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Versus Idea from ミMerciless

Discussion in 'Game Server Ideas' started by timkit [â„¢Ûž], Dec 22, 2016.

  1. posting the steam chat between Merciless and me. I summarized the chat afterwards into dot points.

    ミMerciless彡: Got an idea for christmas + new year vs special
    ミMerciless彡: ミMerciless彡: for christmas + new year (damn its a bit too late) ミMerciless彡: its the Christmas Race, where the "Santa Claus"s clan will be fighting against the "Reindeer's"clan ミMerciless彡: they consist of everyone, ミMerciless彡: two sides fight as a normal vs, but winners get more rewards, like really a lot ミMerciless彡:also will have a "christmas delivery", which two side race to deliver a thing, like a grome from saferoom to another, ミMerciless彡: those who succeed will add points to the score + extra reward ミMerciless彡: how is it lol?
    ミMerciless彡: hmmm?
    timkit [â„¢Ûž]: hey man :)
    timkit [â„¢Ûž]: ah right that message i didnt get it till now, sorry was minding my business earlier
    ミMerciless彡: its ok
    timkit [â„¢Ûž]: hmmm, i doubt anything will happen with mgftw this christmas
    timkit [â„¢Ûž]: apart from this
    timkit [â„¢Ûž]: [link to Fnord's forum post, not going to be linking it here]
    timkit [â„¢Ûž]: if you dont have donor, you can post your ingame name and your STEAM ID in the forum thread below to get it
    ミMerciless彡: well i guess thats not too interest me lol
    ミMerciless彡: as i dun play too often unless there are ppl in vs lol
    ミMerciless彡: but what about the idea?
    ミMerciless彡: i talked about it with mute and he talked about it with hc, both seems to like it
    timkit [â„¢Ûž]: nice stuff.
    timkit [â„¢Ûž]: well if only something like that could happen for VS and the COOP stuff i mentioned last november that would make for a great christmas event
    timkit [â„¢Ûž]: only time will tell what HC will be doing this friday/saturday.
    timkit [â„¢Ûž]: btw i plan on getting back into VS during next month or so with mgftw.
    timkit [â„¢Ûž]: just been busy with COOP giving out daily vending machines as all
    timkit [â„¢Ûž]: thats why i normally aint doing VS right now
    ミMerciless彡: well i talked to mute alot on the vs stuff
    ミMerciless彡: especially the balancing and bugs
    ミMerciless彡: many old players would like to return if the vs is more returned to older vs style
    timkit [â„¢Ûž]: older vs style?
    ミMerciless彡: which means, better price list, less tank varients and some balancing

    (the other steam chat stuff does not relate to the idea stuff so i cut it off here)

    Chat in a Nutshell
    * Merciless mentions about a VS idea where everyone fights in two clans against each others clans.
    * Merciless mentions about having a christmas delivery two side race to deliver a gnome from one saferoom to another
    * Merciless talked about this idea with both Mute and HonorCode, both admins like the idea.
    * Merciless mentions important stuff about the older VS style, which would bring back old players to VS.

    Thoughts? put them down below!
  2. Leaxeaus

    Leaxeaus Junior Member

    Vanilla vs pls...
  3. Penguin

    Penguin Guest

    can we just get a good old fashion game of versus going....those where the days :(

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