[PR-COOP] Notice of Vomit Jar Bounty Increase

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by erik, Sep 27, 2014.

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    Effective immediately on all PR-COOP servers, the vomit jar throwable will now be double in price.

    We always try to explain these things to the gamers when we make non-fun changes, so here it goes.

    I've been watching this issue for over three months. I speak with new gamers every possible chance I get when I play about what is good or bad about the gaming experience.

    I agree with what they are all saying: it's impossible to play COOP when people are spamming bile nonstop, all map, every map, because they want stats or bounty or whatever. These guys don't have Expert Swinger or the buffs the high levels have. Yes, high level gamers are donors and veterans, but the servers are for everyone, not just the high levels.

    If MG becomes a place for only high levels to have fun, we'll go under pretty fast. So, out of courtesy and consideration for everyone, the only effective way to control a reasonable COOP experience is to prevent people from spamming and farming commons. This will also ensure that the challenge of rationing one's bounty for tank battles is still just that: a challenge.

    Thank you,
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