Tier 3 !tankinfo 1 (TI)

Jan 16, 2019
Tier 3 !tankinfo 1 (TI)
  • Tier 3 !tankinfo Page 1 (TI V1.0.5)

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    This page contains the !tankinfo for all tier 3 tanks across 2 pages. If you wish to see the !tankinfo for the other tanks across other tiers, you can click on the other links above to see the information there. Have fun reading!

    1. Breeder Tank

    The tank is able to breed small infected to attack.

    Health: 400,000
    Punch Damage: 20 HP
    Speed: 1.8
    Hit Delay: 3.0
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Passive) Human Shield: The tank uses the common infected attached to it to block every 3rd shot. This damage block cannot be bypassed.
    • (Passive) Infest: The tank's punches will add an infest stack on a survivor, causing them to take 0.5% max health damage per stack per second. Running around will remove the stacks.
    • (Passive) Breed: The tank spawns a common infected every 2 seconds. The infected are immune to damage for 5 seconds and have 2000 health. Shooting or meleeing an immune infected will reflect the damage back at you. (Max. 80 damage per hit)
    • (Passive) Critical: Infected bred by the tank have a 5% chance of dealing a critical strike that deals x5 damage and stuns the survivor for 2 seconds.
    • (Active) Biological explosion: All common infected bred by the tank become immune to damage for 10 seconds and then explode dealing 200 HP to survivors nearby. A single survivor can be affected by more than one explosion at the same time.
    • (Active) Ankle Biter Jockeys: The tank breeds 5 small jockeys that have 20,000 HP, are permanently slowed by 50% and cannot leap. Each one deals 1% of the target's current health as damage and slow them by 5% per hit. The jockeys are also immune to burn damage.

    Additional Information:
    The Breeder Tank was introduced to mgftw back sometime during 2017/2018. It was buffed in late March 2018 with the Infest ability to make it more troubling against the survivors.

    2. Supreme Shaman Tank <top>

    The Supreme Shaman Tank is an enhanced version of the Shaman tank. It is additional abilities to ensure a painful death to anyone who approaches.

    Health: 305,000
    Punch Damage: 120 HP
    Speed: 1.65
    Hit Delay: 1.5
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Passive) Heal: The tank heals for 1,000 HP each 10 seconds.
    • (Active) Inferno: Leaves a trace of fire that deals 200 HP damage per tick.
    • (Active) Teleport: The tank teleports to the first survivor or to the nearest survivor on final chapters.
    • (Active) Mutation: Infects nearby survivors with brain bacterias that will force them to temporarily forget how to fight.
    • (Active) Drop Acid: Leaves a pool of acid that will gradually slow survivors down for up to 25% of their regular speed.
    • (Active) Flesh Shield: Uses death tank bodies to block damage for 5 seconds.
    • (Active) Vomit: The tank biles all survivors nearby.
    • (Active) Poison: Infects nearby survivors with poison that will periodically deal damage to them, weaken healing effects and increase revive time.
    • (Active) Meteor Shower: Summons a rain of meteors that will drop on random locations. The tank must be in an open area for this to work.
    • (Passive) I smell blood: The tank will focus incapacitated survivors.
    • (Active) Radiation Exposure: Irradiates nearby survivors, causing any other survivor who gets close to them to take major damage.
    • (Passive) Drain: The tank drains between 1 to 90 HP (depending on distance) of nearby survivors. The tank heals for 2.5x damage dealt.
    • (Passive) Debilitating Claw: The tank has a 1/2 chance of inflicting a random status condition on any non-downed survivor it punches.
    • (Passive) Death's Bounty: For each kill the tank gets, it's ability cooldowns are permanently reduced by 2 seconds. This ability only affects cooldowns above 20 seconds, down to a minimum of 20 seconds.

    Additional Information:
    The Supreme Shaman Tank was likely to be the first introduced tier 3 tank to mgftw. This happened in a earlier unknown mgftw version a very long time ago.

    3. Fighter Tank <top>

    This tank has powerful physical strength that could make any one shiver. It is thought that this tank was, before infection, an athlete.

    Health: 330,000
    Punch Damage: 200 HP
    Speed: 1.7
    Hit Delay: 0.2
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Passive) Increased Range: The tanks attacks have increased range.
    • (Passive) Improved Flesh armor: The tank uses a flesh armor to reduce damage taken. At first, the tank shields 100% damage taken. On each hit, the tank loses 1% damage reduction and regenerates 4% per second.
    • (Passive) Explosive Earthquake: When the tank hits an incapacitated survivor, other survivors will be launched far away.
    • (Passive) Adherent Hit: Randomly, a tank's hit on an incapacitated survivor will shortly bind him to the floor, causing the Earthquake passive to not affect the victim.
    • (Active) Earth Smash: The tank jumps high in the sky and then launches with all its force into the ground causing a earthquake. Survivors standing too close to the tank will receive 0 - 600 HP damage, will become stunned for 0 - 5 seconds and get confused for 0 - 10 seconds.
    • (Passive) Bottled Anger: If the tank hasn't performed an Earthquake in 20 seconds, it's next punch will activate it, regardless if anyone is incapacitated.
    • (Passive) Vulnerability: If a victim is hit 5 times in a row, they'll suffer a vulnerability that makes any tank punch against them cause an earthquake.
    • (Active) Disposal: The tank can pickup and throw away a nearby survivor. The survivor thrown will suffer major damage if they hit a wall at high speeds.

    Additional Information:
    Back in V1.5, the Fighter Tank was considered to be extremely dangerous to fight outside, as any earth smash could be fatal to any survivor that takes fall damage if they were to fly high into the sky.

    4. Infernal Tank <top>

    The tank uses fire to attack survivors. Is not really known why the tank is covered on fire, but some people say it is a mutation of the Shaman tank.

    Health: 335,000
    Punch Damage: 400 HP
    Speed: 1.6
    Hit Delay: 1.3
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Active) Meteor: The tank periodically summons a meteor that deals 700 HP damage on impact and leaves fire at the floor. Meteors are summoned faster the lower the tank's health is.
    • (Passive) Hydrophobic: The tank moves much faster when in water.
    • (Passive) Infernal fire: Fire deals 25 HP + 0.05% of the target's current health per tick.
    • (Passive) Demons: If common infected are hit by the tank's fire, they will mutate into demons. Demons are immune to damage for 5 seconds after conversion, have 2000 HP and deal double damage.
    • (Active) Tentacles: The tank uses tentacles to attack near survivors. These tentacles deal 45 HP damage per hit and can trigger the Earthquake passive. Tentacles stay in the ground for 4 seconds and then explode, dealing damage to near survivors. Each tentacle hit reduces the survivors defenses by 10%. Survivor regains defense by 1% each 3 seconds.
    • (Passive) Earthquake: The tank's punch on incapacitated survivors will generate earthquakes that will launch survivors far away.
    • (Passive) Desperation: The tank will start focusing incapacitated survivors if it has less than 20% of its maximum health.
    • (Passive) Combustion: Taking damage from the tank occasionally generates fire.
    • (Passive) Fire Shield: With the Fire Shield active, the tank gains 50% damage reduction. The shield disappears if the tank submerges in water.
    • (Passive) Intense Heat: With the Fire Shield active, the tank deals heavy damage to survivors nearby.
    • (Active) Eruption: The tank slams the ground causing a violent eruption, starting a fire. Any nearby survivors will also suffer a stun for 3 seconds.

    Additional Information:
    The Infernal Tank back before it got a rework in V1.6.2.3 had the drain and the meteor rain abilities. It was also said to be a very dangerous tank with the fire able to deal a lot of damage to survivors.

    5. Executioner Tank <top>

    The tank is able to manipulate the survivors brain by releasing a liquid that quickly becomes a gas, generally confused with rain. The tank is able to confuse its victims to the extend of driving them insane. Finally, when the tank gets bored of its victims, it executes them by dealing a extremely strong punch, destroying all their vital organs. This is why the tank is referred to as the Executioner tank.

    Health: 400,000
    Punch Damage: 40 HP (10,000 HP on execution)
    Speed: 1.55
    Hit Delay: 1.0
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Passive) Death Sentence: Each time the survivors are hit by the tank, they will accumulate a 'Death Sentence' mark. Survivors lose a mark each 30 seconds. Each mark reduces defense by 5% and increases claw damage by 50.
    • (Passive) Execution: Survivors with 15 death marks or are incapacitated will be executed by the tank's claws, receiving 10,000 true damage.
    • (Passive) Increased Range: The tank attacks have increased range.
    • (Passive) Confusion: The tank's punch will leave survivors confused and unable to see their teammates.
    • (Passive) Projectile Incinerator: Incinerates any heavy projectiles (grenades, molotovs, bottles) that go near the tank. It can also incinerate throwable traps.
    • (Passive) Anti-Moustachio: Moustachio bless does not work while the tank is near (Range: 500)
    • (Passive) Desperation: When the tank reaches 5000 HP, it increases its normal damage to 300 HP, hit interval to 0.1 and speed to 2.5. Additionally, the tank becomes immortal for 55 seconds. Once that time passes, the tank will explode (similar to bomb tank) and die. The tank loses all other abilities in this state, except the 'Death Sentence' and 'Execution' abilities.
    • (Active) Mind Trick: Scares the survivors by forcing hallucinations and playing tricks to their minds.
    • (Active) Crow Attack: Sends crows flying into the air that will attack the survivors, aiming specially to their eyes. Damage: 60 HP on cast, followed by 35 HP/s during 5 seconds.
    • (Active) Organic Bomb: Plants candy-shaped bombs that explode if survivors get nearby. Damage: 200 HP.
    • (Active) Little Jokers: Spawns a 'Joker Tank' that instantly disappears after 45 seconds.
    • (Active) Stand still: The tank deploys a trap that will surround an area for 10 seconds. Upon entering it, the survivor must stay in it or suffer 300 damage and 2 death stacks.
    • (Passive) Rage: The tank's speed and hit delay are enhanced based on its missing HP.
    • (Passive) Reinforced skin: The tank reduces incoming damage by 30% and by 3 times the number of alive survivors, down to 5 damage minimum. This damage reduction cannot be bypassed.

    Additional Information:
    The Executioner Tank was originally an event tank introduced back in the halloween event in 2014. However since a long time ago, it was changed to being a tank that can naturally spawn in mgftw COOP servers. It is also the only tank to not have its original !tankinfo description changed.

    6. Reaper Tank <top>

    This tank has developed cells that can generate malicious neurotransmitters that will affect survivors at a subconscious level. Survivors will depend on each other to avoid falling victim of their own emotions.

    Health: 375,000
    Punch Damage: 200 HP
    Speed: 1.75
    Hit Delay: 0.5
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Passive) Death Party: The tank deals 100 additional damage for each survivor dead.
    • (Passive) Death Warrant: Each time the tank punches a survivor, it's next punch will deal an additional 50 damage. The tank's punch damage will continue to rise until a survivor is killed.
    • (Passive) Crowd resistance: Each survivor in 500 units reduces the damage the tank takes by 5.
    • (Passive) Neurotransmitter: Survivors hit by the tank will be affected by the tank's neurotransmitter abilities.
    • (Passive) This is not a game: If the tank is taking less than 100 HP damage per second it will heal by 1% of its maximum health per second until the damage per second raises again.
    • (Passive) Fear of death: Survivors punched by tank will be affected with fear for 0 to 12 seconds depending on their missing health.
    • (Passive) No return: If the tank spots a corpse, it will stay eating it for 15 seconds. After this the corpse is destroyed and the tank recovers 10% of its maximum health. Can be interrupted with stuns or freezing. While consuming, it gains 50% damage resist.
    • (Passive) Complete destruction: If the tank manages to hit a survivor who is completely alone, it will trigger a powerful neurotransmitter that will inflict complete terror on the victim and will cause him to explode after 6 seconds. This ability is un-avoidable.
    • (Passive) Death above you: Incapacitated survivors within 400 units from the tank will get the Fear status and be unable to attack until it leaves the area. Additionally, survivors won't be able to crawl.
    • (Active) Dopamine saturation: The tank triggers a powerful neurotransmitter that initially will behave as dopamine and heal survivors by 250 HP. After some delay it will instantly deal 40% of the survivors current health.
    • (Active) To the other side: A random survivor will be affected with an immense amount of anxiety causing him to commit suicide after 20 seconds. This can be stopped if at least 6 survivors go near the victim.

    Additional Information:
    Before the Reaper Tank was introduced around V1.6 - V1.7, it was a tank that had a lot more health than the original tank and was just a normal tank with no abilities.

    7. Supreme Knight Tank <top>

    An enhanced version of the Knight Tank, the Supreme Knight possesses even stronger physical capabilities, as well as more ways to power up its fellow Special Infected.

    Health: 380,000
    Punch Damage: 400 HP
    Speed: 1.6
    Hit Delay: 1.0
    Blocks: Fire and Melee

    • (Passive) Mega Earthquake: Creates a powerful earthquake that will throw survivors a high distance in the air when the tank punches an incapacitated survivor.
    • (Passive) Enhanced Protection Aura: Decreases damage taken by other nearby infected by up to 80%. Less effective the further away from the Tank (Radius: 1000).
    • (Passive) Bottled Anger: If the tank hasn't performed a Mega Earthquake in 20 seconds, it's next punch will activate it, regardless if anyone is incapacitated.
    • (Passive) Flesh armor: The tank uses a flesh armor to reduce damage taken. At first, the tank shields 100% damage taken. On each hit, the tank loses 1% damage reduction and regenerates 4% per second.
    • (Passive) Enhanced Courage Aura: Increases damage done by other nearby infected by 400%. Less effective the further away from the Tank. (Radius: 1000).
    • (Passive) Earthquake Lust: The tank will focus incapacitated survivors.
    • (Passive) Aftershocks: Should a survivor survive an Earthquake, they will begin to emit earthquakes from themselves, launching themselves and nearby survivors. The aftershocks decrease in power after each one.
    • (Passive) Enhancement Aura: Every second, nearby Special Infected have a chance to become Uber Infected. The chance decreases the further the SI is away from the Tank. (Radius: 1000, 0 - 15% chance, 3 Uber Max).
    • (Passive) Mighty Strength: The tank's punches deal increased knockback, and the rocks the tank throws fly faster and are explosive.
    • (Active) Empowering Yell: The tank lets out an invigorating roar, immediately transforming all Special Infected into Uber Infected.
    • (Active) Shockwave: The tank slams the ground, throwing every survivor, and then causes constant earthquakes around itself every second for 10 seconds, flinging nearby survivors away.
    • (Active) Charge: The tank charges violently into nearby survivors, flinging them away. The victims take 200 damage upon impact, and may suffer from fall damage.

    Additional Information:
    The Supreme Knight Tank before it got introduced along with the !changelog in V1.5.2.8 was a tank that was seen in mgftw a long time ago. However, the tank itself was very different with its abilities back then compared to the current version now.