Sara's Quest-line3 (QG)

Feb 5, 2018
Sara's Quest-line3 (QG)
  • Sara's Quest-line Page 3 (QG V0.2.0)

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    This is the current list of quests that she gives out to all survivors:
    • Charity 1 (Lv. 5) (Page 1)
    • Charity 2 (Lv. 6) (Page 1)
    • Prove It (Lv. 65) (Page 1)
    • Power Crisis (Lv. 71) (Page 1)
    • Good Bye, Friend (Lv. 72) (Page 1)
    • A Trip To Hope (Lv. 73) (Page 1)
    • Tank Knowledge 1 (Lv. 80) (Page 1)
    • Tank Knowledge 2 (Lv. 82) (Page 2)
    • Tank Knowledge 3 (Lv. 120) (Page 2)
    • Tank Knowledge 4 (Lv. 150) (Page 2)
    • Investigation 1 (Lv. 201) (Page 2)
    • Investigation 2 (Lv. 201) (Page 2)
    • After the storm (Lv. 201) (Page 2)
    • Paying a visit (Lv. 205) (Page 2)
    • Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Lv. 207) (Page 3)
    • Humanity is not playing (Lv. 220) (Page 3)
    • <Daily> Spooky Night (Lv. 100) (Page 3)

    Quest ID: ?
    Quest Name: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Lv. 207)
    Quest Prerequisites:

    • Reach Level 207
    • Have completed the Quest: Paying a visit (Lv. 205)

    We have discovered something really bad. Do you remember Emily? She was a really good soldier and was known for her exceptionally calm personality. One day she went missing during a mission and it was later found out that she had mutated into a hostile tank with the code name Heartbroken.

    Will's community passed the incident that a combination of FR-Pills and her innate abilities were the cause of her powerful transformation. With this document we can now know that it was all a lie.

    Emily was given a particular syringe and was told that if used, the infected would ignore her for a couple days and she would be able to reach her transformed lover. Apparently she fell into it and went to her hometown to try it out.

    The content of the syringe was an experimental infectious liquid that would violently trigger mutations in an individual, causing them to quickly mutate into a special tank.

    The mutation itself is not that powerful, but if the tank is exposed to emotions deeply connected to the now dead survivor's life, like the death of a loved one for example, then it would trigger powerful mutations that could render the tank almost unkillable through regular human methods.

    Will knew all of this. This was his plan from the beginning. Apparently Emily was not his first test subject. There are at least 4 known experiments hidden around. They are described as weak, but that if exposed to emotions like anxiety, extreme anger or love, they could mutate into really dangerous enemies.

    We need to gather more information on how this liquid works and where is Will located at the moment. Please, act normal when you talk to him. We can't let him get scared nor allow him to prepare for when we confront him.

    Alfred has narrowed down the locations of the 4 experiments. We need you to kill those before we can do more. I will pass you the locations of the tanks. Don't forget that we will pay you really good if you complete the deed.

    I have one more request for you. I know that you like to carry out missions along with your friends and clan members, but you must do it alone. We do not know what would happen to the tanks if they saw too many survivors.

    It could easily trigger the mutations and unleash the hell we are trying to avoid. Please friend, be very careful.

    Quest Tasks:

    • Look around on regular coop maps for hideout keys.
    • Pick them up to spawn a door to a dormant tank's hideout.
    • Defeat the first dormant tank
    • Defeat the second dormant tank
    • Defeat the third dormant tank
    • Defeat the fourth dormant tank

    Quest Rewards:

    • None (Because the rewards come from killing the tanks themselves)

    Quest-line Unlocks:

    • Humanity is not playing (Lv. 220)

    Quest ID: ?
    Quest Name: Humanity is not playing (Lv. 220)
    Quest Prerequisites:

    • Reach Level 220
    • Have completed the Quest: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Lv. 207)

    We have located Will's center of operations. It also turns out that his community were not aware of his doings. They have turned against him and he has secluded himself in an abandoned military building.

    I don't know why is Will is doing this or what he is trying to achieve. But he must be stopped.

    The plan is simple. Go there and kill him. We cannot risk the ability to create tanks at will to leak. A squad that I set up is currently keeping an eye on the facility and ready to pounce.

    They should have already gone in by the time you get there. So please, don't shoot randomly if you see them.

    Quest Tasks:

    • (Must be done in scenario server)
    • Go to the abandoned facility to stop Will

    Quest Rewards:

    • Exp: 20000000
    • Cash: 25000
    • Pills: 200
    • 1x |Item| Binder

    Quest-line Unlocks:

    • None

    Quest ID: ?
    Quest Name: <Daily> Spooky Night (Lv. 100)
    Quest Prerequisites:

    • Reach Level 100

    Hey friend! I hate to ask you something like this, but I don't know who else could do me this favor.

    You see, we wanted to celebrate halloween this year in the fortress. People have been really down and the overall ambient is very dark.

    We managed to make costumes for everyone. We banned zombie costumes for obvious reasons. I don't think anyone else wants to wear them anyway.

    Well you see, we have everything for it. Except candy.

    I know I know. Why would we risk our lives for candy? Well, first of all is your life anyway...

    You know I'm joking, come on. It must be some sort of coincidence, but a location known for suspicious activity regarding Will is also a very nice source of candy stores.

    He might be gone and Erika might be doing a really good job at cleaning their clan's reputation, but there are still some people using Will's knowledge for dangerous purposes. I need you to go both investigate and bring us any candy you may find. Please make sure to only grab unexposed candy. Our cleanse protocols can only do as much.

    Anyway. We are running low on money at the moment, but we have really good people that can help you upgrade your equipment in exchange of the candy.

    So, come on. We kill two spitters with one shot. What do you say?

    Quest Tasks:

    • Finish the Spooky Night scenario and get some candy yo! (Pending)

    Quest Rewards:

    • Exp: 3500000
    • Pills: 150
    • 1x |Item| Big bag of candy

    Quest-line Unlocks:

    • None