Recommended Support Buff Set (CS) (MGS)

Sep 5, 2018
Recommended Support Buff Set (CS) (MGS)
  • Recommended Support Buff Set (Cabin Scenario) (MGS V2.0.1)

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    Cabin Support


    1. (SURV) |E| Courage / Health Dispenser*
    2. (SURV) Adrenaline Area Booster
    3. (SURV) Field Medic

    Buff Enhancements Used
    • None

    • If you do not have the |E| Courage Buff, you can swap it out for the Health Dispenser Buff.

    Benefit in Buff Sets
    • Courage: After reviving a teammate (hanging revives don't count), they take -50% less damage (including true damage), and gain +25% movement speed. The bonuses decay over 25 seconds. <✖ VS>
    • Health Dispenser: Allows you to place a special device on the floor using medikit. Nearby survivors receive +15 + 0.5% Max HP per second, cured of all bad status effects and given moustachio bless for 5 seconds. <Hold medikit and shove floor while crouching to activate> <Duration: 14 seconds> <Versus: 8HP per second, 1 second of moustachio bless, does not clear bad statuses> <Once per round>
    • Adrenaline Area Booster: You can shove the ground to consume your adrenaline. Gives all survivors in 300 units +10% movement speed bonus, +3 HP/s for 15 seconds and 5 seconds of adrenaline. <Effect cannot be renewed until it wears off> <15 second cooldown>
    • Field Medic: Each 50 seconds, randomly generate 1 adrenaline shot / pain pills. Can only be passed to other survivors. Cannot be consumed. Picking up adrenaline / pain pills will not drop generated item and will delete it instead. You cannot manually drop adrenaline or pain pills. <✖ VS>