining immunity to that debuff for 1 minute. Shoving is now consider as punching**
    1. Level one unlocks: Normal Punch
      You simply just punch an infected, instantly kills common infected and specials, uber infected takes 33.3% of their hit points per punch. Deals 450 damage per hit to tanks.
    2. Level two unlocks: Expert Martial Artist
      Takes 15% less damage from all sources, 20% chance to dodge attacks, takes 50% less damage from fire/acid sources and has 50% reduced frozen debuff duration.
    3. Level three unlocks: Consecutive Normal Punch
      You launch a fast volley of insanely hyper fast punches. Same damage as normal punch, every consecutive punch on the same target increases its base damage by 50. Ignores 15% defense, launches 50 punches within 2 seconds to all targets in-front of you (200 range)
      20 seconds cooldown (Sm_CNP)
    4. Level four unlocks: SERIOUS Punch
      After 1 second delay, you throw an extremely power single punch. Instantly destroys any infected up till tier 1 tanks. Tanks take 5% of their current hit points as damage and are completely stunned for 5 seconds.
      1 minute cooldown (Sm_serious)
    5. Level five unlocks: DEATH Punch
      Without warning you disappear in a flash and teleport behind infected and launches an EXTREMELY POWERFUL punch. Instantly kills any infected up till tier 2 tanks (1 shots t1 tanks).
      >Deals 20% of tier 2 tank's max hit points as damage, stuns it for 10 seconds.
      >Deals 15% of tier 3 tank's max hit points as damage, stuns it for 7.5 seconds, inflicts rupture that cost 100 damage over time for 1 minute.
      >Deals 10% of tier 4 tank's max hit points as damage, stuns it for 5 seconds, inflicts intense bleeding that does 20 true damage/sec until target dies, permanently reduces target movement speed and attack speed by 15%.
      3 minute cooldown (Sm_Death)
    Become Alucard, the Ancient Vampire (Range focus dps, unable to use melee weapons, can only use pistol)

    **While in this form, you cannot be slowed, increase pistol damage by 15%, and gains 100% increased clip**
    1. Level one unlocks: Vampirism
      Heals yourself for 10% of damage dealt, 20% increase speed in all aspects while being in a night-based map/scenario. Gains 10% increased damage per 500 hit points lost.
    2. Level two unlocks: Dark arts
      25% of your bullet damage is converted to true damage, you are unhindered to infected. Gain the Telekinesis power allowing you to control up to 3 special infected. Units under you are extremely empowered. They cannot be killed and gains 100% damage, 50% attack speed and 25% movement speed, with 50% skill recharge recovery. Manually select the infected that you want.
      10 seconds cooldown (Sm_arts)
    3. Level three unlocks: Immortal
      Upon death, you will be resurrected to full hit points, giving your cc immunity for 30 seconds.
      3 minutes cooldown
    4. Level four unlocks: Summon Hell-hounds
      Two hell-hounds comes to your aid and goes where ever you go, they have 10,000 hit points but takes no damage from any sources and cannot be stunned. Self drains 500 hit points per second. Whenever it kills an infected, it heals itself for 50 hit points. Hell-hound has 500 damage, cleaves in a 200 range with fast attack speed (0.65 attacks per second) and gains the effects of Vampirism.
      10 minute cooldown (Sm_Hounds)
    5. Level five unlocks: Release level 0 restriction
      GG, after 5 second channel time. Alucard's restriction gets lifted for 60 seconds. Turning day into night, you cannot die during this time and releases hundreds of small hell-hounds around you. Each dealing 50 true damage per attack (1 attack per second), they can swamp up the entire map within seconds, damaging every infected. These hell-hounds gets 200% effectiveness from Vampirism.
      One time usage.
    Become Megumin, the ultimate loli ARCHmage (Range SPELL casting dps, unable to use any weapons,a magic wand appears on your main hand) (Sm_Megumin)

    **While in this form, you have low target priority from infected and has 50% less aggro generation, you cannot shoot/swing melee**
    1. Level one unlocks: Fire ball
      Pew pews a fire ball towards a target, the ball has homing targeting and will chase after the target. Deals 1,500 true damage.
      15 seconds cooldown (Sm_fireball)
    2. Level two unlocks: Fire Hydra
      Calls forth a fire hydra on a fixed location, dealing 200 true damage in a line to all infected every 2 seconds. The line of fire lingers and further damages any infected that walk through it for 50 true damage/sec for 10 seconds. Can summon up to 3 Hydras and they will never expire, Megumin can re-summon them on a new location.
      1 minute cooldown (Sm_Hydra)
    3. Level three unlocks: Fire Tornado
      Summons a fire tornado (300 radius) and sucks up all common infected into the sky and tossing them away. Specials and tanks takes 500 true damage per second while in the radius. Last for 40 seconds
      3 minutes cooldown (Sm_tornado)
    4. Level four unlocks: Pyromaniac
      AYAYA MORE FIRE. Decrease all spell cool-downs by 30%. Every infected killed from your spell further reduces its cooldown by 1 second. Every 1000 true damage dealt to tanks also reduces its cooldown by 1 second.
    5. Level five unlocks: EXPLOSIOON
      黒より黒く、闇より暗き漆黒にわが真紅 の混交 に望み給 もう覚醒の時来たれリ、
      無謬 の境界に堕ちし理
      むぎょうの歪 みと成りて現出 せよ!
      踊れ、踊れ、踊れ、我が力の奔流 に
      万象 等しく灰燼 に帰 し、深淵 より来たれ!

      One time use (Sm_explosion)
    Become Dio Brando AKA DIO (High damage melee based character, unable to use any ranged/melee weapons and throwables)(Sm_Dio)

    **While in this form, you passive shove every infected within 100 units of you every second, affects tanks once every 20 seconds.....Yare yare**
    1. Level one unlocks: Superman Attributes
      Unable to use any weaponry however your punches hurt, dealing 500 true damage per punch (shove). You move 20% faster, gains 30% defense towards all damage sources and can't be slowed to less than 50% of your maximum movement speed.
    2. Level two unlocks: Freezing Vapor Technique
      Shoves a infected and completely freezing its moisture from the inside, trapping them in ice for 20 seconds, last 5 seconds for tanks. Frozen target has 20% chance to take 5 x more damage.
      1 minute cooldown (Sm_FVT)
    3. Level three unlocks: Advanced Healing abilities
      When you take damage, 33.333% of that damage is instead gained as temporary hit points. Dio's temporary hit point depletes at a 50% reduced rate.
    4. Level four unlocks: Space Ripper Stingy Eyes
      Fires 2 beams of laser from your eyes, dealing 3,000 true damage to all units in a line. Unlimited range. Slices through walls and rocks.
      20 seconds cooldown (Sm_Spaceeyes)
    5. Level five unlocks: ZA WARUDO
      Pure awesomeness, summons a "Stand" that is a controllable units that lay waste to all infected, last forever.
      >Cannot be damaged
      >333 punch damage (2.0 attacks/sec)
      >Maximum movement speed
      Additional abilities
      TIME-STOP, upon summoning your stand. Time stops everyone on the MAP for 10 seconds excluding you and your stand. While in time-stop, your stand attacks 1000% faster (muda muda) and moves unhindered through walls and infected. Above to target commend your stand to attack any mob with the USE key.
      One time usage (Sm_Timestop)
      >ROAD ROLLAR DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, when the 10 seconds of time-stop expires, you leap into the air with your stand and descents with an indestructible ROAD ROLLER crashing a single infected. Dealing 40,000 true damage on impact. Pinning the infected under it for a further 10 seconds, and you can punch the roller dealing addition 333% punch damage to the infected that is trapped under it.
      One time usage (Auto activate)

    This is a joke, for you weebs, Bye
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  7. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Not bad at all, I'll have more thoughts on this later but I'll leave it here for now.

    These anime character ideas xDDD, this is just perfect xD

    Here's an actual class idea from my thoughts at work today, and overnight:

    EDIT: Will return to mgftw soon, most likely December 7th. Updated the class idea.

    - Arcane Mage -

    Requires Level 5 in Support, Debuffer and Hunter and 1 new role quest, which you'll only get to do after having maxed out the above classes.

    On Unlocking the Class:
    • (Passive) Elemental Swords: With the |E| Flaming Sword Buff equipped, it now allows the weapon to take on different elemental properties, affecting melee weapon stats. Hold SHIFT for 3 seconds to change melee weapon elemental affinity with any compatible melee weapon in hand. 60 second cooldown.
      Flaming Sword: The melee weapon now pierces 15% melee defense when attacking infected.
      Thunder Sword: The melee weapon now attack 25% faster but deals 30% reduced melee damage. It has a 10% chance (3% on tanks) to stun any infected hit for 3 seconds.

      Ice Sword: The melee weapon now attacks 33% slower but deals 25% more melee damage. Hitting any infected will slow them down and may freeze them.
    • (Passive) Arcane Energy: Each time you kill any SI, deal 2000 damage to tanks using your elemental swords/abilities or 3000 damage to tanks in any other case , you will gain 1 stack of mana. Mana is used for some class abilities.
    • (Passive) Element Affinity: Whenever you fight any tanks, you will be able to scan their body by holding USE for 10 seconds while facing them the entire time within 1000 units. This will give you valuable information on their weaknesses and resistances.

    On Reaching Level 1:
    • (Active) Fire Attack: Let's you create a fireball explosion at any location up to 500 units away. The initial explosion deals 600 fire damage to nearby infected, igniting them. It then drops a fire puddle that deals 25 HP/s for 10 seconds and deals no friendly fire damage to survivors. Cost: 3 mana, 20 second cooldown.
    • (Active) Ice Attack: Lets you summon some ice spears to throw at any nearby infected. Each ice spear that hits deals 500 damage, slowing them and may freeze the target for 5 seconds (2 on Tanks). Cost: 3 mana, 20 second cooldown.

    On Reaching Level 2:
    • (Active) Fire Shield: Allows you to select one alive survivor other than yourself and gives them a Fire Shield for 2 minutes. This allows the survivor to take 15% reduced damage and ignite nearby infected in range, also giving their weapons fire affinity. The shield immediately dissipates if it comes into contact with water/if frozen. Cost: 8 mana, 3 minute shared cooldown.
    • (Active) Ice Shield: Allows you to select one alive survivor other than yourself and gives them an Ice Shield for 2 minutes. This allows the survivor to take 15% reduced damage and slows nearby infected in range, also giving their weapons ice affinity. The shield immediately dissipates if it comes into contact with heat/if ignited. Cost: 8 mana, 3 minute shared cooldown.

    On Reaching Level 3:
    • (Active) Thunder Attack: Lets you create an AOE lightning blast around yourself, shocking nearby infected for 750 shock damage, stunning them for 3 seconds and may rarely electrocute them. Cost: 5 mana, 30 second cooldown.
    • (Passive) Arcane Master: Gives each element affinity some new effects.
      - Fire: Any infected ignited cannot regenerate and deal -15% less damage. Tanks have reduced effects.
      - Lightning: Any mutated infected hit will lose their mutation temporarily. Infected hit in water will always become electrocuted for 20 seconds (halved on Tanks).
      - Ice: Any frozen infected hit are instantly killed, tanks take x2 damage and have their defenses ignored for the duration.

    On Reaching Level 4:
    • (Passive) Affinity Master: While using any specific elemental sword/ability. It will give you 25% more effectiveness and 10% reduced damage VS tanks. For shielded survivors, they gain the same bonuses as you + 20% slow resistance to specific tanks and have 25% reduced bad status duration against burning/frozen.
    • (Active) Drain Attack: Allows you to consume a first aid kit by shoving any tank with it. For 30 seconds, 15% of the damage dealt is transferred back as health received and inflicting any debilitating effects onto it will increase the amount of HP recovered by 50%. Cost: 12 mana, 3 minute cooldown.

    On Reaching Level 5:
    • (Active) Arcane Finale: When you have gained at least 50 mana, select one of the 3 elemental attack abilities to trigger a powerful effect on the infected:
      - Fire Attack: Deals 6,000 true damage and ignites nearby infected within 750 units. Spawns a bigger fire puddle that deals 250 HP/s for 20 seconds.
      - Ice Attack: Deals 5,000 true damage and freezes all infected within 750 units for 5 seconds, causing them to take double damage for the duration.
      - Thunder Attack: Deals 7,500 true damage, stunning all infected within 750 units for 5 seconds and has a high chance to electrocute them. Stuns incurred while electrocuted disallow ability use for any infected.
      - Drain Attack: Allows you to affect all tanks alive on the field regardless of range and gives them all bleeding for 15 seconds.
      Cost: 50 mana, 10 minute cooldown, 2 minute global cooldown.

    Guess this is as close to a fantasy RPG as you'll get ^^
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2020
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  8. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor


    Master of time itself, able to turn the tide of battle or lay waste to any infected in his sight. Specializes in dealing true damage and CC abilities.

    **Require level 5 on Technician to unlock**

    Unlocked on becoming Chronomancer

    • Future Tech: 50% of all damage from rifles are converted to true damage while retaining all damage benefits from skills/buffs.
    • Limitless: Your ranged weapons suffer no range drop-off, laser sight accuracy is increased by 25%, further increased by 25% while moving.
    • Beyond Sight: Instantly reveal outlines of any special/uber/tanks within 750 units of the Chronomancer.
    • Time Dilation: Reduces the cooldown of all skills/buffs by 25%. This does not affect Chronomancer's base skills. Additionally negative debuffs will expire 25% faster.
    • Time Force: As time passes, the Chromancer passively gains 1 time force charge every 30 seconds up to a max of 5 chargers. These chargers are used for stronger abilities.

    Unlocked on Chronomancer Level 1:

    • Sentry Protocols: Summons a mobile sentry that follows you around. The sentry will attack the units that you are shooting at, dealing 25% of your damage as true damage. It also passively creates a bubble around you absorbing 10% of the incoming damage. (Sentry shares your rate of fire). You are now unable to use any type of drone/turret buff.
    • Black Hole Grenade: Uses 1 time force charge to craft a special grenade. Upon detonation, create a black hole that pulls all infected within 150 unit range, disabling them for 3 seconds while dealing 200 true damage a second. Ci/Si are instantly killed while tanks are stunned for the duration. 1 minute cooldown (Command: sm_BH)
    Unlocked on Chronomancer Level 2:

    • Time Lock: Any sources of true damage from you and your sentry has 0.5% chance of dealing 500 true damage and completely disabling the target for 1 second. Targets disabled will also have their abilities' cool-down paused for the same duration. This can only occur once every 5 seconds.
    • Time Lapse: Uses 2 time force charges to bounds backwards in time, returning any health lost, ammo and position that you were in 5 seconds ago, clearing you of any negative status effects. This ability cannot refresh cool down on active buffs and skills. Keep in mind this can result in a health lost if the Chronomancer had more HPs 5 seconds ago, same goes for ammo. Can only be use while on the ground. 1 minute cooldown (Command: sm_lapse)

    Unlocked on Chronomancer Level 3:

    • Back track: 17.7% of the time, the Chonomancer will avoid any sources of damage. 3% chance to grain a Time Force Charge on avoidance.
    • Rearm: Uses 3 time force chargers to restock yourself on supplies. You can choose the items on the !buy menu. Limits to 2 throwables, 1 medkit/defib and 3 consumables. 1 minute cooldown (Command: sm_rearm)

    Unlocked on Chronomancer Level 4:

    • Phantom Zone: Uses 4 time force chargers to banishes a Tank level infected in a separate dimension for 60 seconds. While in the trapped prison, the Tank cannot be targeted nor damage but is completely disabled, all of its cool down is also paused for the same time period. 7 minute cooldown (Command: sm_dungeon)
    • Guardian Sentries: Increase the number of sentries to 2. Sentries now deals 33% of your damage as true damage. Sentry's true damage can no longer be reduced by any infected defensive abilities.
    • ChronoTech: Passively increase the limit of all activation based buff usage by one. (E.g Discharger, Radiant Burst)

    Unlocked on Chronomancer Level 5:

    • Chronosphere: Uses 5 time force charges to creates a sphere that covers 2000 units, stopping time itself and everything trapped in it including infected and allied players while the Chronomancer roams free, lasts 10 seconds. Chronomancer gains additional bonuses during this duration.
    1. Unhindered by any infected/players.
    2. 200% increased movement speed.
    3. Instant action speed.
    4. 100% increased rate of fire.
    5. Removed cooldown penalty on Time Lock and increase it's proc chance to 3%, also each proc on a Tank will increase the base cooldown of all its abilities by 1 second.
    6. Each second spent in the Chronosphere equals to 5 seconds deduction to all your active cooldowns.

      10 minutes cooldown, 5 minute global cooldown (Command: sm_sphere)
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  9. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor


    Extremely nimble and stealthy, deals tons of burst damage while dodging at the cost of his vitality. Specializes in taking down big single targets with combos.

    **Require level 5 on Agile to unlock**

    Unlocked on becoming Shadow

    • Gun Kata: You are now able to wield a ranged weapon (left hand) while holding on to a sharp melee weapon e.g katana/knife (right hand). Shoving is now a melee attack, also prevents sharp melee weapons from breaking.
    • Formless: Decrease your total hit points by 30%, defensive by 15% however grants 30% dodge any incoming damage. Damage sources that were dodged also nullifies any additional negative effects e.g stuns. All infected has a 15% chance to IGNORE your aggro generation.
    • Assassinate: Ignores 33% of any infected's defense if its under 33% hit points.
    • Deadly Combo: Using certain abilities in succession will grant you +1 combo charge, each charge increases your damage in all aspects by 5%, to a max of 5 charges.
    Unlocked on Shadow Level 1:
    • Shadow Meld: Turns invisible and hides, after 5 seconds your next ranged attack will deal additional 2,000 damage. Melee attacks does additional 2,000 and ignores defenses and immunities, landing a hit from this ability grant you 1 combo charge. Moving before 5 seconds timer or melees attack miss, the skill will go on cooldown and will not grant combo charge. 20 seconds cooldown (Command: sm_mend)
    • Dirty Fighter: Attacking an infected from behind completely ignores defenses for ranged weapons, melee attacks also ignores immunities.
    Unlocked on Shadow Level 2:
    • Bullet hell: Ranged based combo, spins around and dealing 5 true damage multiplied by bullets in your reserved ammo to all infected within 200 radius for 5 seconds, during this time you avoid most lethal damage. Grants 1 combo charge. 1 minute cooldown (Command: sm_bhell) **DOES NOT WORK WITH WEAPONS WITH UNLIMITED AMMO**
    • Abyssal Slice: Teleports behind the selected infected and deals 3 quick cuts to the back dealing 300 additional damage + 0.5% of current missing hit points to the target. Grants 1 combo charge. 30 seconds cooldown (Command: sm_silice)
    Unlocked on Shadow Level 3:
    • Vendetta: Turns invisible and gains 300% movement speed while being unhindered by infected, forces them to lose track/aggro of you for 20 seconds. Attacking breaks invisibility, ranged attack stuns the target for 1 seconds, while melee stuns the target for 3 seconds and grants 1 combo charge upon landing the hit. 1 minute cooldown (Command: sm_wr)
    • Dispersion: After being pinned by an SI, you can use this ability to free yourself. Instantly killing the target and dealing 100% of its HP as damage to all infected in 100 radius, affected targets are also dazed. 20 second cooldown (Command: sm_disper)
    Unlocked on Shadow Level 4:
    • Tempest Double: Summons a shadowy clone of yourself to distract tanks, forcing them to aggro and attack it relentlessly. The clone has 3,000 hit points, 50% damage reduction with 30% dodge and cannot be killed by lethal abilities nor fall damage while dealing no damage. Upon clone death, you take 3,000 - (number of combo chargers x 600) in terms of true damage. Cooldown 3 minutes (Command: sm_clone)
    • Wind Dancer: Increases passive dodge chance to 50%, removes defense penalty. Every 10 seconds, all of your attacks generate zero aggro, passive cooldown 30 seconds.
    Unlocked on Shadow Level 5:
    • Shun Goku Satsu: Only available at max combo charges, drags a tank based infected into the shadow realm with you for 3 seconds and unleashes a super deadly 30 hit combo with both melee/ranged weapon, during these 3 seconds none of your teammate can target the tank except for you. Each hit deals 0.2% of target's missing hit points as true damage. Instantly kills the target if it reached below 5% hit points during this ability, sends tanks into Dying phase if threshold is met. Consume all 5 combo charges, one time usage. 10 minutes global cooldown (Command: sm_Satsu)
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  10. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor



    The unstoppable killing machine, unlike its former counterpart. Able to size up any foe with a wide range of abilities and firearms. The longer you stay in combat, the stronger you become, the only thing they fear is you.

    **Require level 5 on Hunter to unlock**

    Unlocked on becoming Marauder

    • One Man Army: You are now able to hold on to 5 different primary weapons (rifles, shotguns). Holding on the USE key brings up a radial menu for you to select through the different weapons, holding USE with SCROLL key lets you quickly switch up weapons without the radial menu. All weapons now have 20% more total ammo.
    • Armored Offensive: Passively grants an armor buff that increases your total Hit Points by 50% (e.g 1,500 Hit points, 750 armor shield), taking damage depletes the armor source first then Hit Points.
    • Violence, speed, Momentum: Grants adrenaline when a tank is present, enables you to double jump by pressing jump again while in the air, hold SPACE after the second jump allows robot boots to boost you for 1 second (can reduce fall damage). Double tap a direction to quickly dash in that direction, 3 dash charges, 8 seconds cooldown for each charge. 50% increased dashing distance if performed mid-air. (No longer able to use Mobility Master buff)
    • Gory killer: Infected below a certain Hit Point threshold can be instantly killed. 50% for common infected, 30% for specials, 15% for ubers, and 5% for tier 1 tanks. Infected within 200 range of will flash red if threshold is met (PRESS USE and ARROW key to rush forward to the infected, priorities tanks), infected killed by this ability will drop health and armor shards, amount scales on the infected power level, you also get bonus 50% more rewards if you are below 10% Hit Points. (Walk over them to collect them)
    • Chainsaw Massacre: You can only use chainsaw as your secondary weapon. Grants you the ability to instantly kill an infected depending on your fuel, holding E while using Chainsaw. Base fuel count is 2. Requires 1 fuel charge to 1 shot a special infected, 2 fuel charges to 1 shot a uber infected. Infected killed by this skill drops way ammo, health and armor shards, stronger infected will net you more amounts of each reward. 30 seconds per fuel recharge time.
    Unlocked on Marauder Level 1:

    • Full auto shotgun module: Equip this module onto your Tier 2 shotguns grants them the ability to go full auto. 300% increased rate of fire (hold on mouse 1 to right) while using reserve ammo on shots instead of its clip. After 10 seconds the module overheats for 5 seconds and then goes on a 1 minute cooldown. Switching off weapons during the overheat period will pause its countdown. (Command: sm_fullauto)
    • Side-arm Grenade launcher: The robotic arm helps you to launch throwables without hindering your shooting/movement.
    1. Molotov will ignite targets for 10 seconds, dealing 15 damage per second, ignited targets will drop armor shards.
    2. Boomer Biles will now blind any infected, as well as reduce their defensive by 20%.
    3. Pipe bombs turns in a spike bomb, detonate upon contact releasing 10 spikes that flies outwards dealing 100 true damage per spike.
    Unlocked on Marauder Level 2:

    • Plasma Rifle: Turns all SMGs into plasma rifles. Pellet damage is now true damage while retaining all damage/rate of fire benefits from skills/buffs. You no longer have to reload however firing constantly generates heat, when it reaches maximum heat, your weapon will need 5 seconds to reload, switching off weapons during the overheat period will pause its countdown. While at maximum heat you could release all the heat into a focused beam that deals 3,000 true damage in clone shape in front of you. 2 minutes cooldown (Command: sm_heatwave)
    • Blood Punch: A powerful punch that kills CI and Si in front of you within 100 radius. Deals flat 1,000 damage to ubers and tanks, stuns for them 3 seconds. Any infected killed by this attack drops health shards, scales on infected power level.
    Unlocked on Marauder Level 3:

    • Micro Missile Module: Equip this module on all assault rifles and turns bullet pellets into small micro missiles. Damage increased by 50% while completely ignoring infected defenses, however reload speed is increased by 40% and clip size is reduced by 20%. Ability to lock on to a infected and all missiles will now seek the target no matter where your aim sight is, keep firing till the next reload. When choosing target, hold USE key and release on the target. 2 minutes cooldown.
    • Ballista Module: Equip this module on to AWP/Scout Snipers. Giving them the ability to charge their shots up to 5 seconds > 500% more damage multiplier, charged shots of any level completely ignores defense and immunities. While zoomed, a direct hit with maxed charges allows it to begin charging the next shot immediately allowing it to re-fire again with max charges without 5 seconds delay. This can only happen once every 40 seconds.
    Unlocked on Marauder Level 4:

    • Mobile Turret Module: Equip this module on M60, giving it 2 more barrels with 200% more ammo clip. Increasing its rate of fire and damage by 300% while using reserve ammo on shots instead of its clip. However, consumes ammo at an 150% increased rate while decreasing your movement speed by 30%.
    • Super Shotgun: Changes Tier 1 shotguns into Super Shotguns. Have a 4 Shell Capacity, fires four shells together, instant fire rate and reloads 4 shells at once. 100% increased point-blank damage. Has a chain hook ability that acts like a grappling hook and pulls you towards the infected (Only works on Tanks). Grappled targets burst into flames, shooting ignited targets drops armor shards, 300 cast range. Hold ZOOM key to fire. 20 seconds cooldown (No longer able to use |V| Double Barrel Shotgun buff and wconfig for this weapon)
    • BFG 10000: Deploy a heavy blast cannon with 2 shots limit, each blast takes 3 seconds to charge up and immobilizes you charging. Fires a slow-moving projectile that periodically damages enemies in an area around it with bolts of lightning. 5,000 true damage from primary projectile upon contact and 1,000 true damage from bolts per second to all targets within 300 radius. When the projectile reaches 1000-unit range it explodes dealing 10,000 true damage to all infected in an 500 radius, the projectile ignores walls. Switching weapons while BFG is deployed will destroy it. (Command: sm_bfg) 1-time usage
    Unlocked on Marauder Level 5:

    • DOOM slayer: While in combat, you gain 1 rage per second up to 100 rage maximum. Each rage stack grants you 1% damage multiplier, 0.3% defense, 0.2% cooldown reduction and 1% status resistance. Gory kills grant you an addition flat amount of rage, 2 from common infected, 5 from special infected, 10 from uber infected and 25 from tanks. While about 50 rage, you gain +1 charges to chainsaw fuel and allows you to instantly kill a Tier 1 tank. Loses 10 rage on death.
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  11. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor



    Wither away any foe with numerous debuffs and maledictions. Exposes weaknesses in even the strongest tier 4 tanks. Specializes in damage over time abilities and disabling cooldowns.

    **Require level 5 on Debuffer to unlock**

    Unlocked on becoming Occultist

    • Pestilence: All infected in the map takes 1 true damage per second while you are alive. After every 10 seconds, the debuff intensifies and increases to 2 true damage per second up to a maximum of 10 true damage per second (After 100 seconds). Each intensify stack causes infected to lose 2% defense.
    • Withering presence: Infected near the harvester (200 units) will have their total action speed slowed by 20%, if there is only 1 infected within the radius, the action speed slow will be increased to 30%. Action speed is attack rate, turn rate, movement speed.
    • Vile Bastion: Grant immunity to poison, unable to be slowed by acid damage. Passively ooze acid around you dealing 3 true damage every 0.3 seconds to all infected within 100 units.
    • Wither: Each time you debuff an infected, it strengths the effect of future debuffs by 1% (1 wither stack) as well as increasing future debuff duration by 1%. Up to 30%. Also grants you 1 bounty per debuff inflicted. Items are only consumed vs Tanks.

    Unlocked on Occultist Level 1:

    • Witchfire: Shoving an infected with Molotov will ignite it dealing 50 true damage per second for 30 seconds. Affected target is also unable to regenerate hit points. 1 minutes cooldown and immunity.
    • Nether Toxin: Shoving an infected with adrenaline will completely prevent them from attacking forever, last 8 seconds vs Tank targets. After the initial duration for Tank targets, a secondary debuff occur, causing them to suffer a 10% attack speed slow whenever they hit a player up to 50%. Secondary duration last for 30 seconds. 2 minutes cooldown and immunity. (Cool down only begins after the end of the secondary debuff)

    Unlocked on Occultist Level 2:

    • Curse Mark: Pressing USE key on a Tank target will mark and reveal it for 30 seconds, making it take 5% extra damage from all players. Stacks up to 3 times on the same target. At max stacks Tanks has 10% chance of miscasting their abilities. Making the ability go on cooldown without releasing it. DOES NOT AFFECT LETHAL ABILITIES. Cooldown 40 seconds.
    • Blood of Dreeg: Consuming pain pills to emit a poison aura around yourself (150 units) for 25 seconds. Infected within this radius will take 150 true damage a second, this ability also counts as debuffs however it doesn't grant you bounties per damage tick. You no longer gain any hit points from using pain pill.1 minute cooldown

    Unlocked on Occultist Level 3:

    • Toxic Biles: Biling any infected will decrease their movement speed to 90% for 1 second, affected units will slowly regain their movement speed over 10 seconds, Tanks will regain it over 3 seconds.
    • Deadly Familiars: 3 ravens surround you; you can sacrifice a raven to empower your next debuff. Increasing its effectiveness and duration by 33%, raven is destroyed on sacrifice. A new raven is summoned every 5 minutes. (Command: sm_empower)

    Unlocked on Occultist Level 4:

    • Fragility: Infected under your debuff has 20% slower cooldown speed. If you have more than 4 different types of debuffs on a single target, their cooldowns will be completely paused instead. DOES NOT AFFECT LETHAL ABILITIES.
    • Prolonged Pain: 25% increased damage over time multiplier for all of your abilities, skills and buffs. While over 15% wither stacks, freezes and stuns inflicted by you onto infected no longer shares immunity cooldowns.

    Unlocked on Occultist Level 5:

    • The Harvest: While at max wither charges, unleash a fog that covers the entire map for 15 seconds (player vision unchanged), tanks glow bright red to players. Infected have 50% less visibility of players and will not engage players if they cannot detect them even if they are being shot at and their abilities are completely disabled. Items on Occultist are not consumed while debuffing Tanks during this duration. 10 minute cooldown, 2 minute global cooldown. (Command: sm_Harvest)

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  12. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor



    Virtually unstoppable against deadly Tanks and the zombie horde, at the cost of his firepower, tanking hits for his teammates. Specializes in aggro-redirection and suriviablitity.

    **Require level 5 on Controller to unlock**

    Unlocked on becoming

    • Perseverance: For every 1000 damage taken before reduction, you gain 5% damage resistance for 30 seconds, stacks up to 5 times. (Max damage resistance is 85%) However each stack also reduces your damage by 5%.
    • Warmonger: Grants adrenaline whenever a Tank is present. Increase aggro generation to all infected by 15%. Aggro generation is further increases the lower your Hit point gets, up to a maximum of 30%.
    • First to strike, Last to fall: Aggro generation vs Tanks that have spawned recently (Past 8 seconds) is increased by 50%, slowly decays over time. Decrease all negative debuffs duration on you by 30%, further increases the lower your Hit point gets, up to a maximum of 60%.

    Unlocked on Juggernaut Level 1:

    • Unstoppable: When you have any sort of momentum, you cannot be pinned and staggered. Passively blocks all infected pins for 2 seconds every 15 seconds. Immunity to common infected cripple and any sort of acid slow. (Non-slow debuffs still applies)
    • Unyielding: Blocks staggers from Tanks and pins from infected if you are over 50% Hit points. While below 50% Hit point, you take 20% less damage from all Tank based abilities. Reduce bitch slap power from boomers by 30%.

    Unlocked on Juggernaut Level 2:

    • Unflinching: After taking a single hit that amounts to more than 20% if your total Hit Points. You will gain a shield barrier that absorbs damage equal to Hit Point lost. This occur once every 15 seconds.
    • Unbreakable: 5% of total damage prevented/resisted in the past 10 seconds is regenerated as life. Passive grants immunity to stuns.

    Unlocked on Juggernaut Level 3:

    • Unrelenting: While below 33% Hit points, Tank punches only knocks you back for 50% of its usual distance and takes 25% less damage from Tanks. At 10% Hit points, Tank Abilities does half damage to you; if healed over 10% Hit points the effect lingers for 5 seconds. (Tank ability resistance only occurs once every 2 minutes.)
    • Unrivaled: Mark a Tier 4 Tank (Only can be used on Tier 4s). All your damage will generate 50% more aggro. If you are within 100 units of the marked Tank, the aggro generation is increased to 150%. Mark using the USE key.

    Unlocked on Juggernaut Level 4:

    • Undeniable: If you manage to hold a Tank's aggro for more than 30 seconds, the Tank will be permanently aggro-ed to you till its death. If you die while this is on-going, the aggro resets.
    • Untouchable: Nearby infected are slowed in all its aspects by 20% (movement, attack speed, turn rate, rock throw rate). Infected that has dealt damage to you recently (pass 4 seconds) will receive an additional 20% slow.

    Unlocked on Juggernaut Level 5:

    • Undying: Upon taking fatal damage, instead resurrect back to full Hit points with 3 seconds of mousto effect. (Cooldown 3 minutes) Passively grants immunity to freeze and mutation.
    Very balanced
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  13. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    Combined class advance idea

    --Witch Doctor--
    Minion focused class that rampages across the battlefield with her powerful undead horde, specializes in dealing concentrated damage/aoe disruption.

    **Require level 5 on Support and Debuffer to unlock**

    Unlocked on becoming Witch Doctor

    • The Walking Dead: Two "common" infected zombies naturally spawns beside you, follows you and relentlessly attacks any infected that comes near. They are immortal, deals 200 claw damage and attacks 1.0 per second and moves at 300 ms.
      Focus target via <When choosing target, hold ATTACK/SHOVE for only Tanks>
    • Spiritual link: Your fire arms no longer deal any damage however when you take damage from the infected, your zombies will empowered, gaining 12% boost in all aspects.
    • Harvest: Recovers 3% of damage dealt from your zombies as health.
    • Endless Horde: Grants one additional zombie per class level, every 2,000 damage dealt from zombies grants you 1 bounty.

    Unlocked on Witch Doctor Level 1:

    • Locust Spawn: Consumes 1 x pill + 1 x bile to release a swamp of locust around you for 30 seconds dealing 5 true damage per 0.2 seconds. Each damage tick from the locust also reduces infected's defense by 0.5% up to a maximum of 20%. Cooldown 2 minutes.
    • Ghost walk: Turns ethereal and gains 10% extra movement speed for 20 seconds, completely immune to physical and acid based damage, however takes 20% more damage from fire/lightning sources. While you are in this form you are unhindered by infected, gains 20% action speed and 40% more defib speed. (Command: sm_gw)

    Unlocked on Witch Doctor Level 2:

    • Blood pact: Harvest also affects all allies within 300 units of you at a 50% effectiveness.
    • Rotten Claws: Zombie's consecutive claw attacks to the same enemy to deal 5 additional damage, If the same target is not attacked after 30 seconds, the bonus damage is lost.
    Unlocked on Witch Doctor Level 3:

    • Feeding Frenzy: Consumes 1x defib + 1 x molotov to super charge all zombies. Giving them 100% increased attack speed, movement speed, as well as immunity to stuns, staggers and knockbacks for 15 seconds. 2 minutes cooldown.
    • Grasp of the Dead: Zombies' claw attacks now cleaves in an 100 units (120 deg) in-front of them. Dealing 70% of its original damage to any infected near the primary target.

    Unlocked on Witch Doctor Level 4:

    • Pit of death: Summons a pit of zombie remains (500 units radius) last for 2 minutes. Infected that are within that radius is heavily slowed, reducing their movement speed by 50%. Slow effect lingers for 3 seconds after exiting the pit. Zombies gains 100% effectiveness from Rotten Claws while attacking Tanks trapped in the pit. Cooldown 4 minutes (Command: sm_pit)
    • Malediction: Consumes 1 x bile, 1 x molotov, 1 x medkit + 20 bounties to unleash a deadly debuff on a Tank for 16 seconds. Causing it to take 100 true damage each second, as well as bursts of damage every 4 seconds based on 20% of damage dealt to the Tank since the debuff began. Curse via the USE button. Cooldown 5 minutes.

    Unlocked on Witch Doctor Level 5:

    • Big Bad Voodoo: Performs a ritual dance for 40 seconds, channeling based ability buffing every ally in an 800 radius. Granting you 80% damage resistance, CC immunity however you are immobilized. All zombies deal 50% increased damage, rotten claws debuff dealt during this period will never expire on infected target. Heals all allies for 40 Hit points per seconds, while also granting them a 15% increase in damage and rate of fire. You are able to redirect minion target control during this channeling ability.
      Cooldown 6 minutes. (Command: sm_bbv)
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  14. Charlie

    Charlie New Member

    Ranger 0
    Marksman: Killing an Special Infected over 700 units or dealing 4000 damage to Tanks using Sniper Rifles will give you one Precision stack and return 1 bullet to your reserve ammo.
    Eagle Sight: Allows you to see invisible Special Infected. You deal 15% less damage to invisible Special Infected. The damage penalty is removed if the Special Infected is out of Invisibility or by using Sniper Rifles.
    Special Explosive Rounds: Loads 5 special explosive ammos in your magazine. Upon hitting an Special Infected or Tanks makes them staggered and deal additional 400 damage (15 seconds CD to be staggered again). Killing Special Infected with this ammo makes the Special Infected explode and deals 600 damage around them. (Uses 20 Precision)( 3 minutes CD)(sm_serounds)
    Ranger 1
    Sniper Enthusiast: Having a Sniper Rifle as primary weapon gives 5% move speed, 10% reload speed, 10% deploy rate and 10% fire rate.
    Isolated Resiliency: If there are no survivors near you in 300 units, gain 15% defense and 30% chance to block Special Infected pins.​
    Ranger 2
    Enhanced Deadeye: Triggering Deadeye will also give 1 Precision Stack. Allows Hunting Rifle and Military Sniper Rifle to trigger Deadeye but with exclusive requirements of Killing a Special Infected in one shot from atleast 25% health or with a headshot.
    Assassination: If the distance between you and your target is over 700 units, deal bonus damage according to the additional distance. (Up to 30% bonus damage at 1400 units)
    Ranger 3
    Camouflage: Become invisible for 8 seconds. Shooting while invisible deals additional 1000 bonus damage and stuns the target but removes you out of invisibility(30 seconds cooldown to stun Tanks again). Cannot be used if pinned. (Uses 15 Precision)(sm_camo)
    Calm Headhunter: If you haven't done a headshot for the last 10 seconds, the next shot will deal 20% bonus damage regardless if its headshot or not. Tanks only suffer 5% bonus damage. After triggering this skill, you must do a headshot again.​
    Ranger 4
    Invulnerability Barrier: Creates an Invulnerability Barrier with 100% capacity that negates any damage done to you. While the Barrier is active, you're also immune to Special Infected pins and slaps.
    • Damage from tanks removes 10% capacity per hit
    • Special Infected that attempted to pin or slap you removes 5% capacity
    • Every 100 damage from Special Infected removes 5% capacity
    (Does not negate fall damage)(Requires 50 Precision)(3 minutes CD)
    Adaptive Marksman: Allows you to pick what to target in the current round.(sm_amark)
    • Target Received(Tank): Lowers the Precision gain requirement from Tanks to 3000 damage and instead gives an alternating Precision stacks between 1 and 2 but disables Markman's Special Infected Precision gain. Using Special Explosive Round or Camouflage to Tanks bleeds them for 250 damage per second for 5 seconds and disable their defenses.(30 seconds CD for bleed)(2 minutes CD for defense disable)

    • Target Received(Special Infected): Randomly choose 3 Special Infected to hunt. Killing chosen Special Infected has a 20% to give additional 1 bounty. Chance is lowered to half if Hunting Reward is equipped.

    Ranger 5
    Full Burst: Converts your Sniper Rifle to Automatic for 15 seconds. After turning to Automatic, it disables Special Explosive Rounds and Camouflage, triples the effect of Sniper Enthusiast, double the magazine size and remove the recoil when using scope but cannot deal headshots and deal 10% less damage. Duration timer will not start until you've done your first shot. (Uses 100 Precision)(3 minutes CD)(sm_fullburst)
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