Vault of memories' Quest-line (QG)

Feb 5, 2018
Vault of memories' Quest-line (QG)
  • Vault of memories' Quest-line (QG V0.2.0)

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    This is the current list of quests that is given out to all survivors:
    • <Daily> Heartbroken (Lv. 100)

    Quest ID: ?
    Quest Name: <Daily> Heartbroken (Lv. 100)
    Quest Prerequisites:

    • Reach Level 100

    Hey my old friend! Good job at keeping the infected away from populated areas. You have really proven to be a valuable member of the post apocalyptycal society. Yes, that's a thing now.

    Look, I will go straight to the point. We need your help with something important. Well, do you remember Emily? The chick that asked you to collect something from his dead husband?

    Well she is actually under my command and is really a valuable soldier. She may sound delicate, but oh boy, you better see her mad. Anyway, she was given permission to do a mission on her own. She was supposed to take care of a horde of zombies threatening a shelter.

    Nothing too dangerous and a really easy task for me, for you and even for her. The thing is friend, everyone at the shelter died. And is not because a tank appeared or anything. Nobody showed up.

    Yeah, pretty much or she just didn't go help or simply died on her way. So, first I immediately thought she was dead. I mean, how could she abandon an entire shelter. But then a report came in. She actually went somewhere else.

    Lost? No, she didn't get lost. The location is way too suspicious because its the old neighborhood where she used to live. We don't have patrols around that area and I'm sure there is a lot of infected there.

    She is not immune and took enough FR-Pills to last for 2 days. She went 3 days ago. I want to think she is resistant enough to last longer. But I don't know. Friend, please go find her. If, you know, she is one of them, you have permission to shoot.

    Quest Tasks:

    • Find Emily at her hometown

    Quest Rewards:

    • Exp: 1000000
    • Cash: 1000
    • Pills: 20
    • 1x |Item| Cupid's Token

    Quest-line Unlocks:

    • None