[PR] Red Wolves [я.ω] | Lvl 100+ only

Discussion in 'Clan Introduction & Recruitment' started by BigDaddy, May 8, 2014.

  1. Rémy, i added you on my steam Fiends list.
    I or Stephanieee add you to guild when we see you in game.


    Rémy, welcome to Red Wolves!
  2. YuriBB

    YuriBB Guest

  3. Thank for applying! We will be happy to recruit you as RW's member. As daddy is quite busy recently, I'll help daddy to invite you if daddy isn't in game in the following days. I've added you into my friend list on steam, and i'll invite you when i'm seeing you in game!

  4. YuriBB

    YuriBB Guest

    I am sorry that i am suffering a level restated at the moment (but skills/upgrade/buff are still here)
    I have posted in the PR Support already and waiting for reply.
    I will find you once my level is restored thanks ;)
  5. 123123

    123123 Junior Member

  6. piratekenny

    piratekenny Junior Member

  7. piratekenny , i added you on my steam Fiends list.
    I or Stephanieee add you to guild when we see you in game.
  8. xRaiDitx

    xRaiDitx Junior Member

  9. piratekenny, xRaiDitx, , welcome to Red Wolves!
  10. miseriae

    miseriae Junior Member

    IGN: EveryOtherFreckle
    level: 121

    if the guild is full its ok..i just wanted to say ive had good experience playing with red wolves clan.. you guys are very helpful and kind
  11. jaylfc

    jaylfc Junior Member

    IGN-jaylfc level-123 steam profile-http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015525032/
  12. stephaniee

    stephaniee Junior Member

    Daddy or I'll add you in my steam friend list and invite you when i see you in game:)
  13. ✰Texas

    ✰Texas Guest

    I am not inactive anymore, please re-invite! Texas✰ lvl 152
  14. ✰Texas

    ✰Texas Guest

    Correction "Texas★"
  15. stephaniee

    stephaniee Junior Member

    ok daddy will invite you when he sees you in game. And welcome back Texas:)
  16. Sgtcyb3r

    Sgtcyb3r Junior Member

  17. 1. Ƙƪأℕƙƴ
    2. 170
  18. Yu~Yu

    Yu~Yu Junior Member

  19. Cat_in_action

    Cat_in_action Junior Member

    Hi, could i join to the clan? Im 118 level.
  20. Cat_in_action

    Cat_in_action Junior Member

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