What are The infected Buffs? (IBaR)

Sep 26, 2018
What are The infected Buffs? (IBaR)
  • What are The Infected Buffs? (IBaR V2.0.2)

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    The Infected Buffs are known to be technical in benefiting the infected in many ways. This can be from allowing you to do bitch slaps or karma charges with the right conditions for them to affecting your special abilities in various ways. You can only have so many buffs equipped at once to be destructive to the survivors and to also give you time to survive while being away from them.

    There are 8 categories in which the infected buffs exist under as:
    • Smoker
    • Boomer
    • Hunter
    • Spitter
    • Jockey
    • Charger
    • General Infected
    • Tank

    There are 2 types of buffs, where the infected buffs can be 1 type of. You'll see certain letters over on the left side of buffs to denote the type of buff that a buff is. It ranges from:
    • Unique (no letter symbols)
    • Event [E]

    NOTE: The Unique Buffs are the only type of buff to have a level requirement. The other type doesn't have this.

    Unique Buffs:

    A Unique Buff is a buff that can be unlocked through normal means of gameplay. To buy these type of buffs, you need to be at the right level, have enough cash and enough FR-Pills to be able to buy it from the market.

    Event Buffs:
    An Event Buff is a buff that can only be unlocked through the means of participating in events. To buy these types of buffs, you will need to have enough event currency to be able to by it from a special market. Then you will need to use the buff from your !inventory to permanently unlock it for yourself! Another way to get the event buffs is by buying them from the MG store if it is on there.