Recommended Jockey C Role Buff Set (IBaR)

Sep 26, 2018
Recommended Jockey C Role Buff Set (IBaR)
  • Recommended Jockey Controller Role Buff Set (IBaR V2.0.2)

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    Controller Role

    This buff set is situated towards quickly separating survivors away from one another as a jockey and being able to do karma jumps with them if you can try not to get killed doing it.

    A Ride Away <top>

    1. (JOCK) Sprint Override
    2. (JOCK) Ride Control
    3. (INF) Electricity Wave Protection
    4. (INF) Witch Resistance
    5. (INF) |E| Fear
    6. (JOCK) Magical Journey

    • None.

    Benefits of this buff set
    • Sprint Override: Allows the override of Sprint Upgrade effect on jockey when riding survivors.
    • Ride Control: You get given full control while riding survivors.
    • Electricity Wave Protection: You won't instantly die when within range of an electricity knife, but will be left with 10% HP instead.
    • Witch Resistance: +1000 additional Maximum HP for witches spawned. Witches have +90% reduced damage taken for 10 seconds after being startled.
    • Fear: If you have pinned a survivor for at least 6 seconds, that survivor suffers from fear after being released. pinned time - 5 seconds, maximum 5 seconds.
    • Magical Journey: +50% increased movement speed if your riding a lonely survivor.

    Tips for effectively using this buff set
    • If you want to stop the survivors from trying to save your pinned survivor, spawn a witch along where you think they are going to go to try and kill you to rescue your pinned survivor.
    • If you have the moment of opportunity when it is there, go for the karma jump if you know you are able to get a survivor killed by doing it.