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Recommended Boomer Role Buff Sets (IBaR V1.1.0)

May 14, 2017
Recommended Boomer Role Buff Sets (IBaR V1.1.0)
  • Recommended Boomer Role Buff Sets

    Equippable Buffs in the Assassin Role
    1. (INF) Vampire
    2. (BOOM) Boiling Vomit
    3. (BOOM) Horde Power
    4. (INF) Biological Hologram
    5. (BOOM) Acid Boomer Trap
    6. (INF) Electricity Wave Protection
    7. (INF) Rushing Massacre
    8. (INF) Knife Deflection
    9. (INF) Assassination Boost
    10. (INF) Common Farming
    11. (INF) Accumulated Rage
    12. (BOOM) Ambusher
    13. (INF) Saferoom Mayhem
    14. (INF) No Rescue for You
    15. (INF) Bounty Saving
    16. (INF) Starting Bounty
    17. (INF) Nightly Killer
    18. (INF) Sweep Bile
    19. (INF) Moustachio Bomb
    20. (INF) Witch Resistance
    21. (BOOM) Karma Spree
    22. (INF) Final Showdown
    23. (INF) |E| Fear
    24. (BOOM) Beach Volley
    25. (BOOM) Launch preparations
    26. (BOOM) Karma Enthusiast

    Name of Buff Set: Karma Master
    1. (BOOM) Acid Boomer Trap
    2. (BOOM) Ambusher
    3. (BOOM) Karma Spree
    4. (BOOM) Beach Volley
    5. (BOOM) Launch preparations
    6. (BOOM) Karma Enthusiast
    Benefits of this buff set
    • Allows you to spawn a trap that activates when survivors get near, this deals 10% of the survivors maximum health as true damage and spawns an acid pool on detonation. You can place one trap per spawn and have up to three traps placed.
    • After you spawn, you become invisible for 1.5 seconds. Reducing survivor's response time to you
    • After a successful bitch slap, your next bitch slap to happen has its cooldown reset.
    • You have the ability to bitch slap incapacitated survivors at 30% reduced power.
    • While your bitch slap is on cooldown, any attacks dealt with your claws increase the power of the next bitch slap by 5%. the bonus decays by 5% every 5 seconds.
    • After a successful bitch slap, you will be immune to damage for 5 seconds.
    Tips of this buff set
    • To make it possible to not miss your bitch slaps as the boomer, spawn in when the survivor passes at the right moment, wait a moment then go to that survivor to be in their face and bitch slap them, useful when they are near death zones.
    • Want to setup an infected attack? but risk revealing yourself? use an acid boomer trap, let the other infected do their attack, whether its trying to karma charge or something else, then do yours to add to the confusion, useful when the survivors are near death zones.

    Equippable Buffs in the Slower Role
    1. (INF) Vampire
    2. (BOOM) Boiling Vomit
    3. (BOOM) Horde Power
    4. (INF) Biological Hologram
    5. (INF) Electricity Wave Protection
    6. (INF) Common Farming
    7. (INF) Saferoom Mayhem
    8. (INF) No Rescue for You
    9. (INF) Bounty Saving
    10. (INF) Starting Bounty
    11. (INF) Sweep Bile
    12. (INF) Moustachio Bomb
    13. (INF) Witch Resistance
    14. (BOOM) Vomit Cloud
    15. (INF) Final Showdown
    16. (INF) |E| Fear
    17. (BOOM) Bloody Boomer Trap
    18. (BOOM) Horde Resistance
    19. (BOOM) Bad Descent
    20. (INF) Fatigue
    21. (BOOM) Karma Frenzy

    Name of Buff Set: The Karma Setup
    1. (INF) Witch Resistance
    2. (BOOM) Vomit Cloud
    3. (BOOM) Bloody Boomer Trap
    4. (BOOM) Horde Resistance
    5. (BOOM) Bad Descent
    6. (BOOM) Karma Frenzy / Horde Power
    Benefits of this buff set
    • Increases by 1000HP the health of the witches you spawn and reduces the damage they take by 90% for 10 seconds right after they are startled.
    • When you die, you leave a vomit cloud for 10 seconds that slows down survivor movement speed by 6% and inflicts bile on the survivor affected.
    • Allows you to leave a trap that explodes when survivors get near, trap slows nearby survivors down by 40%. You can only place one trap per spawn and have up to 3 traps placed. The traps push survivors away
    • Common Infected receive 75% less damage and are immune to instant kill effects (except for explosions), Radius: 500 units
    • After a survivor lands from your bitch slap, there is a 10% chance of them gaining the paralyze bad status effect.
    • After a successful bitch slap, you will be granted with +80% attack speed and +95% damage reduction for 10 seconds. you can't be shoved for the duration of the effect.
    Tips of this buff set
    • To setup an attack, place the witch/boomer trap in the appropriate place to make survivors think about how they are going to handle her. The more thinking done about this, the more time your infected team gets to setup their attacks.
    • Once everyone has gone in, go and try to bitch slap any still standing survivors if you can, and if you can't hold off on killing yourself until at least all survivors are revived, if not, do it before they die. If near a death zone area, you have a possible chance to score a successful bitch slap kill.
    • On maps where killing survivors isn't possible with bitch slaps, be sure to use the horde power buff in replacement of the karma frenzy buff to make the common infected more of a barrier to the survivor's progress.