Recommended Charger C Role Buff Set (IBaR)

Sep 27, 2018
Recommended Charger C Role Buff Set (IBaR)
  • Recommended Charger Controller Role Buff Set (IBaR V2.0.3)

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    Controller Role

    This buff set is more situated towards the separation of survivors by doing long distance charges. Having the patience and time to get the charge right is the key to making it work well.

    Survivor Separator <top>

    1. (INF) Electricity Wave Protection
    2. (INF) Sweep Bile
    3. (INF) Witch Resistance
    4. (CHRG) Charger ramp
    5. (CHRG) Great impact
    6. (CHRG) Morale Drop

    • None.

    Benefits of this buff set
    • Electricity Wave Protection: You won't instantly die when within range of an electricity knife, but will be left with 10% HP instead.
    • Sweep Bile: -80% decreased biled duration as infected after being hit with vomit jar.
    • Witch Resistance: +1000 additional Maximum HP for witches spawned. Witches have +90% reduced damage taken for 10 seconds after being startled.
    • Charger ramp: Allows you to charge incapacitated survivors.
    • Great impact: On impact while charging, throw away survivor with 30% more power.
    • Morale Drop: On karma charge, reduce bounty of all survivors by 5.

    Tips for effectively using this buff set
    • If you can, try to charge survivors down the long ways instead of the short way or down a way which results in you hitting any obstacles within your way earlier. That way you will be able to separate and or damage your pinned survivor for a lot longer.