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The Usage of Buffs (BaBS V1.7.2)

Nov 15, 2017
The Usage of Buffs (BaBS V1.7.2)
  • The Usage of Buffs

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    To know what survivor buffs you should be using in mgftw, you need to consider whether or not they are based for VS or COOP (Most of the buffs are COOP based). When you know that, you also need to consider the essential buffs that you need as a minimal to ensure you can survive the most dangerous infected and get yourself out of the most dangerous situations. Here, I will list below some of the essential buffs that you will need to use in mgftw COOP to ensure your survival, depending on your level this may/may not be different.

    The List of Essential/Optional/Recommended Buffs

    For Low Levels

    • Knife Buff
    • Speedy Water Buff

    For Mid Levels

    • Knife Buff
    • Speedy Water Buff
    • Knife Bag Buff (Optional)

    For High levels

    • Tenacity Buff (Recommended)
    • Knife Buff
    • Speedy Water Buff (Optional)
    • Knife Bag Buff (Optional)
    • Observer Buff (Optional)
    • Moribund Farming Buff (Optional)

    For Low Levels, the reason why i recommend the Knife and the Speedy Water Buffs is because with the Knife Buff you will be able to free yourself from the infected if no one else can help you, or you want to avoid taking too much damage that results in death especially when your incapacitated. The Speedy Water Buff will allow you to increase your movement speed instead of slowing it down in water areas, which is extremely useful and an essential tool to survival when it comes to maintaining your HP in the hard rain and swamp fever campaigns.

    Quote from Leon
    "The Knife Buff is one of the most ESSENTIAL Buffs to have equipped at all times, when playing mgftw! It would be quite dumb enough for someone to have it equipped and its crucial low level players get the Knife Buff ASAP when they join mgftw for the first time."

    For Mid Levels, the reasons for the Knife and the Speedy Water buff are the same reasons as the above. For the Knife Bag Buff, its an optional essential buff you can get to help you out because you will have more survivability when dealing with special infected that are dangerous, especially with the uber special infected for when you needed that extra knife. The Negotiator buff is one of the most useful buffs in the entirety of mgftw considering that it is a must because of its properties of only increasing the bounty by +1 instead of doubling it every time you bought a health item from !buy. Without this buff, many survivors would be unable to afford heals and even be unable to defib survivors with no bounty on them.

    For High Levels, It is an absolute must to get the tenacity buff because it is one of the only tanking buffs to exist in mgftw and it allows you to tank on more damage from the infected, which in some tank fights is recommended to be able to survive and defeat them, which is very applicable when it comes to tier 3 tank fights. For all the other buffs, the above reasons above are the best reasons for why you should have a buff set containing some/most of these buffs to make your chance of surviving better. Having the Observer Buff around will also help with the huge grind of experience points on the COOP/VS/Custom COOP/Scenario servers as the amount required for each level 2xx
    will start taking from days to weeks to get.

    Explanation on when to use certain buffs

    There are two buffs that should be used for when you need to craft pills and need to be handing in quests.

    |Q| Artisian

    Every time you craft pills while you have this buff equipped, the amount of pills you win from crafting will be multiplied by 3. Having this buff equipped will let you reach the required amount of FR-pills 3 times faster for when you don't have enough to purchase a versus tank and or a buff.

    Big Check

    Before you complete any mgftw quest when you have obtained this buff, equip the buff set that contains this buff right before someone leaves the safe room of any chapter. When you do so, you should hear a sound and a notification letting you know that the effects of the Big Check buff are now active. It lets you earn 20% more rewards from completing quests, which can be a big help to you when your trying to level up quickly or trying to gain FR-pills quickly with the daily quests from Will.