William's Quest-line (QG)

Feb 4, 2018
William's Quest-line (QG)
  • William's Quest-line (QG V0.2.0)

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    This is the current list of quests that he gives out to all survivors:
    • Hunting (Lv. 50)

    Quest ID: ?
    Quest Name: Hunting (Lv. 50)
    Quest Prerequisites:

    • Reach Level 50

    Hello. My name is William. I'm a recognized animal hunter on the local area and I enjoy doing it for fun or as a sport, it doesn't matter. People used to send me their anger letters to me. 'Assassin', 'Killer', 'Soulless' just to mention a few nicknames. But look at them now... Everyone is killing these 'zombies' and those words make no sense anymore, do they? They were people after all.

    Since the infection and my wife's death, I've been hunting rats and some other small and random mammals as a hobby, but this is not really a challenge and I'm starting to get really tired. I actually think I might be infected. You know, I heard on the radio that the virus is able to enter our system by small open wounds caused by anything.

    A few days ago, the axe I use to cut trees for wood fell on my foot causing me a serious wound. Well I won't let myself become one of those things so I'll shoot myself before it happens. But before I die, I'd like to have my last collection completed. I wanted to have all special mutated infected heads on my wall, but now that dream seems unreachable.

    If you are able to bring me all those heads, I'll pay you some real good cash so you can upgrade your items and armor, learn skills and get some zombie hookers if you want. Are you interested?

    Quest Task:

    • Collect Hunter Head
    • Collect Jockey Head
    • Collect Spitter Head
    • Collect Boomer Head
    • Collect Charger Head
    • Collect Smoker Head
    • Collect Tank Head

    Quest Rewards:

    • Exp: 3000
    • Cash: 50000

    Quest-line Unlocks:

    • None