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Celine's Quest-line (QG)

Feb 5, 2018
Celine's Quest-line (QG)
  • Celine's Quest-line (QG V0.2.0)

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    This is the current list of quests that she gives out to all survivors:
    • Tragedy or Murder? (Lv. 57)
    • Strange Liquid (Lv. 60)
    • Hunterized (Lv. 135)

    Quest ID: ?
    Quest Name: Tragedy or Murder? (Lv. 57)
    Quest Prerequisites:

    • Reach Level 57

    Hi... I can't believe what just happened. I went outside to gather more infected samples and supplies for just two hours and when I came back he was dead.

    Sorry, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Celine and I'm Dr. Darwin's assistant on his research project. I've been listening the conversations he had with you so I think I can trust you.

    I don't know what happened here but when I arrived there was a lot of blood on the floor and Darwin's body was lying in the ground. But, there's something really weird about his body and all this situation.

    I failed to find signs of struggle against infected like tooth marks, bruises or the typical wounds caused by them. Couldn't find bullets or anything pointing out he was murdered. He's actually intact. Now that I think about it, where did the blood come from?

    I think I need to analyze the situation a bit more. In the mean time I need to ask you a favor. The current place I'm located at uses industrial batteries for power. They are all about to run out and I need them ASAP to cook and to finish my research.

    Could you possibly find one of these batteries? I have no cash with me right now, but I have a few FR-Pills if you are interested.

    Quest Tasks:

    • Find an industrial battery

    Quest Rewards:

    • Exp: 67500
    • Pills: 5

    Quest-line Unlocks:

    • Strange Liquid (Lv. 60)

    Quest ID: ?
    Quest Name: Strange Liquid (Lv. 60)
    Quest Prerequisites:

    • Reach Level 60
    • Have completed the Quest: Tragedy or Murder? (Lv. 57)

    Hey there! I finally finished checking Darwin's body and I got to a lot of conclusions. First, Darwin wasn't murdered by infected or by a normal gun. The blood was coming from his mouth and, yeah his butt. He died because of an internal bleeding.

    He drank this experimental liquid that he once mentioned that would help us survive. I remember asking him how and seeing him laugh at my face and say 'Did you ever watch spider man?'. I didn't quite get what he meant. Anyway, I'd like to see what was he up to.

    I knew him really good and I'm sure he would never drink anything that couldn't help us on this global tragedy. Anyway, I found a list of items on the floor that contain items that he was going to ask you to collect.

    While I figure all this out, it would be a good idea that you collect the items. Once again, I don't have any cash with me and I'm seriously running out of FR-Pills. Would you please do this for free?

    Darwin's List:
    - Collect 10 hunter heads
    - Collect 5 hunter claws
    - Collect 3 bags of CLEAN blood (MUST BE O-!)
    *Possibly request flowers for Celine <3

    I will really miss him. Don't get me wrong, I'm insensitive by nature. Talk to me when you get the goods.

    Quest Tasks:

    • Collect 10 hunter heads
    • Collect 5 hunter claws
    • Collect 3 bags of O- blood.

    Quest Rewards:

    • Exp: 69500

    Quest-line Unlocks:

    • Hunterized (Lv. 135)

    Quest ID: ?
    Quest Name: Hunterized (Lv. 135)
    Quest Prerequisites:

    • Reach Level 135
    • Have completed the Quest: Strange Liquid (Lv. 60)

    What if I told you that you could become a hunter? Yeah I know you can do that by losing your humanity and becoming a dirty infected. But what if it wasn't necessary? I know what Darwin was up to.

    I found his hidden notes about the mutation that hunters suffer. In general, this person first feels the most awful pain a human being can ever experience. I think it could be associated to be burnt alive, considering that I saw it happened in front of me.

    After some time, normally 1 minute, the person will lose all the human side he once had, and will proceed to kill any humans around. Now, based on Darwin notes, it is then valid to think that this mutation attacks the body before the brain.

    If it was possible to let the body mutation happen while stopping the infection from reaching the brain, it would be possible to have the hunter abilities and help people survive. Based on what Darwin wrote about this, immune survivors don't seem to be able to...

    ...even get to the body mutation part, so something else would have to be done with them. A solution would be finding the bacteria that causes the hunter mutation, put it in a cocktail and then apply it to a non-immune survivor making use of the FR-Pills to restrict it afterwards.

    Apparently, the method Darwin used failed as, we both know, he couldn't survive to the combination. His body melted in the inside as the bacteria ate, really fast, his internal organs.

    I think the FR-Pills aren't enough for this to be a success, and it probably requires a crucial factor, your immunity. We need to gather more information of the hunter mutation so I think you have to analyze the beast yourself.

    I found some cash yesterday, so you will be pleased too! I'm really looking forward to finishing Darwin's discovery. I left a list of stuff you have to analyze. Please contact me when you are done.

    Quest Tasks:

    • Kill 2 super hunters (glowing orange).
    • Kill 30 hunters with melee weapons.
    • Collect 5 samples of hunter blood.

    Quest Rewards:

    • Exp: 285000
    • Cash: 19500
    • Pills: 10
    • 1x |Buff| Hunterized

    Quest-line Unlocks:

    • None