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The List of All Infected Buffs (IBaR V1.1.0)

May 13, 2017
The List of All Infected Buffs (IBaR V1.1.0)
  • The List of All Infected Buffs

    Before I go through the above for each Infected Buff there is in mgftw, I will list them down below for each of the 9 categories. Please note that every buff listed here is only listed once. This list does not include where the general infected buffs are listed in class role buff lists.

    General Infected
    1. Vampire
    2. Infected Yell (Not for sale)
    3. Biological Hologram
    4. Electricity Wave Protection
    5. Rushing Massacre
    6. Knife Deflection
    7. Assassination Boost
    8. Common Farming
    9. Accumulated Rage
    10. Saferoom Mayhem
    11. No Rescue for You
    12. Bounty Saving
    13. Damage Return
    14. Inner Toxins
    15. Starting Bounty
    16. Nightly Killer
    17. Mark of Permanent Death
    18. Sweep Bile
    19. Moustachio Bomb
    20. Witch Resistance
    21. |E| Desperation
    22. Final Showdown
    23. |E| Fear
    24. Fatigue
    Damage dealer

    1. Poisonous Spores
    2. Super Smoker
    3. Suffocation
    4. Independent Tongues
    5. Survivor Mop
    6. Tongue Explosion
    7. Corrosive Gas
    8. Gas overflow
    1. Tongue Relationship (Also in Controller)
    2. Choke Fatigue
    3. Aggressive Tongue Impact (Also in Controller)
    1. Unhitable

    1. Boiling Vomit (Also in Slower)
    2. Horde Power (Also in Slower)
    3. Acid Boomer Trap
    4. Ambusher
    5. Karma Spree
    6. Beach Volley
    7. Launch Preparations
    8. Karma Enthusiast
    1. Vomit Cloud
    2. Bloody Boomer Trap
    3. Horde Resistance
    4. Bad Descent
    5. Karma Frenzy

    1. Escape Leap (Also in Damage dealer) (Also in Slower)
    2. Open Wounds (Also in Damage dealer)
    3. Pounce steroids
    4. Victim attachment
    5. Murderer
    6. Blood fest
    7. Dead Sentence
    8. Devastating pounce (Also in Damage dealer)
    9. Binded (Also in Damage dealer) (Also in Slower)
    10. Face Bite (Also in Damage dealer)
    11. Evolve (Also in Damage dealer)
    1. Sticky Blood
    2. Hugs For Everyone
    Damage dealer

    1. Enhanced Acid Claws
    2. Spit fixed damage
    3. Propellant Acid
    4. Effervescence (Also in Slower) (Also in Healer)
    5. Acid reaction
    6. Joke's On You (Also in Slower)
    1. Corrosion
    2. Ultra Sticky Goo
    3. Sticky Goo
    4. Isolated
    1. Protective Acid
    2. Acid Deletion
    3. Improved Healing
    4. Healing Madness
    Damage dealer

    1. Sprint Override (Also in Controller)
    2. Insane Jockey
    3. Quick Claw
    4. Disoriented (Also in Debuffer)
    5. Defenseless (Also in Debuffer)
    6. Pimp Slap
    7. Party Enthusiast (Also in Controller) (Also in Debuffer)
    8. Last Winning Chance (Also in Controller) (Also in Debuffer)
    1. Ride Control
    2. Pickpocketing
    3. Magical Journey
    1. Poison
    2. Paralyze
    3. Repulsion Gland
    4. Taller than you
    Damage dealer

    1. Pummel Incapped (Also in Controller) (Also in Tanky)
    2. Impact Time
    3. Stun (Also in Tanky)
    4. Charger ramp (Also in Controller)
    5. Great impact (Also in Controller) (Also in Tanky)
    6. Armored Skin (Not for sale) (Also in Controller) (Also in Tanky)
    7. Brutal Journey
    8. Stunned Sentence
    9. Morale Drop (Also in Controller) (Also in Tanky)
    1. Infected Fury (Not for sale)
    2. Inverse Charger Revenge
    3. Protection duty
    1. Undercover Tank
    2. Wet Skin
    3. Mind Controlled Rock
    4. Double regeneration
    5. Projectile Incinerator
    6. Quick Arm
    1. Student