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Reviving Versus

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Tali, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    Thanks bro i was sure i have wrong on this
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  2. XeroX

    XeroX Junior Member

    Actually nice to see that you call people lame because they like something that you don't. So much for the "veteran" player!

    Winning a round makes it fun and if im given the ability to use a shaman tank why not ? Just because you dont like it? Hell no. Its actually quite funny that tank abilities cause balance issues where as having 24 ( 4 medkits á 6 lifes) revives in the end saferoom for 1 survivor (if we take the example its the last survivor) is totally fine to play against as a tank whilst also still having the one or other bounty left to buy another medkit.

    Also the only way until now or actually until changes roll out to get used to the special tanks playstyle (guess what its different from the normal tank due to its abilities) is use them in anyway possible. I mean if i would spawn a shaman tank and would never had played him before and we are in a close fight as in survivor team and infected doing well (helping each other and even defibbing) i as shaman will just get deleted obviously because i wouldnt have the expierience needed to play him properly. You can only get expierence to play as or against them if you use them.
  3. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    Last time i played it i destroy a whole team of 200+ on 30sec ( dead center finale ) but that spawn by chance at this moment of versus ( add bounty system when i was ban ) , i'm agree you need some experience to play it properly , the fist time i have it i didn't understand how play with it but if you play it right , those destuction power are ridiculousely strong .
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  4. chronic

    chronic New Member

    Lol yeah, probably its just me that think like that about special tanks (there are several posts people saying otherwise) ... so why the server is dead now? Why dont you invite people to play there and fill the server? if just a few people or just me as you said, dont like special tanks in terms of balance and probably people that like, wouldnt mind about any buff in vs too. I dont really think that the special tanks are actually the real problem in this scenario since they are controlled by players, so the attitude of those players that destroyed the balance and really dont believe they gonna change their minds/playstyle.

    I wasnt referring just you, but all those players that show such behavior, and i wont go back editing what i said, it is lame in my opnion maybe was wrong expressing how pissed of im and how many times i saw a team being completely overwhelmed because of that? tsc.. if you didnt like it, get over it, dont give a damn. All your posts about "possible solution" didnt make much sense since they wouldnt change much things or almost nothing from what it is now, which shows that you are probably enjoying the balance of the server now (whilst most of people dont), but you are not playing because there no one there to play with you. In result of that, server is dead. Funny huh? i believe you are just thinking about what could be fun for you only. All the points i made so far was to improve especially the lack of teamplay now and make that server fair and focused in balance, and most of people said something related to that. I think the only thing wasnt mentioned by anyone else but me, was about the score, which as i said, logically would improve the teamplay between the surv team, but not necessarily should be removed, just an incentive to people focus more in help each other and not points, thats all.

    But now, i dont see much people coming here and defending the idea to keep those special tanks besides you ofc, so we should keep them just because you want? lol
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  5. oOMurDerOo [Ω]

    oOMurDerOo [Ω] New Member

    I don't agree with the special tanks in versus . If have special tanks in versus.It's need to be control by bot not by players.
    If the low level players join the versus server that full of high level players......How they can fight high level players?
    And my English is not good. So sorry. If you understand ***Thx very much*** ^ ^
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  6. Tali

    Tali MG Donor

    @chronic this is exactly the type of attitude that I wanted to avoid in this thread. It isn't meant to vent frustration to this degree it is meant to find fixes to a problem, so please
    Don't turn it into a battle ground with anyone in general or personal. thanks
  7. chronic

    chronic New Member

    You are right, but i dont see the point in just changing and focusing in the server balance while some other aspects should be solved too imo, especially about people attitudes ingame. Yeah as you guys can see, im pretty mad about that but i was trying to show some possible solutions too, probably wasnt in the best way though. Sorry about that, i dont wanna ruin this now since imo this is the best hope for vs now. And i think i made my points and possible solutions that i could think about so far, so this is my last post until probably the next updates.
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  8. Tali

    Tali MG Donor

    I think we can only fix the problems you are talking about IF and WHEN they happen again when the new versus is out when we actually play again. Until then there is no point to make yourself frustrated over something that didn't even happen yet.
    If it does, hopefully we as a community will be able to handle it and remove toxic players who are causing such problems for god knows what reason.
  9. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    I dont even remember how long it was when I last brought up this suggestion
    or how many time have I being making it
    but once again for the better playing environment of MG

    1. The auto team balancing system
    Must equally divide high levels into both teams
    without doing this = one side game
    one of the reasons why VS server is dead

    2. STOP being so Difficult on bounty
    Remember the day when even One Tank can have a good fight and kill all the surv in the safe room?
    Not with very high level but with skills and experiences
    meanwhile survs can Also have a good fight even to kill more then one tanks in the safe room
    again NOT with specially high level or buffs but with will to fight and teamwork
    I believe That is the day when the old version of vs server you are looking for

    I TOTALLY agree with Angel
    what she talks about the bounty system is
    everything for surv or inf to buy is way too expensive
    PRICE should NOT be RISING with the time you buy it
    and at the same time it is so difficult to gain bounty

    Defibrillator was only 6 bounties

    there is nothing wrong for SURV keep buying def
    there is nothing wrong for INF keep buying tanks
    there is nothing wrong for spitter keep getting bounty from its spit

    Just saying that giving both SURV and INF more chances
    NOT limiting all the possibilities
    the will to fight to the end was the key to win the round
    not the level or buff or the RUSHer

    above all not only giving old players more fun
    but also for new players to have more chance
    and more will to keep playing

    THAT was the reason why VS server was so fun to play with

    when was the last time when you keep hearing

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  10. fufu

    fufu Junior Member

    just finished Reading all replies
    old players like Duncan
    we are aiming at the same thing
    cause we have been with the most exciting and heart pumping time of the era of VS server

    To Balance VS system so that even new players can have a chance
    so more new comers will STAY and play
    Not juts modified the system for the old and high levels
    so only them feel conferable about it

    I appreciate all the hard work HC and everyone else have done to improve the servers
    I really do
    but like I said DISABLE this and LIMIT that
    its not quit seems to be the solution for the problems

    for instance
    we didnt have RUSHING problem at the old days
    even low levels were willing and dare to stay and fight and pick people up
    cause they could see and feel there is still hope
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  11. Horama

    Horama MG Donor

    I propose for level up system ( rank system ) on versus being a tank don't add point , a idea to break those taken tank too much

    For information i will problably being tank sometimes like i say don't care of ranking but i know people care of that :p wth years

    Last edited: Apr 26, 2017
  12. Duncan

    Duncan New Member

    dfib was 16 bp, but I agree with everything you said :)
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  13. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    If there's one thing I want to mention to make it fairer for low level players on versus (the players below the level of 155), the bounty cost on them without the negotiator buff being equipped should

    Get rid of the additional bounty increase on health items after buying any health item once or more than once and keep the bounty cost for health items reduced for them by 10 to 15%.

    It doesn't feel like much sense can be produced from increasing the health items by forcing them to work harder for their heals when especially nobody else can give them it in VS. It is a debilitating and quite a harsh thing that I see in versus gameplay that for any infected to kill them when they cannot afford a health kit and not being able to get much bounty in battle compared to other players. This usually is the cause of rage quits for some low level players.

    If this idea can surely be agreed on, I'm sure the low levels will want to enjoy having a happier and much more funner match in versus from being able to survive for a while longer :)

    "new players to have more chance" - what fufu says, definitely agreed on, we need to work as a team in versus regardless of our levels and or our clan that we came from. we can do it to ensure better and more worth while enjoyable longer matches :D

    Also another idea that skywalker mentioned as well as this for the low levels (lower than level 50) (been chatting to him in steam)
    ミLuke Skywalker彡: like a 1.5x multiplier to their bounty earnings
    This can keep them from rage quiting on versus and allow them to have a similar survivability to that of any survivor.
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  14. PsychoDuck

    PsychoDuck New Member

    Seems legit. Where do we sign up? :D
  15. Duncan

    Duncan New Member

    You don't know how we played in the old versus so I get why you're saying this, but you are wrong, other players will always heal the one B/W and when one goes to dfib another one is already waiting with a medkit so none of that applies. The only reason why they won't help another one is if he/she is a rusher that leaves people behind or a farmer who spends all his/hers bp in molos and then cries for a medkit, or a low lvl who goes exploring inside every house to get the throwables instead of staying near the team who can protect him/her (since it's a waste of bp to help a player like that cause he/she will do that again and again...).

    and about the BP that skywalker and fufu talked about maybe the easiest way would be to remove negotiator from vs and just leave the values that we were getting with it the same for everyone regardless of their lvl, tho idk how much could affect the balance to have that one extra buff slot to use.
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  16. chronic

    chronic New Member

    How about change the color of the survivor when hes B/W, so the team can easily identify when someone needs a heal instead of the need of typing ingame which its hard to do it when theres too much stuff going on, and since most players dont use a mic either. But in the other hand, the infected team could easily spot and who to focus in that moment and kinda force the surv team to protect/cover each other.

    I think would make the things more interesting, maybe not? Who knows.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2017
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  17. timkit

    timkit MG Donor

    You know chronic, I can get where your coming from with that idea with the fact i've seen it being used in another type of mod some of you may know/not know about. gamrs.co that is. For example when a survivor is seen as black or white, that survivor would be highlighted in a red colour to signify that they would need help.

    It's an interesting change alright, i'm sure it would be possible since they did it before for the irradiated buff (where the survivor turns orange or so). Overall I agree with your post.

    Well duncan, here's the current description of the negotiator buff. I suppose this is what you meant by wanting to make negotiator a COOP only buff. I also included in the current bounty prices in !buy for all the things relevant (note that I had the negotiator buff on at the time).

    I'm sure no one would want those bounty prices that are more for COOP on a VS server now? the price of the pipe bomb throwable for VS deserves to be halved anyway, we use them all the time for strategical purposes. Strategical purposes may include throwing it at a nearby car to block the infected's path and causing a massive explosion to deal damage to nearby infected. does it kill them though?, not without the guild buff "blow bitches!" or whatever it was meant to be called that allowed it to happen as an effect so I can't remember all too well.

    Other strategical purposes include preventing smokers from dragging survivors off in places where the smoker would soon be able to go out of the other survivors view. this applies well to the barn in c2m4. This involves using the pipebomb as one of the grenade traps to surprise the smoker with when he tries to do it.

    I may not know all the pipebomb uses effectively in versus but one day, when I know that and most things in versus I am going to be as experienced as a COOP player as I am there. I just haven't played enough versus to know the past of it, given I started in mgftw sometime back in 2014 and for the majority of the old versus was a low level player at the time. I also didn't play mgftw all the time during that year. So its worth something to be understandable on with my experience.







  18. chronic

    chronic New Member

    The funny thing is i had this idea when i was playing in mg, not about a color though but something that could mark somehow who is B/W. I thought perhaps it would improve the challenge for both teams and that was before i started playing in the server you mentioned and when i saw that they were using, and actually was really good for the gameplay. And i know now that altering the color its easier in terms of changing the code etc. But since you already exposed now and had to mention even the name of the server lol i dont think its viable now, since some people could think its stealing an idea from another server instead of doing something original even though was just a similar idea? Well whatever, was just a suggestion anyway.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2017
  19. Mute

    Mute Head Administrator Staff Member

    I was considering on adding this quite a while ago for both COOP and VS as new players don't often say when they are on their last strike, and it's hard to keep track between every survivor, especially considering the only real indication is the "you're about to die" talk that the characters say when reviving.

    And well, it's not like it's an earth-shattering new feature, hundreds of servers out there have it so it isn't really original to begin with, if anyone complains about 'stealing' it'd be like complaining that someone stole incapacitated crawling, or self reviving or something.
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  20. chronic

    chronic New Member

    Yeah, i mean, its an overplayed game and its been 9 years now.. whats so original in any modded server out there that is not even similar as you said about crawling, self-reviving and so on.. but either way, if the b/w tracking thing could be implemented i believe would make the things more challenging especially in versus not just for the survivor team but infected as well as i explained before.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2017

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