Cabin Scenario (MGS)

Sep 28, 2018
Cabin Scenario (MGS)
  • Cabin Scenario (MGS V2.0.4)

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    Quests Required:
    A weird way to thank (Lv. 231) from quest giver Sara.

    Items Required:
    - No Items Required.

    Minimum and Maximum Player Requirements:
    Minimum Players: 10
    Maximum Players: 12

    How often can you do this Scenario?
    Only once per player. Once the scenario has been won by that player, they will be unable to organize it again for good. However, failing it means that you will be able to reattempt the scenario again until it is completed for you.

    Special Tanks: <top>
    Any one of the following 3 Dormant Tanks:

    1 tank at random out of these 3 Dormant Tanks will appear after 5 minutes have passed on the survival timer.

    How does this scenario start and progress?
    - This scenario is started automatically as soon as all the players have arrived on the map.

    - For the next 1 minute and 40 seconds, you get free time to relax by sitting on the sofa, by drinking some water or by drinking some coffee. After another 10 seconds pass, you will be given a cutscene which then signals the transition into the start of the scenario.

    - Once the scenario has started, the survival timer will go off and start counting up. During this time you will need to go find the weapon's cabinet key on the underground floor and bring it up to the weapon's cabinet on the ground floor where you first started.

    - After 5 minutes on the survival timer have passed, the Special Tank as per the above conditions will appear. You must then kill the Special Tank that spawns in order to clear this scenario successfully.

    Strategy for this Scenario:
    - Move together as a group when going to retrieve the key and when going over to the weapon's cabinet area. You will want to try and avoid any survivors getting incapacitated. If it does happen, be sure to revive them back up quickly before they die.

    - Once everyone is at the Weapon's Cabinet area, defend there until the Special Tank comes at the 5 minute mark on the survival timer.

    Additional Notes: <top>

    Ways to do this Scenario:
    This is for when the survivors must do something in order to start the scenario through 1 way or another way. It could be the choice to do something or not to do something or it could be time related. Whatever you decide to do within this scenario as to the choice will affect how difficult the scenario will be.

    No choices needed to be made...

    Specific Scenario Notes:
    - Your level will be temporarily reduced to 1 until the completion of this Scenario or everyone wipes (gameover). This means that you will only be able to use the first 3 buff slots within your buff set. You cannot use any buffs that are affected by your current level.

    - You will be unable to buy any items from the buy menu as the market has been disabled for this Scenario. You can still earn first aid kits and defibrillators through the bonus toaster effect that'll drop items near you however.

    Recommended Buff Sets for this Scenario:

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