About the Duplicate Machine Item (DMIG)

Oct 11, 2018
About the Duplicate Machine Item (DMIG)
  • About the Duplicate Machine item (DMIG V1.0)

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    The Duplicate Machine item will increase the quantity of a non-purchasable crafting material by 1. This only affects the crafting materials that you currently have within your inventory. These crafting materials can only be ones that cannot be purchased using FR-Pills.

    Currently, the only way to obtain the Duplicate Machine is to craft it from Item crafting within the Workshop section, it has the following requirements:

    |-| Duplication Machine Part (x4)
    |-| Rusted Metal Chunk (x2)
    |-| Welding Gun (x1)
    |-| Vinegar (x1)

    Level Needed: 220
    FR-Pill Cost: 1250 FR-Pills

    For the Duplication Machine Part, you can only obtain it as a unique drop from killing the Sickening Tank. The other crafting materials can be obtained either by finding them or by purchasing them from the FR-Pills market.