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Points Reloaded Quests Guide

Jan 2, 2018
Points Reloaded Quests Guide
  • Points Reloaded Quests Guide (Version 0.0.1)

    Welcome to the guide about all of the quests that you can do in mgftw! Made by a small majority of the mgftw community.

    HINT: To make finding the information you want easier. In the page you want to find information on something, just copy whatever text you wish to find. Be it any certain headings, the name of any particular buff that interested you and so on.

    Then hold down the CTRL+F keys while your on the wiki page, a little box that can by typed into will appear at the top right of the page. Then paste your text into the little box and search away! Have fun reading.

    Before you read this guide, this is the updated points reloaded quests guide. Compared to the original this is the one that you will only see here on the wiki, no where else! The reason why timkit decided to eventually begin work on this guide was because he wanted to give everyone better knowledge about the quests, where the quest items were and anything else as such that could make them do the quests better. For every new quest that is added to mgftw or for the current quests that get changed, this guide will be updated to reflect the latest changes as they occur on mgftw.


    Thanks for reading this guide. With a better understanding of the quests that you can do in mgftw, there should be no limit to you doing them. The stories contained within these quests are meant to be interesting to the players as such that you will be intrigued to find out more by divulging through into them.

    Remember... You will only be able to do quests as long as you have completed the prerequisites for them. Enjoy the experience that these quests give you and make sure to have fun doing them!