List of Tank Buffs (IBaR)

Sep 26, 2018
List of Tank Buffs (IBaR)
  • List of Tank Buffs (IBaR V2.0.2)

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    Currently, there are 6 Tank Buffs.

    Tank Buffs <top>

    1. Undercover Tank
    • Invisible to survivors until receiving any damage as a tank.
    • Level Requirement: 30

    2. Wet Skin
    • You will not take fire damage while ignited.
    • Level Requirement: 180

    3. Mind Controlled Rock
    • Lets you hold the RELOAD button (R) to let the rock chase survivors like a missile.
    • Level Requirement: 0

    4. Double regeneration
    • Double regeneration from the Regeneration skill as a Normal Tank.
    • Level Requirement: 90

    5. Projectile Incinerator
    • Allows you to incinerate any throwables and throwable traps that are nearby.
    • Level Requirement: 175

    6. Quick Arm
    • On each claw hit on any survivor, +4% increased attack speed up to 50%. The bigger the bonus, the faster it decays over time.
    • Level Requirement: 85