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FAQs1 (BaBS)

Dec 18, 2017
FAQs1 (BaBS)
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) (BaBS V1.8.9)

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    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are all about questions that have been answered a lot from time to time. They are required to be here so that you can refer to this if you have asked a question similar to or the same as the Frequently Asked Question.

    The top 5 most frequently asked questions are:

    Q1: Where can I get the Piercing Bullets Buff?
    For the Piercing Bullets Buff, you can get it as one of the rewards from completing the last Theodora Quest: Inseparable III (Lv. 50). To get to this quest, you must have completed Inseparable I and II quests from the same quest giver. Now if you haven't unlocked Theodora's quest line yet, that is because you will need to have completed every quest in Bryan's quest line (from The Beginner 1 (Lv. 20) to Resupplying (Lv. 40)).


    Bryan's quest line


    Piercing Bullets Buff as one of the quest rewards for completing the Inseparable III quest, given by Theodora

    Q2: What buffs can I use to increase my damage done to tanks? <top>
    A: There are some buffs that can be used to increase your damage done to tanks. However, concerning the Primary Weapons, the buffs you should equip onto an offensive buff set are: Witch Hunter, Piercing Bullets, Tank Slayer, Tank Party Crusher, Nihilism, Avenger, Berserk and Finale Dominator. Learning when to use these buffs properly in your offensive buff sets can help you to boost your damage. Some buffs on some weapons are more useful than others, something to remember when choosing what buffs to use based on your equipment.

    Q3: What buffs can I use to increase my defense against tanks?
    There are a lot of buffs that can be used to increase your defense against tanks. Some of these defense increasing buffs contain a lot of description within these buffs so be sure to read carefully for what you do equip on your buff set. However, concerning the tanks in general, the buffs you should equip onto a defensive buff set are: Shaman Handler, Knight Handler, Hope On Sight, Group Morale, General Tank Handler, Love is in the air, Tank duelist, Finale Dominator, Crush resistance, Persistence and Courage. Learning when to use these buffs properly in your defensive buff sets can help you to boost your defenses. Some buffs are more useful to have in certain situations than others, something to remember when choosing your buff set because you hear a tank roar with a possible tier 2/ tier 3 tank spawn.

    Q4: How does the Ranged expert Buff work against Special Infected/Tanks? <top>
    The way the Ranged expert buff works is that every gun in the rifles and machine guns section of the !buy menu are the only ones affected by the buff effects of this buff. Therefore it makes it so that in the damage calculations on every one shot from any of these weapons, the defense buff % on Special Infected and Tanks become 0. However these weapons are affected by having a -25% decrease in their fire rate, making them fire a lot slower than normally expected.

    The 1 big thing to remember is that these buffs do not work while you are using any rifle or machine gun while using the Ranged expert Buff in your buff set: Witch Hunter, Piercing Bullets, Focused, Tank Party Crasher, Weak Point Spotter* (the buff effect of that buff itself is useless), Avenger and Berserk.

    Q5: What part of the Weak Point Spotter Buff practically works while you also have Ranged expert Buff equipped in the same buff set? <top>
    One of the parts of Weak Point Spotter Buff that works when you are using a machine gun or a rifle that is affected by the buff effects of Ranged expert Buff in the same buff set, is the effect of having your shots ignore the immunities of the target and having pierced immunities setting all attack bonuses for that shot to zero. The reason why is because the buff effect of Ranged expert Buff already allows your shots to ignore defenses on your target without having a chance to do so. Therefore it makes the Weak Point Spotter Buff look like an upgrade to the Ranged expert Buff when using a rifle or a machine gun and not when your using any other weapons.