Strategies for Awakening Scenario (MGS)

Mar 2, 2019
Strategies for Awakening Scenario (MGS)
  • Strategies for Awakening Scenario (MGS V2.1.8)

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    Recommended Buff Set Setup:
    • 12x Offensive Players
    • 3x Healer Players
    • 3x Support Players


    The Offensive Players should mainly focus on taking down the tanks that spawn. When the Awakened Brutal Tank spawns, keep your distance away from the tank so that you can react to his abilities and not take major damage from his punches often. If you get attacked by the brutal parasite, be sure to call out to nearby players and stay where you are so they can help take care of it on you.

    Recommended Offensive Buff Set


    The Healer Players should mainly focus on healing any players on low health where it is necessary for them to survive attacks from the tank. When at least 3 players have died to the tank and/or multiple dead survivors are nearby you should focus on defibbing them back instead of healing other alive players. That way you can keep the survivors alive and reduce the tank's overall damage resistance while he is still alive.

    Recommended Healer Buff Set


    The Support Players should focus on taking down the Common and Special Infected as they spawn so they cannot get any damage dealt to the Offensive or Healer players. They can also support any survivors that are affected by brutal parasites or heal/defib any injured or dead survivors as necessary.

    Recommended Support Buff Set

    Recommended Strategy Overall: <top>

    It is recommended to keep the number of alive survivors above 12 players. This requirement is less strict than some other scenarios so the strategy can be maintained. As for the Awakened Brutal Tank, it is recommended that 1 - 2 players have the |V| Electric Frag Grenade Buff so it can be easy to stun the tank when it is in the water and electrocute it at the same time. You'll have to time your pipe bomb throw however since the tank can move very fast.

    Things to keep in mind:
    • Before the scenario has started: Move over all the weapons, throwables and health items to the east side of the beach by the wall.
    • Recommended Place: East side of the beach
    • During the scenario: It is recommended to have a survivor with the |E| Ammo Dispenser Buff place down an ammo pile within the recommended area so all survivors don't have to keep purchasing weapons or ammo.

    Ways to do this Scenario:

    This is for when the survivors must do something in order to start the scenario through 1 way or another way. It could be the choice to do something or not to do something or it could be time related. Whatever you decide to do within this scenario as to the choice will affect how difficult the scenario will be.

    No choices needed to be made...