Recommended Spitter S Role Buff Set (IBaR)

Sep 26, 2018
Recommended Spitter S Role Buff Set (IBaR)
  • Recommended Spitter Slower Role Buff Set (IBaR V2.0.2)

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    Slower Role

    This buff set is situated towards the use of acid to give stacks of corrosion to the enemy survivors, the more you can do that as well as slowing them down, the better the debilitation.

    Corrosionist <top>

    1. (INF) Vampire
    2. (SPIT) Corrosion
    3. (SPIT) Effervescence
    4. (SPIT) Ultra Sticky Goo
    5. (SPIT) Sticky Goo
    6. (SPIT) Isolated

    • None.

    Benefits of this buff set
    • Vampire: You heal yourself for 10x the amount of physical damage dealt to survivors. <Incompatible with Regeneration Skill>
    • Corrosion: Applies a corrosion stack on each acid hit to survivors.
    • Effervescence: On any survivor death caused by acid, spawn another acid pool under the corpse. On incapacitating a survivor, 20% chance to spawn another acid pool.
    • Ultra Sticky Goo: Incapacitated survivors cannot crawl within your acid.
    • Sticky Goo: On acid hit, instantly reduces the movement speed to 25%. <If survivors already have 25% less speed by other sources, this buff does nothing>
    • Isolated: On acid hit, slows lonely survivors by 9%.

    Tips for effectively using this buff set
    • When spitting on survivors, make sure that you can spit on them when they are all close together in a smaller space room, that way you can get the maximum effect out of your corrosion stacks and slow effects.