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Which playstyle to use in VS? (IBaR)

Jan 24, 2018
Which playstyle to use in VS? (IBaR)
  • Which playstyle to use in VS? (IBaR V1.2.5)

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    For every map, there'll always be a particular set of recommended special infected role buff sets that will help you get the best edge as a survivor or as an infected in versus. You can either choose that particular set to play with as a playstyle for the map that you are currently on or you can randomly select special infected role buff sets based on a number of playstyles or a randomized playstyle if you want to make it fun for yourself. Don't forget that you can always experiment with buffs in particular maps if you find that some of the buffs themselves are more useful on a map rather than other buffs.

    Playstyles for all maps
    Different types of playstyles