Cabin Scenario (MGS)

Feb 11, 2019
Cabin Scenario (MGS)
  • Cabin Scenario (MGS V2.1.3)

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    Quests Required:
    A weird way to thank (Lv. 231) from quest giver Sara.

    Items Required:
    • No Items Required

    Minimum and Maximum Player Requirements:
    • Minimum Players: 10
    • Maximum Players: 12

    How often can you do this Scenario?
    Only once per player. Once the scenario has been won by that player, they will be unable to organize it again for good. However, failing it means that you will be able to reattempt the scenario again until it is completed.

    Special Tanks: <top>
    Any one of the following 3 Dormant Tanks:

    1 tank at random out of these 3 Dormant Tanks will appear after 5 minutes have passed.

    How does this scenario start and progress?
    • You will be able to relax when 2 Couches, 2 Water Dispensers and 2 Coffee Machines become available for activation once all players have arrived on the map.
    • Then for the next 1 minute and 40 seconds, you get free time to relax by sitting on the sofa, by drinking some water or by drinking some coffee.
    • After this time, 10 more seconds will pass before a cutscene plays. Then the scenario will start.
    • From the start of the scenario you will need to go find a weapon cabinet key on the underground floor. This can be found in any random place it can spawn, with the model being the same as the dormant hideout key. Once found, bring it back to the Weapon Cabinet to unlock a locked door.
    • After 5 minutes have passed, the Special Tank as per the above conditions will appear. You must then kill the Special Tank that spawns in order to clear this scenario successfully.

    Strategies for this scenario

    Specific Scenario Notes:
    • The following restrictions are in place for this scenario:
    • Your level is temporarily reduced to level 1 once the scenario starts.
    • Any buffs that are affected by level or increase bounty rates will be useless and should not be equipped. A list of all buffs that shouldn't be used can be found below
    • The Market cannot be used at all. In addition, the usage of inventory items is disabled.

    Buffs that shouldn't be used

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