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How to Find the Dormant Tanks (DTG V1.0.4)

Nov 28, 2017
How to Find the Dormant Tanks (DTG V1.0.4)
  • How to Find the Dormant Tanks

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    Step 1: Accept the following quest: Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
    This quest can only be taken after you have cleared all prerequisite quests up to the quest: Paying a Visit. In addition, the level requirement for this quest is level 207, 2 levels above the previous quest level requirement of level 205.



    All 14 of the prerequisite quests, from Charity 1 (Lv. 5) to Paying a visit (Lv. 205) need to be completed before you can unlock the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Lv. 207) quest.


    Step 2: What do you need to do? <top>



    Once you have accepted the quest, you now need to know where the Dormant Tanks can actually spawn in the first place. The place is in the Dormant Hideout on only certain maps. To know if there is a Dormant Hideout on a certain map, look for a wooden door that is out of place by looking at the walls as you go across them as a survivor. The location of the Dormant Hideout is in Dead Center's 2nd Chapter: The Streets (c1m2), Death Toll's Finale Chapter: The Boathouse (c10m5) and Blood Harvest's 1st Chapter: The Woods (c12m1). The Dormant Hideouts cannot be found anywhere else other than these 3 maps.

    Step 3: What am I looking for? <top>


    The thing that you see in the picture is what you are looking for. It is called a Dormant Hideout Key because using this on the wooden doors will lead you to a Dormant Hideout where a Dormant Tank lies. It is a very small rectangle that only has a few spawn places on each map that it can be found in. The quest item has a 60% chance to spawn per map attempt and in only 1 spawn place at random.

    c1m2 Street Key Locations:
    1. By the fallen Garbage Bin, as you go up the stairs, look for a fallen Garbage Bin on the floor and a possible chance of the Dormant Hideout key being there.
    2. By the Wooden Door, as you come across the Wooden Door in this map, look to your left at the scraps on the ground outside, the Dormant Hideout Key has a chance to be there.
    3. On the bottom level of a metal shelve inside a room, after the Wooden Door, there is a room. Going inside it and looking at the metal shelve, you look at the bottom level of it, the Dormant Hideout Key has a chance to be there.
    4. Behind the first staircase, in this map there is a stair case that you have to go up in order to get to a bridge that you go across towards the gunshop. If you look behind and under this staircase that is after the Wooden Door, a Dormant Hideout Key may be there.

    c10m5 The Boathouse Key Locations:
    1. Under the first green army humvee at the left side (when looking from the back of the vehicle), looking under this vehicle the Dormant Hideout Key has a chance to be sitting there.
    2. At the end of the farmost House to the right, when you come out of the building that has the saferoom, go to the farmost House to the right and go onto the platform, then go to the end of the platform at the right of it, a Dormant Hideout Key may lie there.

    c12m1 Hills Key Locations <top>
    1. In that building you pass by on the way to the safe house. Look on the table to the right of the door as you enter it and it is possible you might find the Dormant Hideout Key sitting there.
    2. By the crashed car that is facing the fence, look to the right side of the car from behind it and there is a chance to find the Dormant Hideout key on the ground.
    3. There is a chance that when you see the door to the Dormant Hideout that a Dormant Hideout Key will be there on the ground below your feet.
    4. Before you go into the saferoom, there is a rack to the right. On it there is a possibility of finding a Dormant Hideout Key there.

    Step 4: Cool! I have the Dormant Hideout Key, now what do I do with it?
    After you have managed to successfully find and obtain a Dormant Hideout Key, prepare yourself for the Dormant Tank by equipping a recommended buff list from the one you have made up or the one for the specific Dormant Tank you need to fight in this guide and make sure you have the right weapons, throwables, health items and most importantly have enough bounty to survive if you can. When done, look for the green glow of the Wooden Door, go up to it and hold e with your sight on the Wooden Door for a few seconds. After this you are ready to fight the Dormant Tank!

    What if I didn't find the Dormant Hideout Key?
    Don't worry to much about it. you can try again when you are at the next campaign where the map has a wooden door out of place in the wall where you can use that to get to the Dormant Hideout if you end up finding a Dormant Hideout Key there.