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Vomit Mines

Discussion in '[L4D2] Hidden Infected' started by R.B., Dec 29, 2014.

  1. R.B.

    R.B. Guest

    The last couple of days the Vomit Mine's popularity increased a lot, why u ask?
    Well this is because its a harmless mine in case of the infected, in case of a survivor however, it does 40hp damage.

    Infected search a group of survivors standing together, and just start placing 3-4 vomit mines at once, with their binds. This makes them getting 2,3 or maybe 4 kills at once. And after this they just walk away unharmed.

    As i remember, the vomit mine was created to cover survivors in goo, making them extra attractive to common infected, and not to harm the survivors.

    Now the vomit mine is deadlier than the normal mine, since it can be placed by the infected while standing in a group of survivors, killing them, covering himself in goo, but not doing any damage to himself.

    I just wonder if this is the meaning of the vomit mine nowadays, and if not, can something be done against it??

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, vomit mine was useless, now it is ok, at least for me. But I agree it should do some kind of damage to the infected (not sure if it does), but not 40hp damage.
  3. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    As a quick fix for this exploit I've already increased the price to 3.

    If it was up to me the vomit mine shouldn't be doing any damage at all, just vomit people. I'll discuss this with HC when he's back.
  4. Rivion

    Rivion MG Donor

    I understand the bile bomb was getting kinda overpowered, especially cause the difference with a normal mine is so big.

    I think HC should make self-bile have a constant-bile-dripping-survivor animation. That way someone who keeps dripping is inf. So it is useful to get away, but not to hit yourself with. Cause then you basically kossed yourself.
  5. Rivion

    Rivion MG Donor

    Also i discovered it seems like Det cannot scan bile bomb kills, and if you push someone from high place with bile bomb, you get no kill and they do lose karma.
  6. marvel

    marvel Head Administrator Staff Member

    Rivion that makes sense, kind of. The survivor isn't killed by the vomit mine but by falling down from the building. It's hard to count kills like that and tell who's responsible for it.

    As for the vomit mine, I've upped the price to 3. That should prevent exploiting it for now until we fix the damage.
  7. Rivion

    Rivion MG Donor

    marvel True, but the tricky thing is the normal mine does that. It did not, but it does now. I guess the bile bomb was never updated for that.
  8. Jost

    Jost Game Server Moderator

    well why not keep the mine as it is and lower the price to 2 credits? we had a talk ingame and many players see this as the best solution. 3 is too much btw...

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