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Balanced Class Role Ideas

Discussion in 'Suggestions Box' started by Vakarlan, Aug 13, 2019.



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  1. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    Recently some pepeg in my discord decided to play melee vs every single scenario tank, but somehow worked out better than expected, that gave me some ideas.


    Unlocked on becoming BladeMaster

    • Melee Expertise: All of your melee weapons ignore melee resistance and prevents them from breaking, and suffers no damage penalty.
    • Headhunter: The BladeMaster excel in killing larger deadlier targets, deals 20% more damage to special/uber infected and 10% more damage to tanks. (Multiplicative)
    • Battle Frenzy: You cannot be slowed to lesser than 33.3% of your total movement speed, melee fatigue can now regenerate at a 50% rate while swinging melee weapons.
    • Path of the warrior: Unable to use any type of range weaponry and throwables, however gains 15% extra defense vs all infected, gains 20% knock back recovery speed.

      **Melee weapons are categorized into 2 category, sharp and blunt**
      Sharp weapons are Axe, Katana, Crow Bar, Machete
      Blunt weapons are Baseball bat, Cricket bat, Frying Pan, Guitar, Nightstick and Golf club
      **All damage shown below are before any type of damage multiplier**
      **Does not work with chainsaw**
    Unlocked on BladeMaster Level 1:

    • Blade Storm: Swings your melee weapon in a 360 arc dealing 1000 true damage to all infected in an 150 units. Sharp weapons have 10% + 5% per special/uber infected hit to instant kill all targets, does not work on tanks. Blunt weapons applies stun on hit to all infected caught within the radius, stun last 3 seconds on special/uber and 1 second on tanks. Cool down 60 seconds. (Command: sm_bladestorm)
    • Phantom Strike: Marks an infected (max 1000 units), instantly teleport right next to it and the next melee attack does additional 300 hit points worth of damage. Sharp weapons inflict bleeding to the target for extra 5 seconds, dealing 100 true damage per second. Blunt weapons can sent the infected flying (like a boomer bitch slap), instantly killing them. 100% on special, 50% on uber does not work on tanks. Cool down 10 seconds. (Command: sm_Strike)
    Unlocked on BladeMaster Level 2:

    • Parry and Riposte: Gains 30% chance to passively parry infected attacks, taking only 70% of the incoming damage. However, if you swing at the same time that the attack hits you, this will cause the attack to deal no damage to you and retaliate back at the attack dealing 500 additional hit points of worth damage on your next melee attack to the infected. You can only riposte once every 5 seconds.
    • Mortal Strike: 5% on melee attack to completely ignore infected defense and immunities, procing this critical hit also reduces fatigue by 5%.
    Unlocked on BladeMaster Level 3:

    • TailWind: Activates an ability that increases your total movement speed by 20%, movement speed penalties will be reduced to 1/3, last 10 seconds. Dealing a Mortal Strike will increase its duration by 1 second. Cool down 30 seconds. (Command: sm_wind)
    • BladeFlurry: Activates an ability that increases your melee weapon swing speed by 20% for 12 seconds, unable to gain fatigue during this duration. Every 4th hit will increase its duration by 1.5 seconds, ability starts its cooldown after instantly after usage. Cool down 20 seconds. (Command: sm_bladeflurry)
      **Upon unlocking level 3 in BladeMaster, you can no longer use the buff "Hyperactive"**
    Unlocked on BladeMaster Level 4:

    • Fatality: By pressing the USE key twice on a special/uber infected within 50 units will perform a gruesome fatality on it. Instantly killing the infected and dealing 2x its total hit points in true damage to all infected within 250 radius. Cool down 12 seconds
    • Heart of Battle: As long as a tank is present, you gain adrenaline. Resets fatigue after killing 10 common infected or 3 special or 1 uber infected, decrease all weapon fatigue generation by 50%. Every 10 seconds, you block 2 instances of tank punch stuns.
    • Face of death: Special/uber infected in your field of vision cannot pin you. Upon getting pinned by infected, you will fight back,swinging your melee weapon and attempt to break free. However, you suffer 30% swing speed penalty and 40% damage penalty.
    Unlocked on BladeMaster Level 5:

    • Culling strike: After dealing (Tier x 12000) in total damage to a tank, you attack will instantly kill the tank at 7.77% of its total hit points. Instantly sends tanks into Dying phase if threshold is met.
    • Vampire Blade: Gains 6.66% of damage dealt as hit points. Leeches off any instance of melee damage, works on multi target.
    More to come? Maybe?
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
  2. Vakarlan

    Vakarlan MG Donor

    More pepeg stuff


    Unlocked on becoming Buffer
    • Radiance: All positive buff/status effects on allies will last 20% longer.
    • Holy Mark: Marks 3 players, they gain 10% fire rate, 12% reload speed and 8% movement speed. (1 endurance charge per mark target) Once all 3 marks are used, you have to wait for 60 seconds to mark another 3 flesh targets.
    • Faithful: You deal 70% less damage in all aspects, however every ally gains flat 5% damage boost, marked targets have 100% effectiveness (10% damage boost)
    • Special Tactics: You can no longer give med-kit nor heal/give pills/adrenaline to allies, instead applying a buff on an ally grants you 1 endurance charge. Every endurance charge grants you 1% effectiveness in your buffs up to 50% total.
    Unlocked on Buffer Level 1:
    • Healing aid: Shoving a med-kit on an ally grants that player 10 hit point regenerate per 0.5 seconds till death. Marked allies will not lose this effect upon death. Med-kit is consumed upon shove.
    • Stimpack: Shoving an adrenaline on an ally grants that player adrenaline with 50% cc reduction for 20 seconds. Marked allies have 100% increased duration. Adrenaline is consumed upon shove.
    Unlocked on Buffer Level 2:
    • Aegis Pack: Increase total marked ally targets to 4. You can no longer deal any damage via ranged and melee weapons, but your shoving damage is doubled. However, for every bounty that your marked allies earn/receive, you have 80% chance of getting that same bounty too (1 for 1, 2 for 2, 3 for 3 etc). Marked allies damage rewards on tanks will count as your own too.
    • Circle of power: Passively buff every ally within 200 units of you to have 33% defense penetration. Marked allies does not have the range limit.
    Unlocked on Buffer Level 3:
    • Inspiration: Every ally within 300 units of you have 15% ammo save. Marked ally has additional 15% fire rate.
    • Nano Charge: Shoving a defibrillator on an ally will overcharge the player for 10 seconds. While under this effect, players cannot take more than 40% of their total hit-points from 1 source of damage and their weapon will not consume ammo. Marked allies have double duration. Defib is consumed upon shove.
    Unlocked on Buffer Level 4:
    • Area buffer: While shoving med-kit, adrenaline and defibrillator for buffs, if 2 players are within 50 units of each other, both of them will get the buff. Granting 3 endurance charges instead whenever this occurs.
    • Vanguards: Every marked ally within 400 units of you, reduces your damage taken by 20%.
    Unlocked on Buffer Level 5:
    • Immortal Call: Once per round, you unleash a strong buff that will prevent all allies within the map from taking lethal damage, permanent deaths by Tank abilities/fall from height for 1 second. Every 10 endurance charges lengthen the duration by 1 second. While unleashed at max charges, players will also not die from Tank LETHAL abilities. Once used, Immortal Call cannot be used by another player for 2 minutes. (Command: sm_immortalcall)

    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  3. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    i like blademaster melee is one of my speciality since long years
  4. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    Blade Master as a Class is a pretty cool idea.

    There are only a few buff sets that actually have melee weapons as the main weapon of choice when it comes to the infected. So this could be nice for a future update

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