Cleanse Scenario (MGS)

Sep 28, 2018
Cleanse Scenario (MGS)
  • Cleanse Scenario (MGS V2.0.4)

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    Quests Required:
    Eradication - Cleanse (Lv. 221) from quest giver Erika.

    Items Required:
    - 1x Helicopter Fuel

    Can be crafted from the clan workshop, which requires:
    - 4x Rusted Metal Chunk
    - 1x Viral Solution

    - 2x Welding Gun
    - 4x Vinegar
    - 2x Depressurized Fire Extinguisher
    Clan Level Needed: 20
    Success Rate: 30%

    Minimum and Maximum Player Requirements:
    Minimum Players: 12
    Maximum Players: 18

    How often can you do this Scenario?
    Only once per day per player. Once the scenario has been won by that player, they will be unable to organize it again until the next day. If you do fail it and still have a helicopter fuel on you, you can reattempt the scenario again.

    Special Tanks: <top>
    This tank will appear after all tanks have been defeated any time after 8 minutes have passed on the survival timer.

    How does this scenario start and progress?
    - The generator button will become available for activation once all players have arrived on the map.

    - Once the generator button has been activated, it will signal the start of the scenario and the survival timer will go off and count up.

    - After 8 minutes on the survival timer have passed, the Special Tank as per the above conditions can appear. You must then kill the Special Tank that spawns in order to clear this scenario successfully.

    Strategy for this Scenario:
    - Before the scenario has started, move over all the weapons, throwables and health items to the bottom floor of the oil rig by the marked flare where an ammo pile and other weapons are.

    - The bottom floor of the oil rig is the recommended place for the survivors to fight in since you have a larger amount of space to move around in case any dangerous AOE tanks spawn in. Some of the infected that spawn will also have to go down a level in order to reach the survivors.

    - Once the Shadow Tank has been signaled to appear, all survivors should make their way to the top floor of the oil rig over where the shipping containers are. This is the recommended place for the survivors to fight the Shadow Tank in since they will have an easier time avoiding it's attacks with height advantage.

    - During the scenario when the Shadow Tank is out, it is recommended to have a survivor with the |E| Ammo Dispenser Buff place down an ammo pile on the top floor area with the containers of the oil rig so all survivors don't have to keep purchasing weapons or ammo.

    Additional Notes:

    Ways to do this Scenario:
    This is for when the survivors must do something in order to start the scenario through 1 way or another way. It could be the choice to do something or not to do something or it could be time related. Whatever you decide to do within this scenario as to the choice will affect how difficult the scenario will be.

    No choices needed to be made...

    Specific Scenario Notes:
    - This scenario can only be organized on a Monday, Thursday or a Sunday.

    - The range for being able to see survivor auras for the marked survivors is significantly reduced down to less than 250 units.

    Recommended Buff Sets for this Scenario:

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    Earliest Version of Shadow Tank:

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