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FAQs2 (BaBS V1.8.3)

Nov 15, 2017
FAQs2 (BaBS V1.8.3)
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    Q6: Why can't I damage fire immune tanks with melee weapons when I have the Flaming Sword Buff equipped along with the Deep Cuts Buff that ignores tank melee resistance?

    Flaming Sword Buff
    Deep Cuts Buff

    You can't damage fire immune tanks with your melee weapons because the melee weapons that are affected by Flaming Sword Buff will deal a mixture of fire and melee damage, fire damage which the tank will block, rendering the melee hit useless, even if that melee weapon is one of the melee weapons affected by the Deep Cuts buff. In order to be able to damage these type of tanks you must either not use the flaming sword in your currently equipped buff set or instead use a melee weapon that is only affected by the Deep Cuts Buff, such as the Axe or the Knife.