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Explanation of this guide (BIG V1.0.1)

Nov 17, 2017
Explanation of this guide (BIG V1.0.1)
  • Explanation of this guide

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    This guide is intended for players who are looking for advice on using the Binder item properly. You can only get this item through the completion of the Humanity is not playing quest. This quest is unlockable through the quest giver Sara when you have completed all the other prerequisite quests leading up to it and are level 220 or above.

    Now if you don't care too much about the consequences of a certain buff that you want to bind or it is your favorite buff that you would like to bind using the binder item, then by all means go ahead and bind the buff.


    With the Binder Item, you can only choose to bind any survivor or other buffs that can be applied for both teams. However all infected buffs cannot be binded as they require a slot in VERSUS games (making it effectively useless to bind an infected buff anyway), the same goes for any survivor buffs used in VERSUS that don't have the <COOP Only> tag.