Recommended Defensive Buff Set (CS) (MGS)

Feb 11, 2019
Recommended Defensive Buff Set (CS) (MGS)
  • Recommended Defensive Buff Set (Cabin Scenario) (MGS V2.1.3)

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    Cabin Defensive

    1. (SURV) |V| Persistence / Group morale* (Level 1)
    2. (SURV) |E| Promise / Mindset Change* (Level 1)
    3. (SURV) |E| Courage / Morphine Injector+* (Level 1)
    4. (SURV) Hidden Magnum+ (Unique Slot)

    Buff Enhancements Used:
    • Boosted Morphine: Using Pills/Adrenaline will heal for 3HP/sec for 20 seconds. <Also works with Advanced Morphine Injector> (Morphine Injector) (|E| Advanced Morphine Injector)
    • Pocket Magnum: You will spawn with a Magnum instead of a normal pistol. (Hidden Magnum)

    • If you do not have the |V| Persistence Buff, you can swap it out for the Group morale Buff.
    • If you do not have the |E| Promise Buff, you can swap it out for the Mindset Change Buff.
    • If you do not have the |E| Courage Buff, you can swap it out for the Morphine Injector Buff.

    Weapons used in this buff set:
    • Any Primary Weapon
    • Any Secondary Weapon

    Benefit in Buff Sets: <top>
    • |V| Persistence: +50% defense gained if not incapacitated, x2 damage taken if you are. <Reduces your maximum defense by 10%> <Does not affect fall damage or true damage> <Incompatible with Tenacity buff> <✖ VS>
    • Group morale: -1% reduced damage taken for every other survivor alive.
    • |E| Promise: +1000 increased max HP. On other survivors dying to infected, take (400 - their level) as damage. Damage is scaled based on current HP and ignored below 10% HP. +100 HP regained for every non-bot survivor resurrected by you. <Bots or survivors falling behind dont count> <No damage if incapacitated> <✖ VS>
    • Mindset Change: Allows you to be incapacitated an unlimited number of times. On each incap, max incap HP = 90% of previous value. Using a first aid kit restores it to full. <Incap max health won't go lower than 300> <✖ VS>
    • |E| Courage: After reviving a teammate (hanging revives don't count), they take -50% less damage (including true damage), and gain +25% movement speed. The bonuses decay over 25 seconds. <✖ VS>
    • Morphine Injector: Heals 3 HP every 5 seconds while not incapacitated or hanging from a ledge. Cannot heal if poisoned. <Incompatible with Advanced Morphine Injector Buff>
    • Hidden Magnum: On incapacitation, gives you magnum instead of a pistol.

    Tips for effectively using this buff set:
    • You can tank the damage that the other survivors take so they don't have to be affected by the infected's attacks by aggroing them over to you.
    • If you see any incapacitated survivors, revive them fast. the benefits given from the |E| Courage Buff can help them to quickly get back to fighting.