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Buffs for Mid Levels (BaBS)

Mar 5, 2018
Buffs for Mid Levels (BaBS)
  • Buffs for Mid Levels (BaBS V1.9.5)

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    For Mid Levels
    • Knife Buff
    • Speedy Water Buff
    • Knife Bag Buff (Optional)
    • |E| Knife Recycle Buff (Optional)

    Knife Bag Buff
    If you don't think that 2 knifes are enough to survive against powerful infected, then you will want to consider equipping this buff. Just having that 1 additional knife on you can come in handy for survival within the current campaign.

    Knife Recycle Buff
    Do you hate it when smokers just keep grabbing you all the time? Once you equip this buff, you can say goodbye to annoying smoker tongue attacks. It will get rid of your problems with them and allow you to continue playing freely more often.