Tier 3 !tankinfo 2 (TI)

Jan 15, 2019
Tier 3 !tankinfo 2 (TI)
  • Tier 3 !tankinfo Page 2 (TI V1.0.4)

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    8. Supreme Glutton Tank

    This tank loves eating any living entity that is nearby and is able to store a lot inside its huge belly. The supreme version has grown multiple stomaches to eat and consume more people at the same time.

    Health: 340,000
    Punch Damage: 300 HP
    Speed: 1.75
    Hit Delay: 0.5
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Active) Human Devour: The tank eats and stores a nearby survivor inside its belly. While inside, the survivor can't attack or do anything else until released or until death after 2 minute. The tank can have up to 4 survivors inside at the same time with no initial cooldown. A cooldown is applied when a survivor is vomited.
    • (Passive) Decay: While inside a belly, survivors lose 1% health, healing the tank by the same amount. If a survivor reaches 25% processing, they will begin to lose 1% Max Health as well, up to 60% lost. If the survivor escapes from the belly, the will regain 1% Max Health every 10 seconds.
    • (Passive) Processing: The tank gains 50 HP a second and 20% damage reduction for each survivor currently processing inside the tank's belly.
    • (Active) Infected Devour: The tank eats a special infected that is immediately processed healing the tank by 0.5% to 1.5% of its missing health depending on the size of the infected, Uber Infected eaten will increase heal amount by 1%.
    • (Passive) Stomach growth: The tank will grow a new stomach each 2 minutes that will give him a new slot for humans. The recently growth stomach resets devour cooldown and gives the tank the ability to instantly devour survivors.
    • (Passive) Ravenous Hunger: If the tank has no one inside it, it gains bonus movement speed and attack speed. This ignores PROCESSED survivors.
    • (Passive) Vulnerable Stomach: Survivors can shove the tank to force it to vomit a survivor inside and prevent their death. (4% chance per shove)
    • (Passive) Hard Skin: Shoving the tank will cause 40 HP damage to the attacker.
    • (Passive) Full: The tank's move/attack speed is reduced by 10% for each survivor inside.
    • (Passive) Penetrable Stomach: Shots dealt to the tank's stomach may injure survivors inside the belly, causing them to decay faster.
    • (Passive) Scaling Damage: The tank deals 100 HP punch damage per PROCESSED survivor.
    • (Passive) Scaling Health: The tank's maximum health increases by 25,000 HP for each PROCESSED survivor.
    • (Passive) Regen: The tank heals by 100 HP/s for each PROCESSED survivor.
    • (Passive) Damage Return: The tank is able to return 15% of damage taken with a chance of 1%, multiplied by the total PROCESSED survivors.

    Additional Information:
    The Supreme Glutton Tank is 1 of 2 new tanks introduced to mgftw in V1.8. With the other being Supreme Bloody Tank.

    9. Supreme Bloody Tank <top>

    A stronger version of the Bloody Tank. Stay away!

    Health: 300,000
    Punch Damage: 100 HP
    Speed: 1.8
    Hit Delay: 1.1
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Passive) Bleed: Increases bleedout rate of survivors nearby by 300%.
    • (Passive) Bleed Vulnerability: Increases damage taken by incapped survivors by 300%.
    • (Passive) Absorption: The tank absorbs common infected to heal by 0.3% of its missing health. (Range: 250)
    • (Active) Rally: The tank lets out an intimidating roar, staggering all survivors. Additionally, all common infected will run towards the tank to be absorbed for 15 seconds.
    • (Passive) Blood absorption: Survivors that take damage from Special Infected or Witch claws will release blood, causing them to take 3x damage if the tank is near. Additionally, the tank will absorb this blood and heal for 3x the damage dealt.
    • (Passive) Slow bleeding: When taking bullet damage, 75% of the damage will be delayed. The delayed damage is dealt over 3 seconds at a rate of 25% delayed damage per second.
    • (Passive) Curse Call: When the Tank uses Curse, a Witch may randomly spawn nearby.
    • (Active) Curse: On cast, 4 witches will start cursing the nearby area slowing down survivors by 50% and randomly cursing them. Once the curse ends, any survivors inside the area will receive 25% Max HP as damage (Doubled if cursed). Cursed survivors will receive 1000% additional damage from all other sources.
    • (Active) Supreme Curse: On cast, 4 tanks will start cursing the nearby area slowing down survivors by 99% and randomly cursing them. Once the curse ends, any survivors inside the area will receive 50% Max HP as damage (Doubled if cursed). This ability is active every 5th curse.

    Additional Information:
    The Supreme Bloody Tank is the 2nd of 2 new tanks introduced to mgftw in V1.8. The first new tier 3 tank introduced was Supreme Glutton Tank.