Points Reloaded Beginners Guide

Sep 20, 2017
Points Reloaded Beginners Guide
  • Note: The details of this guide are based on the in-game guide, which is available through the !help chat command, or in the Others section of the Control Panel. Statements referencing commands or buttons must be used in-game.


    Welcome to the Points Reloaded RPG Server!

    You will start at Level 1 as a regular survivor with a small amount of cash.

    Earn experience & cash by taking out infected and helping allies to work towards the max level (230).

    Use your cash to purchase upgrades, skills and buffs to survive and get stronger.

    Type !cp to open your control panel. Type !commands to view basic commands for the server.

    To help new players stay alive, players Level 50 or lower won't be able to deal or receive friendly fire from most sources, will have major damage resistance and be immune to status conditions.

    After Level 50 friendly fire and status conditions will be enabled. Damage resistance will still be in effect, but will be lower the higher your level. It will be disabled by Level 130.

    Your progress will be saved to a database and connected to your Steam Account so any mgftw.com Points Reloaded server you join has access to your progress. This means you can level up on all our servers worldwide!

    For a list of all servers go to stats.mgftw.com or just hit 'H' for the MOTD page. While you're at it don't forget to join our Steam Group!

    If you require technical support, like a transfer or restore of your statistics or if you want any other information about our Points Reloaded mod, make sure to visit our forums at mgftw.com.

    If you need an admin in-game look for players with the |MG| tag or use the chatbox on our forums.

    Want to level up even faster? Make sure to check out our donor and booster packages at store.mgftw.com!

    For a full guide with more information go to mgftw.com/wiki or visit our forums. Have fun playing!


    Gaining levels won't do you any good if you don't spend your cash!

    To get started, purchase some upgrades. You can access the upgrade menu quickly with the command !upgrades or through the Control Panel (!cp) and heading to the Market.

    Upgrades will improve basic characteristics, such as your maximum health, weapon ammo capacity or reload speed, or friendly fire resistance. Upgrades may also have different ranks to power them up further.

    Each rank will require a higher level and more resources, so save up for the ones you want the most! Upgrades should be your first priority.

    Note that you will be locked to level 50 if you don't obtain any upgrades, but excess experience won't be lost, and will be awarded when you get one.


    Actions that grant Cash will also grant Bounty. Bounty can be used to purchase items from the Bounty Menu. To access it, type !buy into chat.

    From there you can spend the bounty to buy various items, such as weapons, throwables or health items.

    If you purchase a health item, the cost of the next health item increases by 1.

    Bounty will only last for the current map. Any leftover bounty from the map will be added to your cash.

    Certain buffs may also be activated from the Bounty Menu.


    Skills can be bought the same way as upgrades, however they are typically more costly, but also more powerful, and are usually active abilities. Purchase skills either through the Market, or the !skills command.

    Some survivor skills require you to hold the Walk key (default Shift) to activate. However, some of these can be automated.

    Enter the Settings menu in the Control Panel, or type !settings. Once there, select 'Survivor Skill Activation' and follow the instructions.

    FR-Pills & The Workshop(top)

    FR-Pills, or Flu-Resistance Pills are another form of currency.

    A few upgrades but most skills will require them as well as cash in some cases.

    FR-Pills can be obtained by defeating stronger Special Tanks, completing quests or can be crafted by spending your cash.

    To craft them, enter your Control Panel, select Market and then Workshop, or enter !workshop into chat. From there, choose FR-Pills crafting.

    FR-Pills are normally consumed passively, but if you find yourself with an excess, you can spend them in the FR-Pill Market.

    The Workshop also contains the ability to craft other items.

    When crafting, each item has a success rate for crafting, should you succeed you get the item, but failure results in nothing. The crafting materials are spent regardless of the outcome.


    Buffs are the third way to enhance yourself.

    They typically contain the strongest and most unique abilities obtainable, but you are limited to only being able to use a select number at a given time. You start with the ability to equip 3 buffs at any given time, earning more as you level up.

    To get started, first you need to purchase buffs. Enter the buffs menu from the Market or use the !buffs command. Select Buy Buffs and then choose your desired subcategory.

    Buffs have similar purchase requirements that Upgrades and Skills do.

    After buying your desired buffs, you need to them equip them. Go back to the Buffs menu and select Choose Buffs. From here, select the buff list you want to modify.

    To begin with, select your Coop buff list. Once chosen, you will be presented with a list of your buff slots. Select an open slot, and then choose a buff you bought.

    If you are finding that your buffs aren't working, go back to the Buffs Menu and select Choose lists and roles.

    There you will be shown which buff lists are active for which scenario, such as COOP Survivor, VS Survivor or for playing as Infected.

    Select the given scenario, then choose the desired buff list.

    To confirm your buff lists are enabled the name of the buff list will have [C] at the end if it's enabled in COOP, and if it's enabled as VS Survivor.

    When buying buffs, * at the end of the name means you already own the buff.

    When equipping buffs, * at the end of the name means it's already equipped.


    A player's reputation value, or rep, indicates how good or bad of a teammate they are.

    Performing beneficial actions, such as reviving, freeing or protecting teammates will increase your rep, but hurting, incapacitating or killing teammates will reduce it.

    Having a reputation above 700 will reduce the cost of buying items from the !buy menu by 1.

    However, having a negative reputation will block access to Quests, the !buy menu and if it gets really low, block access to the Market.

    If you hit rock bottom, -1000 rep, you will get booted from the server, so be careful!

    You can rejoin, but each time it hits -1000 you will be booted again. If this happens, try to avoid using throwables and take care where you shoot until your rep increases again.

    You can check the reputation of the players on the server by typing !rep into chat.

    You can also monitor your own rep by enabling the Rep notification option. To turn it on, enter your Control Panel and select Settings, or type !settings. From there, select notifications, and turn Rep notifications on. Each time you gain or lose rep, a chat message will be shown.


    Quests are an alternative way of earning experience, cash or FR-Pills. Additionally, some unique rewards are only obtainable through finishing them.

    Quests can involve collecting items found scattered throughout maps, killing a certain number of infected, or in certain locations.

    To start, select Quests from the Control Panel, or use the !qt chat command.

    Select Browse Quests to start new quests. You will be shown a list of survivors willing to provide you with quests to take. More survivors show themselves after completing some quests.

    Each survivor will have a chain of quests to offer. Finishing one will usually unlock their next quest.

    Choosing the quest will provide some backstory regarding the quest, which you can choose to read or ignore. Afterwards, you'll be shown your tasks to perform and rewards.

    Accept the quest to get started.

    Quests that require items must have the items placed in a Supply Box.

    Supply Boxes can be found scattered throughout various maps. Once found, use the box and store your items in there.

    If you have completed all the tasks, the Quest can be completed by heading to the Quest Panel (!qt), Browse Quests and Finish Quest.

    Item rewards you obtain must also be collected from a Supply Box. If you can't find one, ask in the chat.

    You can select View Active Quests from the Quest Panel to review Quest Progress, check the quest rewards or to cancel the quest.

    You can also view items you've picked up for Quests in the Quest Inventory Menu.


    Clans consist of a group of people led by their respective clan leader and co leaders.

    Being a part of a clan can provide several unique benefits that can't be obtained through other means.

    Typically, clans will have some minimum requirement, such as level before they will accept members, but this may not be the case for every clan.

    If you wish to join one, ask a clan member in game to refer you to the clan leader or co-leader, or speak with them directly.

    Clan Members will typically have a clan tag in their name to show which Clan they are part of.

    Alternatively, you can try to find a clan on the forums.

    Should you wish to create a new Clan, you must obtain a Clan Stone. One method of obtaining one is to complete Quests from Will.

    Clans themselves also require experience and cash, which are obtained when Clan Members gain experience or cash.

    Leveling up Clans enables access to more features, such as unlocking new Clan benefits, or upon reaching Clan Level 4, the ability for Clan members to communicate with each other privately over Clan Chat. Clan Chat can be used by prefixing chat messages with # (e.g. #Hi).