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    A new update of Points Reloaded is available. This time, I had the time to write a pretty extensive changelog for those interested:

    General changes:
    -Players earn 120% experience and cash (not additional) on expert, 100% on hard, 90% on normal and 80% on easy.
    -Made custom coop more challenging and rewarding
    -Players gain double experience and cash in custom coop
    -Custom coop tank spawn rate is higher
    -Custom coop capacity reduced to 12 players
    -Players earn x5 experience and cash on versus
    -Poison: Poison will now deal damage depending on the survivor's speed (Min: 3HP per tick, Max: 15HP per tick).
    -Removed 'Full health' buyable.
    -Maximum level increased from 216 to 220. Upgrades have been adjusted for the new power spike.
    -Reaching level 220 will grant your clan victory points and 2 special wearables for you.
    -Special 'Research notes' will be available near CEDA camps that will grant experience points. Not all maps have been yet updated but they will overtime.
    -Added 'Special bullets' that can be crafted on the workshop. (Ice bullets and acid bullets). Bullets last for a certain
    amount of shots.
    -Upgrades have been modified to increase balance in versus.
    [Note: Experience multipliers don't affect special tank rewards]

    Versus changes:
    -Tier 2 or higher tanks only give 30% of the original rewards
    -Smart witches: Witches will now seek for a different target each time they hit a survivor, to ensure
    most of them get a specific effect. This does not apply for witches with not hit effects.
    -Witch base health has been changed from 3500HP to 5000HP.
    -Witches receive 80% less damage while not enraged. (Before the music begins).
    -'Drainer witch' will now drain 5% health per second from survivors.
    -'Bomb witch' will now deal 100HP damage + 10% of the survivors maximum health.
    -'Low morale witch': Increased radius of effect from 250 units to 300
    -'Ice witch': Increased slow from 5% to 8% per second.
    -New witch: 'Poison witch': Applies poison effect when it becomes enraged (15 seconds) and when it hits with her claws (10 seconds).
    -New witch: 'Assassin witch': Applies 'Intense Bleeding' on each claw hit (30 seconds) that decreases health gained from all sources
    by 50% and causes the survivor to lose 2HP health per second.
    -New witch: 'Tanky witch': Witch has 5K additional health and takes 30% less damage from all sources when it is enraged.

    Coop changes:
    -All versus witches will now appear too, without the same health and without the 80% damage reduction.

    Buff changes:
    -'Knife deflection': is an active ability triggered by the <zoom> key instead of being based on chance.
    -'Electricity wave protection': Changed left health from 1HP to 10% current HP.
    -'Grabbed panic'. Removed bonus damage. The buff will now decrease pull speed by 50%, percent that will decay over 5 seconds.
    -'Tenacity': Removed coop limitation (can be used on all game modes)
    -'Mindset change': Removed coop limitation (can be used on all game modes)
    -Temporarily disabled 'Finale dominator' due to balance issues.
    -Removed 'Witch Resistance' buff. (Check the buff in-game to claim a refund)

    New buffs:
    -(Survivor) 'Intense Fire': Infected ignited by you will receive 1% bonus damage per fire tick.
    -(Smoker) 'Silencer': Prevents survivors from calling for help, disabling their glow to other players.
    -(Hunter) 'Murderer': Grants additional 10HP damage on all attacks that bypasses all defenses and moustachio bless, for each survivor
    that you have killed during the round. Only applies as the hunter special infected.
    -[Currently not for sale] (Survivor) 'Strength burst': Activable via the !buy menu (once per round). Will give the survivor an insane amount of strength, causing
    infected around (including witches and tanks) to be constantly shoved and to prevent him from being incapped for 5 seconds. This will cause severe damage to the survivor's muscles, causing him to lose 30% of maximum health for the rest of the round.

    New skills:
    -(Survivor) 'Burst resistance': Decreases damage taken by 1/2/3/4/5/% from all infected types for 2 seconds after getting trapped.
    -(Charger) 'Critical Pound': While pummeling a survivor, each (7th/6th/5th) pound will deal additional damage equal to 10% of the
    survivor's max health.
    -(Charger) 'Dunked on acid': While pummeling and if there is acid under you, each pound will deal additional 1%/2% of the survivor's max health as damage.
    -(Smoker) 'Suffocation': Deals additional 1/2/3/4/5HP damage while choking for each 10 seconds that pass.

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed bug that would not allow players to buy tanks and witches

    Please note that there are also a couple of hidden secrets that won't be listed on the changelog.

    We'll soon add 10 new quests for regular coop and 15 for custom coop, hopefully, during this week. So, please be a little patient
    and don't despair if the level up process seems too slow.

    Thanks and see you all in-game! :D
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    Woohoo, many thanks for your ongoing work Honorcode, looking forward to this :)
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    Awesome! :D

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